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Hello everyone! I am new here to this site, but not to roleplay, and I am very excited to get started here and meet you amazing people! In mentioning that I'm new, I'm sorry if I mess anything up here as I am getting familiar with the site still. Anyway, let's get to business!

Like I'm sure many of you lovely people, I have a couple of rules I would like to go over before we get to the plots and famdoms and such. I know, this part is boring, but bare with me

• Please me literate, being able to write at least around three paragraphs a post. I love description and the longer the post the better in my opinion.
• I only write in past tense and third person and expect my partner to do the same.
• Please be patient with me as I learn how to work this site! Also be patient with me when it comes to replies. I'm a college student and am working and so tend to be rather busy.
• Plan with me! Let's make this our roleplay instead of just mine.
• I mostly play females but am willing to double as a male character.

Alright! Now for a few plots I have as well as fandoms.

Plot 1: Crossing Lines

They both come from different worlds. She grew up with all the money she could ever want, in the town where no one wanted for anything. He grew up just across the town line, having to fend for himself and take up odd jobs to make money. The city was large and full of crime while the rich valley was a quite, close knit town.

Despite their different backgrounds, they cross paths and are instantly drawn to one another. She is drawn to his independence and freedom while he is drawn to a secure life. They both want what eachother have and two worlds collide as they go against every rule in the book and begin to date. No one from one side has ever so much as befriended someone from the other. Hell, they all go to completely different schools and yet, they fell hard from one another.

They both navigate the disapproval of freinds and family as they begin to figure out what it is they really want. Does she really want a stable life with a man to come home to? Does he really want to spend the rest of his life alone, picking up odd jobs? Perhaps they both want to settle for something in-between with one another, going against all rules and expectations. Only time will tell.

Plot 2: On The Run

Everyone in the world knows that heros exist. Superman, Captian America, Charles Xavier, they all exist. More and more people have been showing that they have some supernatural ability and coming out as aligning with the heros or villains. There is now a new constant struggle between the good and the evil and the world is sick and tierd of the casualties.

Empath Brooklyn Wallace could remember the day that the supposed "solution" to this constant power struggle had been found as if it were yesterday. The government decided to fund research to find a cure that would simply take these supernatural abilities from people. There would be no more death, no more destruction in this war between mutants because, well, the world would be rid of them and no one would even have to die in the process.

Brooklyn immediately knew it was all complete bull. The cure, the supposed hospital where all mutants were to be turned in. Her abilities were a part of her and it wasn't something you could just get rid of that easily. She knew it was all fake, but her parents trusted the system and so, they handed her over to the authorities.

That was when Brooklyn discovered the truth. The supposed hospital wasn't a hospital, but was a hellish prison meant to contain mutants. Often, experiments were even conducted as the government's goal was to turn them all into living weapons that did thier bidding; fought thier wars for them.

After what was the longest two months of her life, Brooklyn found a chance to escape and took it. She swore that she would never let herself be caught again and that, one day, she would free all the others still trapped. For now, she was on the run and on her own. That is, until she met someone unexpected.

Plot 3: Uncovering The Truth:

Charlotte Adams was found dead on the edge of the Brooklyn River in New York and the only suspects the police have are the two people everyone believes are the least likely to have done it; her best friend and boyfriend.

No one can deny the fact that the three had gotten into an argument the very night which Charlotte died and, according to those nearby, it was a rather heated argument.

The truth is that Charlotte's best friend and boyfriend were secretly together, her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend. According to the two, they had been seeing one another behind her back as they didn't know how to tell her. They had fallen in love and hadn't wanted to hurt her feelings.The night Charlotte was murdered however, Charlotte had seen them kiss and had confronted the two, angrily threatening to ruin their relationship if they didn't break up.

This event gave the two motive to kill Charlotte. Perhaps they had killed her before she could break them apart and make their lives a living hell as she had promised. Even more, the two weren't seen until an hour after the guessed time of death and were last seen having the fight a couple of hours before. The two claim that they were together, discussing where they had to now take their relationship. In fact, they claim that they were planning on breaking up for Charlotte's sake.

The police think they are covering for one another however. They believe that they had grabbed a roommates gun and then shot their friend in an act of panic. Then, they pushed the body down the slope, hoping to forget about it, hoping no one would find out. That doesn't explain how no prints were found however.

The truth is that the two are innocent and they have told the police nothing but the truth. Wanting to clear their names and get revenge, the two investigate the murder themselves. While the police put all the focus on finding evidence against the two, they are determined to discover the truth. What they don't know however, is that the closer to the truth they get, the more danger they put themselves in.

Plot 4: The Risk Worth Taking

She had always been doomed to live a life of hiding and why? Because the Queen had been killed by a magic user ten years ago when she was only just ten years old.

Outraged, the king made the rash decision to declare that magic was illeagal. It was an evil thing after all. Brought about by the devil himself. If anyone was to be found using it, they would be hanged and in public to make an example.

Her family had lived in a small village just outside of the castle when they discovered the new proclamation. Her parents being magic users were soon caught and hanged, leaving Rose to fend for herself as a ten year old child.

Over the years, she realized she had magic of her own, magic to heal. In order to cover this up and yet still use it to help others, she became a rather well known physician at a young age, healing people with herbs and magic when it was completely necessary and only when she knew she wouldn't get caught.

However, one evening when she was out in the woods collecting herbs, she came across a dying man and she was faced with a choice, reveal herself as being one who had magic and risk being hanged, thus saving the man or, let the man die and ensure her own safety.

Seeing no other option, she heals the man, but, what she didn't know, was that the man was the son of the very man who had banned magic. He was the Prince.

Plot 5: An Unwanted Voyage

]It was a normal day for the princess of Sepia all the way up until a group of pirates attacked her home. Desperate to help her people, she finds the captain of the ship and makes a deal she hope he can't refuse. She will trade her life for the life of her people. They can take her aboard for leverage and ask for a ransom from both her own kingdom and the kingdom of Panad which is where her betrothed is from. They will get the money and wealth they want, even more than they were planning on, and they wouldn't have to fight for any of it.

[C] There is one thing that the princess fails to mentions to the pirates however, she knows that she is likely giving up her life by going with them. The King and Queen don't care much about thier daughter, seeing as she has a younger brother who will take the throne. She is only a strategic piece that will allow them to build an alliance through her marriage. The princess doubts her parents would see the risk of loosing all of that gold, and perhaps men over her. What she is really doing is giving up her life, putting it completely into the pirates' hands to try to get them as far away from Sepia as possible. No one is coming for her and so, she knows she must eventually try to escape herself or die aboard a pirate ship.

Plot 6: All We Have Are Eachother

Her life was going really good for once. After having a rough childhood, she moved out to New York and began going to college, studying English. It had always been her dream to be a writer and that dream looked as if it could one day be a reality. She got an internship as a journalist at a newspaper after all.

One day that all changes however, when she wakes up in the hospital and is told she has leukemia and that it's very serious. Her life comes crashing down around her as she realizes that she had to drop out of school and loose the internship, trading in her hopes in dreams for round after round of leukemia.

Having no one as her mother doesn't have to money to come and her father was long gone by then, her friends claiming to be too busy to ever visit, she becomes close with her young doctor who was fresh out of med school. Maybe a little too close perhaps.

Eventually, a forbidden romance sparks between them, but how will they face the ups and downs of life in a hospital and, will she actually live long enough to see the outside of that building again?

Plot 7: Her Savior

She has never had the most easy of lives. Her father had walked out on her mother as soon as he found out she was pregnant. Her mother, being single at a young age, had a hard time getting her feet under her and so, the two have only ever just made meets end, sometimes even having to go a month or so with no electricity.

This all changed one day however, when she met John Larsen her freshman year. John had always been the popular rich kid and, when Rose caught his eye, he offered to help out both her and her mother by loaning them some funds. She immedialty asked him what he wanted in return and the answer was her and so, they have been together ever since.

Both being graduated and John running his own business, the two live together in a small apartment and things couldn't be worse. John soon showed his true colors when they moved out together. He was rather possessive and took what he wanted when he wanted. He expected everything to be perfect and so, she ended up having to quite college to keep the house in order for him. Soon, that wasn't enough as John was a jealous man and she had to cut off nearly all ties to the outside world. Now, all she knows is that small apartment and aggressive John. She can't leave him as she's afraid to do so, but her life is basiclly a living hell.

That is, until he moved in next door. Hearing his two neighbors having a rather heated fight, he called the police and the police soon arrested Dalton, figuring out what is going on. But, now she has no where to go and no one to turn to. That is, except for your character


• Lost (or any stranded island type)
• Supernatural
• Merlin
• Marvel
• DC
• The Office
• Smallville
• The Umbrella Academy
• Descendants
• Really anything Disney
• Once Upon A Time
• The Lord of the Rings
• Narnia
• And more... just ask

Anyway, thanks for reading! Hope to hear from you soon!
Magic 80%
Magic is common.
Technology 30%
Combat 80%
Wartime/soldier RPs. Combat is a given and will likely be graphic, but there's the potential for non-combat "in the trenches" scenes. World War 2, Vietnam, etc.
Romance 70%
Romance is required, but may take some time to develop. For example: slow burn RPs.

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.

i want to comment to both bump and find this a little easier later!

Second, I think I am interested in rping with you. If you want just message me an we can talk about it more.
Greetings and welcome to the RPR.

Also....I am interested in rping with you,just shoot me a message.

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