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Hello I'm Galaxy-Star on here and Trash0Mammal on Instagram. This is my first time posting here and I would like to do 15$ (usd) sketch commissions of maybe your characters or a character you like. Just PM me to talk about what you would liked sketched and for the link to my PayPal.

Will do:
-Animal ear

Will not do:
-Anthropomorphic characters
-complex armor

6bhQ8Nn.jpeg cYQNeAD.jpg BhGRQrY.jpegP5ljfMd.jpg xxncPFB.jpeg

My Instagram--
I have no money right now but here's a bump for more exposure! Galaxy has been very kind as to gift me a couple of her sketches and they are lovely. Totally worth the money. Her style is super cute.

Get you some Galaxy art! Fund this girl!
I am here to bump as well because I maybe was one of the people screeching for her to advertise on here LOL
Hear hear! Galaxy is an amazing artist!

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