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Mind if i join murky has been replying to this rp alot so it must be good
Wilbur (played by clxudy_tears)

Wilbur shook his hair out, Did they seriously have to sit with Rose and her friends? He rolled his eyes as Dan went on about how they shouldn’t complain about sitting somewhere. He looked around, The lunchroom was still crowded, maybe people just were slow to eat? He was jerked out of his thoughts when he was pushed forward by Dan to follow Rose. He sat down on the seat, flanked by Neiko and Fang. They would have to wait to get their food. Rose’s friends were gossiping about the fuss in the courtyard from the morning. Then they moved onto other “tea.” He whipped his head towards the lunch lines, they were still swarmed by people, each of them snapping and yelling at another. He turned his head back to the table where the girls and Dan were sat, along with Fang and Neiko. Finally after what seemed over an hour, the lunch lines were shorter, Dan apparently saw what Wilbur saw, and motioned to Rose to stop talking. Obviously, Rose wasn’t to happy to be interrupted while talking to her friends, she turned her head around with a sour frown on her face,”What is it, Dan?” Rose said. Dan lowered his hand,”The lunch lines are shorter,” he said while pointing towards them. Rose looked at them, smiled and said,”Well let’s get some food.”
AshleighKate Topic Starter

Yes, of course! Still open if people want to drop their male character in :)
Neiko pouted as Dan and Rose won their way yet again. It really didn't seem fair when the rest of them wanted to go get food now. But what was there he could do about it? As they were sitting, he nudged Wilbur in the shoulder and leaned close to whisper. "They're pretty terrible, aren't they? Look at that other group over there. They seem to get along," he said, indicating one of the other stringed-up groups sitting in a circle out in the grass with their lunches spread out in between. It was certainly a far cry from what they were doing. Neiko didn't have a chance to say more, however, as Dan finally deemed it a good time to get food.

"About time!" Neiko snapped to his feet. "Come on. I don't care which line we go through at this point as long as we can get some food!" He started toward the shortest of all the lunch lines, not paying attention to his surroundings besides that. After all, lunch would end at some point. He would like for it to end after he got to eat.
Wilbur (played by clxudy_tears)

((hahah it’s been a month 🤠-))
Wilbur (played by clxudy_tears)

Wilbur was jerked along by Neiko to the shortest food line, Dan and Rose weren’t happy about that, but he wasn’t sure about Fang. The line had pizza, burgers, and breadsticks. Rose was whining about how If she didn’t eat any vegetables today, she would die. Wilbur rolled his eyes as she went on, and on. He took a tray, and put a burger and some breadsticks on it to. The others lunch lines died down, and they went to sit at the table they were at. The girls were chatting, and Dan talked to Rose about Neiko’s nails, again. Wilbur just sat in between Neiko and Fang, he ate quietly, and after he finished eating, he heard a bell ringing. Dan, Rose, Neiko, and Fang all got up at the same time, and jerked Wilbur up with them as they did. As they walked back to the main building, it was time for next period. The problem was, Dan, Rose, and Neiko all had P.E, Fang had English, and Wilbur had chemistry. Oh lord, we’re they just gonna go to each classroom for 25% of the period?? Wait, that might actually work! Wilbur decided that English should be first since it was the longest- Well, Rose had a different idea. She jerked the rest of the group with her to the P.E building. Uh oh, this wasn’t going to end well.
Can I join?
Neiko was just grateful that they got to eat at this point. He even finished his burger before the bell rang, cutting off his preening at how nice his nails actually were. Maybe Rose really was jealous. "You know, PE really isn't my favorite. We can go to English and I'm sure we would all be happier," Neiko protested, letting is feet drag enough that it was difficult for the rest of the group to continue to the gym at any kind of real pace. "This is seriously stupid though. Did the principal not think any of this out. That's why the groups were supposed to be within the same homeroom so most of the classes would be the same, but..." But it didn't seem like their group was set to the same standard. It made him wonder if the names were chosen as random as the teacher said. Glancing down the hall, he motioned to an empty classroom that used to the first year's music room. "Let's go there and get this figured out. Seriously! If being tied is like this, I say we cut the rope and figure out a way to cheat!"

((You're more than welcome to join, Kira. If you have any questions about how to work yourself into the plot, just go ahead and ask~ )
How should I enter the rp :,)
Wilbur (played by clxudy_tears)

((I’m not really sure on how you could enter, but you can probably enter your character when we get to the gym.))
((You could definitely enter at the gym but you could also try to enter sooner. Our characters just entered an empty classroom. It could, in fact not be empty. Your character could be lost or skipping class or studying alone. Or they're a goody-two-shoes who sees our group and assumes they're about to skip and tattles to a teacher. The rp has been a boy's club so far as it's geared toward gay romance but there's probably room for female characters as well.))
Toko (played by KiraRuby)

A person with a black hoodie with their hood over their head was in the classroom crying.
Neiko shoved his way into the room, dragging the others in whether or not they agreed with his plan of action. "I'm so tired of these ropes...oh!" He spun at a soft sound, finding someone in the corner of the classroom, their hood up so he couldn't see their face. For a long second, he just stood there, frozen, so sure that this room would be empty. Would this girl report them or say something about their plans, or? Neiko realized that she wasn't paying any attention to them, however, so he let his shoulders slump before he took a step closer. "Are you alright? What are you doing in here? Don't tell me you're crying."
Flame,connor and james (played anonymously)

//Can james join? I can lower his age//
((Can a gay male character join in too?))
Wilbur (played by clxudy_tears)

((hey, so sorry about not responding, I’ve been through way too much this past month, and it’s taken a toll on my mental health))
Wilbur (played by clxudy_tears)

Wilbur jumped when Neiko tugged into another room, he settled down after they wandered into it. He heard soft cries behind him, Neiko also had apparently heard them, as he was facing the figure too. Who was this? They were wearing a black hoodie, the hood over the figure’s face. Neiko had asked what was wrong, and the figure still cried. What happened? Was it family issues, break-up?- No, he shouldn’t wonder about personal issues. The figure Wilbur assumed to be was a girl. She had been curled up in this ball like shape for what looked like hours, Wilbur was really starting to wonder what had happened, but If the figure responded to Neiko, he would ask later. ((Sorry for the late response, mental health ≠ stable))
Neiko hesitated but it wouldn't do him any good to just sit around and wait for answers. He couldn't help himself or anyone else without some freedom. "Um, anyway. I'm sorry guys if I'm ruining your hopes of the cash prize but I can't do this anymore. It's been real but I'm friggin' out of here!" With that, he started yanking on his rope to get it off. He really did want to give this a try but maybe it wasn't meant to be. Neiko sent the crying girl an apologetic look. "Sorry that you have to see us like this but at least I'm free for hugs now," he added with a cheeky grin.

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