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Hi - so uh... I'm sure there are at least a dozen other threads in this vein on this forum, but uh... figured I might make one.

Long story short, I've gotten ghosted a lot recently and went from about a dozen plus RPs down to ... three...
Three RPs...

And out of all of these RPs, I've had 12-15 that have just disappeared without notice. A few of the writers and I keep in contact, and one of them let me know why they wouldn't be replying anymore, but at least a dozen have just... poof, disappeared in the past year.

And I know people ghost for various reasons, and it's not always because they want to but - regardless, it sucks.

TL;DR - What do you do to try and get back into the swing of things after being ghosted? What gets you motivated to start another RP again? 'Cause I want to try and start up one or a few more, but I'm terrified of it going absolutely nowhere all over again - what're your pick-me-up strategies when this sort of thing happens to you or your writing partners / friends? :o

I think this topic belongs in this forum ^^;
Been on both sides of this coin...
Heads - Ghosted - have been ghosted semi-regularly the last two years I’ve been here. I take the meaning of ‘ghosting’ as when someone just quits communicating altogether, be they delete their account & characters (line-out), or just stop replying to the RP & OOC messages. A couple of times I was just blocked outright. A handful of times I had a PM saying they have to quit, which isn’t really ghosting. I personally am pretty calloused from disappearing co-writers and just shrug when it happens. If the story is good I save it in my archive. I don’t let it bother me that much and I keep on searching for good writers to rp with. The sad thing about this is I tend to expect to be ghosted when I start RPs, so may not put my all into the new RP, which isn’t fair to my new co-writers.

Tails - Ghosting - I have ghosted (and have been accused of ghosting) people as well. I try to make every effort to let co-writers know when I will be away for extended periods of time, and some don’t like waiting more than a week for a reply. I also try and let co-writers know if an RP isn’t working out. 2020 was a bad year for me ghosting as I managed to be stupid and did time in exile and couldn’t respond. I also sometimes suffer from ‘white-page syndrome’ where I look at a reply and I sit and try to come up with a response. Some days I have nothing, and some days it just flows out like water.

One of my ‘pick-me-up’strategies is to go and edit old stories for a bit. It gets my head out of the rut and back into how much fun co-writing is. Not sure my ramble answers your question too well.
rolled 1d2 and got a natural 1.

Note: Two sides of the coin

It's a good ramble in that it shows how roleplayers treat eachother and OP was juggling a dozen of them, hence this thread.

At times like these I focus more where I know my energy will be returned and less where it isn't, which almost always involves falling back on friends I can trust to talk ocs and commiserate; they also get offered my hand in RP before I consider casting my line back out to strangers.

I find it also helps having diverse outlets where I can ride out creative setbacks: short-term and MMO RPs, tabletops, oc art servers, etc. (Your art is lovely, you'd fit in anywhere.) I like this hobby but it's the last place I'd recommend having too many eggs in one basket.

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