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Hello there my lovely friends :)

I was searching for the rainbow cloak by buying wardrobes like a madman and now I got looooads of cloaks in any other color.
Would anyone be interested in a trade of any kind?

I have more cloaks than I will ever need now and I don't have any money, so I would even sell them via PayPal with a discount.

Ugh, I have no idea, I'm so broke rn...
I don't even know if that is allowed at all, but I spent so much money to find this cloak that I need money now :(
This sounds lame but I got no better way to word it.

Sorry if this is not even legal to ask for, please delete the post if I'm doing wrong.
But I got more loot in my inventory than I need and practically no money left for anything XD

It's my bad definitely, but if anyone needs something, and is willing to help, I thought I'd give that a try? ^^"

Sorry. I apologize for this post in advance, I'm just a bit desperate right now...

Many many greetings <3

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If art is something you feel you would value, you might be able to find artists down in that section willing to trade art for cloaks.

It might also help to mention if you're offering up any of the more unique colors, and maybe how many you're trying to trade/sell off, updating as the number reduces.

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