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One thing that always annoys me to do whenever making a new character, or even brushing up an older profile has always been the inevitable Always / Sometimes / Never chart. It's an amazing resource, and something I find extremely important for any characters you hope to throw out into the wide ocean of RP Ads, but... it can be fiddly. I always struggle to write them from nothing, and even when I do have something in mind to put in, it's annoying to copy and paste each bullet over each and every time.

The thought came to me of a sort of 'master copy' ASN that could be applied to any of your characters as you make them. Alternatively, a pre-made set of options to flick through would also be nice, especially for people who are struggling to find the words for certain things, akin to how F-List does it. (Just... without the more adult and sexually charged options.)

I know that on the list of things that need to or should be fix, this is rather low on the bar, but it'd be a nice QoL thing, potentially.

...Also, I've had the thought rolling around in my mind for almost a week now, and I wanted to throw it out to the public so I can finally be rid of it, lol.
I actually thought the same thing before (sort of). It’s nigh impossible to copy it from one character to another so I just used a text widget and wrote up one with BBC code instead. That way I can copy/paste from one character to another and tweak it as needed.
I've thought about something like this a lot, but... especially for the "master list" option, I've seen so many people use this widget so wildly different, and even use different definitions for the same words. I've seen folks use it for personal (player) preferences, character preferences, or both; I've seen it be for themes, genres, plot points, player practices, etc; I've seen it used very generally, mixing lots of things, and I've seen it used very narrowly for specific subjects. I've even seen it completely altered to function as a different set of lists entirely.

Something along these lines could certainly be helpful, I think, but I'm not sure if it'd be helpful enough to warrant the effort it'd take to build. ^^;
Agreed. I guess the question is more having the ability to clone this widget with the internal information from one character’s page to transfer to another character’s page. The widget itself, being completely editable, is quite versatile.
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A "copy widget to another character" option is REALLY interesting. I will ponder this.
Considering I use them on all my characters with just a few variations, it would be greatly appreciated. :)

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