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Dusk settled over the city. Another day filled with the hustle and bustle of modern life transitioning seamlessly into the night. Cars filled the filled streets like a swarm, people moved along the sidewalks in tandem with each other; not unlike a line of ants mundane and ever moving. A typical day in a typical city filled with typical actions, nothing to prelude to anything atypical.

In this typical city sat a large and typical park filled with typical people enjoying typical activities. Joggers ran their laps, petty criminals peddled their petty wears and those who took it as their route home walked their typical route. Indeed there seemed to be nothing abnormal about this particular day. However, as it is often said, not all was as it seemed. In fact there was some very atypical goings on happening away from the mundane eyes of the normal people.

In a secluded patch of brush in the park, typical juvenile thugs had cornered very atypical prey. The thrill they all felt was palpable as they all chuckled and brandished weapons from knives to bats and chains. They numbered ten and formed a circle around their victim, licking their lips and whooping and hooting in a cacophony of intimidation tactics. Surely they had success in this way before, a typical display of masculine dominance.

Ten men in early adulthood surrounded a very tall woman. She towered a full four feet above the tallest of them, yet it did not seem to dissuade the men in the slightest. Her scarlet colored hair was pulled back into a loose bun and looked like it could have been dyed. Such things are not uncommon in the modern city. What was uncommon were two large canine like ears sticking up on her head and her very strange and ostentatious clothing. A skin tight black dress, slit up one side to reveal black lace stockings. Her skin was pale, and her face was emotionless while she stared down at the prattle .

" Come on baby let's see some more skin" one chimed , licking the blade of his knife

"Hey Chika, what size are those tits" spat another, laughing and nudged another to his left

"If you don't want to get hurt, you just do what we say there, Red" said the presumable leader as he stood closer than the others and wore a more lavish outfit than the others

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The sun began to set and the dusk was discouraging, being new to yet another typical city; they begin to look, smell, and sound the same. An abnormally tall man with long silver hair pulled back and up neatly behind his head, held by a pair of "decorative sticks", as he calls them, found himself in a park. After many hours of milling around and countless scans he had yet to yield any tech of convenience or help for his situation, marooned...again. Ungrateful bastards, leaving their captain for dead just because his shuttle tore itself apart trying to escape the stratosphere. Thankfully the local yokels believed every lie their media outlets told them.

"Ha, military test pilots...idiots." he mused under his breath.

Finally spotting a bench he thanked his stars for the respite and took a seat that is meant for a much smaller humanoid...annoying but, oddly comfortable. He was just about to fully relax when he overheard the unmistakable noise of a rabble about to do violence. He wasn't much for playing hero but he was stressed, he decided. As silent as the mouse in your cupboard he stalked up to the bush nonchalantly, making sure any eyes were averted or otherwise occupied before taking a peak into the bushes.

He couldn't believe what he saw, at first he couldn't even perceive the ten men for before him stood a member of his own race, here and now! She was being assailed. Hero or not, this woman may be able to assist if given assistance first. Of course, he knew she would not need the help but that is not the point.

His firearm and precious blade have been lost for some time now, however his CQC training should be sufficient enough to dispatch these enemies. He pushes his way through the veil of foliage and announced himself.

"Well look at you, you clever little sausage." he mocked, "Ten of you? Really?" he folded his arms across his chest and cocked his head to one side, a look of disgust and hatred dominated his face. His stance welcomed an attack though it was a trap.
Elzabet The Dusk Walker (played by DiggzTChesh) Topic Starter

The tripe of the hooligans was drowned out by Elzabet's own thoughts. She had ended up on another random planet after traversing the 'In-Between', the space between dimensions. It carried its fair share of risks to be sure, mostly in the form of Eldritch entities, but it was a good way to escape her presuers. Athuzael's energy allowed for mostly safe travel through the 'In-Between'.

However, her thoughts were broken as soon as the man came through the brush and announced himself loudly. There was a slight gasp as she stood in the presence of another Varexian. It had to be more than coincidence, who knew how far away from Varex they were. She was much taller than the ne'er-do-wells surrounding her, but this man was at least five feet taller than her. It truly showed that she could be considered a 'runt'. Normally the women of Varex were only a foot or two shorter than the men. Elzabet was small in comparison.

Her eyes widened in apprehension of the venerable visage of Varexian validity. He seemed to be a rogue of some kind, definitely not an outcast like herself. His whole attitude and attire spoke volumes of the type of warrior he was. Varexian's were cunning and dangerous warriors, each gifted with a unique 'power' of sorts . There was just no telling what he could unleash just by a glance. These poor fools would most likely not escape with their lives intact.

The gangsters spun around and looked at the towering man . A few of them turned pale as soon as they sized him up. However the leader of the group was undeterred.

"Eh? Jesus! You're big homie." He chuckled and pulled out a pistol from his waistband at the small of his back. " why don't you keep on walkin' , big bird before you get a led snack, you feel me?" He said pointing the pistol up to the man's head.

The other petty crooks seemed to gain courage seeing their boss not shrink in the face of such a large entity. Elzabet, on the other hand, couldn't understand the stupidity of the men surrounding her. Even if they had no knowledge of Varexians, they should sense some kind of danger by reading the situation
As soon as the lead whelp mentioned a snack Sorin realized he hadn't eaten in well over six hours, thankfully his stomach's growl was not audible to the would-be villains for he tensed the internal muscles around his gut to dampen the noise. Varexian ears are another matter, however.

Focusing on what was at hand, or rather, what was in the clever sausage's hand Sorin's eyes emitted an almost imperceivably low blue glow. He slowly uncrossed his arms from his chest and they came to rest at his sides. In a sudden burst of speed and ferocity Sorin takes barely a full step to one of the men to his right, locking his grasp on the back of the man's neck and upper left arm. Suddenly the poor wretch was flying off of his feet at the gun-toting fool. The electricity that Sorin was pumping through his own body allowed for quicker movement, and purposely centering tiny bursts in his brain's neural pathways allowed that he may think and react quicker than these prey. A full step towards a man with a bat who was attempting reaction but all too slow realized his eyes were suddenly, miraculously, staring at the woman he was attempting to assault, but she was upside down. He could no longer feel his body for Sorin severed the bones that were linking the mind to the rest of the flesh.

Several shots rang out but none seemed to connect with Sorin, he kept moving, always in motion and never ceasing. He juked in at a man with a chain and waited for the swing to pass by inches in front of his face, grinning all the while as Sorin stared the man in the eyes. The blue glow now impossible to ignore. The man attempts a return arc at Sorin only to feel the chain wrap around his own neck, so tight, so quick, lights out.

Sorin hoists the body in front of him almost like a shield, "Looks like this big bird is an eagle, and you're all just mice!" he laughed openly at them, taunting the remaining adversaries to continue this slaughter.

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