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Hey everyone, I recently got a new switch and lost my original island... 280 hours worth... anyways I am trying to build up my catalog again and was wondering if anyone would like to catalog with me!

If you're unsure what cataloging is, its where you drop all of your furniture and I pick it up, then I drop it. (I keep nothing) That way all the items you have are now in my nook shop where I can purchase them.

I don't have very much but I do have all the plush puppies and kids tents.

Please let me know if you're interested.

If you want to know what I am specifically looking for here is my wishlist

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I'd consider doing it if enough other people show interest. I stopped playing months after launch because of other responsibilities but I wouldn't mind renewing my sub for online to do this and make more friends.

Though, I'd need to check to see what stuff could be cataloged and what's not able to be bought via Nook.
Kim Site Admin

I'm definitely interested! ^-^ I went though your wishlist and definitely have some stuff for you to catalog.

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