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Alys Avery (played by RedPandaFox)

((Hadn't used her for a while, so I thought I would give her some time ^^))

Alys was sitting just inside her house, wearing a blue, light purple, and grey scarf around her neck, with a Harry Potter uniform on. She had decided to do something she never had this year for a costume, so this was what she came up with.

Her house had a nice porch with stairs leading up to it. On each of those stairs was a carved pumpkin that had a candle inside of it. The image carved into each of the pumpkins, wasn't a typical face, but instead they were animals-rabbits, ravens, cats, there was even one with a dragon image.

Alys lived on a hill, which was convenient because it gave her the perfect opportunity to use a decorative Halloween trick. She had cut ovals out of Styrofoam and spray painted them with different cute saying. For example, one of them said 'Myra Mains' and one 'Anita Shovel'. She loved creating them, and thought they were normally a cute thing to put outside. Also, on the porch were a few fake spiderwebs.

She had left the porch light on so that everyone would know she was ready for trick or treaters.
Toons (played by ConnanBell)

The first trick-or-treater to arrive did not come from her from porch. Instead, the television set inside turned itself on, and after some digital distortion revealed a formless white sheet with eyeholes cut out of it. There would come a tap from the screen, as if from inside of the screen, then the figure shoved and shoved until the screen stretched and distorted from the pressure.

The speakers would then play the words, "Newfangled digital media," in a straining, tennor voice. Finally, the white-sheet specter burst from the screen, ricocheting around the room until it crashed out the window. A moment of quiet would pass before the doorbell would ring.

All that noise and drama for a boy wearing a white sheet over his body.
Stephanie (played anonymously)

Stephanie had dressed up for Halloween this year as one of her favorite Star Trek characters ... Yeoman Janice Rand. She had enough hair to braid up, and she managed to get a classic red Star Trek Original series outfit from a cosplay shop.

With her own party canceled due to her mom not leaving town as planned, Stephanie spent the evening wandering around the neighborhood. One of the places that caught her eye was the house up the street toward the highland. It had some cool pumpkins and the saying were cute. Stephanie went up to the door and knocked.

When they would open the door they would find Stephanie standing there saying 'treak-or-treat!'
Alys Avery (played by RedPandaFox) Topic Starter

Alys's eyes widened as the boy popped out of the television screen. "U-um." She said uncertainly. "Hello. I'm guessing you're here for trick-or-treating?" She decided he was. "Have some candy." She said with a giant smile, as she held out the bowl of candy. "You can have a few pieces."

After observing the boy for a moment, she posed a question; "Do you always show up at houses like that? It seems rather frightening. Don't you scare some people?" Considering for the first time, that it was the point her face lit up. "Ohh is that why you do it? That seems smart I suppose. Fun kind of."

Alys went to open the door when someone knocked on it. She smiled at the beautiful costume. "I love your costume." She said kindly. "Aren't they from Star Trek? I can never remember the names."

She held out the bowl of candy. "Here, you can take a few pieces for your trouble. Thanks for coming to my house, I've only gotten a few visitors so far."
Stephanie (played anonymously)

"Oh I love these! Thanks!" Steph said as she took a couple of the candies. She didnt expect anyone to be as geeky as she was when it came to Star Trek. "I love your decorations by the way. You have a good night!" Stephanie immediately ate one of the candies as she walked back to the street.
Alys Avery (played by RedPandaFox) Topic Starter

"Of course." Alys replied with a smile. "Have a good night!"

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