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It's a lawless place, The Outer Rim, so far from the control of the core. Its where people come to start new lives, and run away from their problems. It's a place that has everything you could ever want, love, fame, fortune, adventure, you just have to know where to look for it.

It's an odd place, The Outer Rim, so far from one would call normal. I've heard tales of strange happenings, and even stranger people. Ships disappearing in the blink of an eye, and people appearing out of the black with tales of a universe far different from ours.

Everyone comes to the outer rim, looking for something, but you never know what you might find, or what might find you.
Its a dangerous place, The Outer Rim, so far from help.

Do you think you have what it takes to brave the rim?
Do you think you have a choice?

Well, saddle up partner, but watch your back, 'cause
Its a wild wild place, The Outer Rim, not far from where you'll meet your end.

Howdy folks.

Are you looking to get your Sci-Fi fix, while slinging blasters and lassoing bounties.
Well, then do I have the RP group for you.

Much of this RP will consist of what you expect from a western, a couple of guns wandering the trails looking for work, all the while coming to terms with there past. But even better? WE have lasers, can a cowboy from the 1890's say that, I thought not. And who needs a horse when you can just fly a spaceship? Ghost town? More like frontier world. All the thrill of a western adventure, but IN SPACE! Did I mention the Lasers?

For this group, a lot of the details are undefined right now, but we are planning on doing some unique things.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 18.

Note: Due to the nature of westerns, some stats and ocassional dice rolling are likely to be needed.

Hi! Can I join?

I would be interested in joining this as well!!

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