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I have long running RPs through my PMs with my partner, and occasionally we both like to look back at memorable moments or simply to go back to infomation we had mentioned long before and want to keep consistant.

While I do think the system currently is fantastic, it is a personal pain to go back three pages of messages at a time when what you're searching for is 100 pages back.

What I propose is a search function, to jump you directly to a page number of your choice. Keep the three page from current, and three page from start buttons.

On the bar is a nonfuctional button with "..." on it. Perhaps if you click/tap on it, it comes up with the search bar to allow you to input numbers only, and jumps you to the page you input rather. I'm not exactly sure how this could all be implemented, but I think it would make traversing our chat logs much much easier, especially ones that are as long as ours!

I second that motion! I believe the current PM default is twenty posts per page? There have been so many times when in, say a thirty-page PM RP that has been going on for months where I want to find a key moment that happened around page fifteen. I have used a workaround by manipulating the message url.
Here is an example:


The url of the PM conversation will have a unique number followed by a page number followed by a message number. To jump pages, delete the message number at the end of the url string and change the page number to whatever page you want and enter. It will then take you to the last message on that page.
I would like this as well.
I totally agree with this! Given my longest RP right now is nearing 1000 pages it would be super cool to not have to change the browser url to find the page... In addition, being able to search by keyword or phrase, just like in Messenger (Facebook Chat) would be a godsend
As some who mainly RPs via PM, this would be incredibly useful as well.
(And not just for RPs, but also for those PMs of OOC chatter and planning.)
Kim Site Admin

This is a good idea. I'm adding it to the list.
Kim Site Admin

Added. Now at the bottom of main site forum topics (not yet groups) and of inbox conversations that go over 7 pages.

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