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Mei Wilson (played by Rumiko)

The rules are simple. Read or skim the bios of the character above yours and link a YouTube video of what YOU think their theme song is! Post IC for the game to work. Then repeat for the next character and so on.
I’m Mei Wilson, created by the one and only Rumiko-Chan! Go to my bio, see what’s there, and give me a theme song!

Have fun!

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This would do nicely.
Agent Double O Soul
Mixie (played by GingerHades)

"Hey! You're not a character! Ah well, rules are rules... Hmmm, how about this? It was hard to pick a theme for you, considerin' how I've never met ya. That, and your profile has nothin' for me to go off of..."
Jason Alitt (played by ALTY_Heave)

“Holy- well, that’s not what I expected…eh- anyways, I feel like this song fits you pretty odd choice, I’m sure. But- I don’t care. You’re welcome.”
"Hmm, there's a song one of Nightmare's students was playing in my class that reminds me of you, I believe it's called "death bed" by Powfu. It's a very excellent song."

"Why, darling, it would only be appropriate to assign you a song able to capture the utterly obscure nature of your being. Charming, I'd say that it is fear for the unknown that blinds so many people to the beauty of an enigma.. ah, a shame it is."

"Listen," the urchin began, "I can explain. Please, just don't tell Mr. Harrison-!"

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