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Hello hello all! I figured I'd open up commissions here since Instagram is still being rude about their hashtags and limiting my (already limited) reach.
(curious about my gram? Check out my art insta! NOTE: However, I'm currently reworking my feed, hence the lack of art.)
Wanna be sweet and support me without getting art? Easy as pie! I have a Ko-Fi, a CashApp, and a Paypal! (PM me for those other two)

Certain things might cost extra! Since my brain has decided to stop working as I type this, just come to me about every concern and I'll tell you what could be extra, and what I can and can't do!

Oh yeah. That's the good stuff.
Wanna see more references of my references? Heck yea!
aren't they so cash money?
Ref sheets start at 45-65$ and can only go higher depending on the content asked for on the ref sheet.
Along with character refs, I can also do outfit mockups for a character! Usually they come in full body, or chibi styled if you want a lot. Price depends on complexity. Please feel free to ask and we can figure out a price!

My art style has fluctuated a lot, resulting in pieces that look nothing alike! Like a style a lot? That's a okay! Let me know and I'll replicate it best I can!
look at all these art styles

Don't see something listed? Ask! I had limited space on one page and I never got around to making a second page.

I'd really prefer to be PM'd, or DMed on my art insta (see very above) instead of you replying to the thread, since I'm unlikely to see if you just reply to the forum post!

Curious as to what I'm most proud of at the moment?
check it out!
thank you for taking the time to read through all this! PM for any questions or concerns! If you just want to see my art before being sure you want to buy from me (or just want to see it in general), then feel free to check out my ToyHouse!
Kamui Topic Starter

muah! friendly reminder they're still very open!!
Kamui Topic Starter

hewwo!! they're still very open! and keep a look out, I might start posting art on this thread too!
Kamui Topic Starter

figured i should post some of my favorite lineless pieces!




Kamui Topic Starter

hewwo hewwo! still very open!!!
Kamui Topic Starter

i made a new comm sheet! check it out!

also, all slots are open!
Kamui Topic Starter

finished up my last batch of comms and got another! still have open slots!
Kamui Topic Starter

all slots are open! i might start posting my sprite sheets
Kamui Topic Starter

one slot open!!! go on, dont be shy, take up the last slot
Kamui Topic Starter

some sheets ive done!

click here please!


Kamui Topic Starter

more slots are open! :3

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