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Fang (played by AshleighKate)


Fang readjusted his leather jacket as he walked into the front gates of his new school. This school looked relatively prestigious with it's tall, silver gates and big, fancy sign. He swore quietly under his breath. He was going to kill his parents for sending him to such a pompous school. Just because he pulled off the teacher's wig when she was telling him off for putting red coloring in the school pool did not warrant him being sent to a new school!

His attention was drawn, however to a fuss in the courtyard.

"What on earth..." he asked himself, noticing the crowd that was starting to form.
Wilbur (played by clxudy_tears)

Wilbur was at the back of the crowd, trying to find out what was happening.
Wilbur (played by clxudy_tears)

Mostly, things didn’t happen at this school, or not to him at least. He always thought this school was boring, because all he did was do his schoolwork, eat alone at lunch, and usually ignore people. He had no idea what was going to happen, or what even caused the commotion. Some people were jumping, while others were shouting out words Wilbur couldn’t hear. “Maybe a fight happened,” Wilbur mumbled to himself, though it was a low chance, as fights and “bullying” was common, and usually it didn’t cause a distraction.
((Is this still open to join or was this intended to be a 1x1? #interested))
Fang (played by AshleighKate) Topic Starter

Neiko Varda wrote:
((Is this still open to join or was this intended to be a 1x1? #interested))

Hi, yes this is still open! Feel free to jump in =)
Fang (played by AshleighKate) Topic Starter

Putting his hands in his pockets, Fang took out a cigarette and lit it, walking past the crowd intending on finding a spot away from the crowd. The more of a downlow he could keep here, the better. He could maybe ruffle up some feathers and pull some pranks and no-one would know who did it. He passed a group of cheerleaders and then a scrawny looking guy (Wilbur) but before he could get past him, was knocked full bore into the poor guy by one of the enthusiastic onlookers, his cigarette flying out of his mouth onto the floor.
"Oh, sorry!" Neiko exclaimed as he windmilled his arms, nearly falling over himself. He'd just been trying to get out of the crowd despite the fact that an older-looking guy jabbed a finger in his direction, yelling some sort of profanity that Neiko had stopped listening to. A girl also had a grumpy stare leveled at his back. Or maybe she leveled that stare at his flower embroidered jacket. He wasn't convinced that she wasn't just jealous of his femininity rather than the fact that he tried to ask out her boyfriend. He had tried to ask her out first, after all.

"You can just ignore those guys. They're closed-minded prudes who don't know a catch when they see one. Are you okay?" he asked as he tried to steady the two people that had collided because of them. At least when he flashed a smile, it was bright enough to say that he really couldn't hear the nasty things being said about him.
Wilbur (played by clxudy_tears)

Wilbur shook his head in shock, what had happened? After the blur on his vision finally faded away, He saw two people standing near him, one of them looked like they were in a shock as well, while the other one looked like they had a nervous smile on. Did they have something to do with what had happened? He didn’t really care, but he wondered what caused it. Wilbur put a hand over his forehead and looked up at the person with a floral embroidered..hoodie? Nope, That was a jacket. He returned the smile and looked around, Whatever caused the fuss, it was still ongoing, and sounded even louder. He turned back to the two people in-front of him,”I-I’m okay..I guess,” Wilbur admitted. His eyes looked towards the red-haired guy, he seemed to have recovered, which made Wilbur let out a long, tired sigh.
Fang (played by AshleighKate) Topic Starter

Fang rubbed a lump on his head. Figures that on the first day of school he would collide full bore into not one, but two guys. One of them looked so scrawny that he was worried he had actually broken him and the other seemed... well, he didn't know. Bright? He was smiling, despite the profanities being shouted at him from behind.

"Thanks." he said, running his hand handsomely through his hair. He shot the blond a side smirk "looks like you've been causing some trouble here... and here I was thinking that I would get to be the one to cause fights in this school." He raised an eyebrow at him, before turning to the scrawny one.

"Also, I'm okay but..." he looked the smaller boy up and down "... are you? You seem pretty... small."

He'd been known for saying things how they were. He had insulted people in the past on accident in doing so but he was never too concerned with being "liked", anyway.
Neiko scoffed. "As if I'm the one causing trouble! All I did was flirt a little. Those two are the ones who got their panties in a twist. Apparently, it's some kind of national travesty to not be picky. Guy, girl, taken, not..." He rolled his eyes because it really wasn't a big deal to him. And yet, no one seemed to understand. By this point, the crowd was starting to part some in order to allow the couple he'd aggravated to follow after him. This left Neiko wincing and bouncing back from the other two boys. "Speaking of, I really should get going. But hey, if I see you two cuties later, I'd love to chat. Hit me up next time, 'kay!" Letting out a beaming grin, he saluted and then took off running again, his exit just as dramatic as his entrance. But that was Neiko for you, never one to play it subtle. Ever.
Wilbur (played by clxudy_tears)

Wilbur looked around nervously, the crowd seemed to be breaking apart, and the noise had lowered. He nodded as the Blonde hair saluted and ran off, and then turned to the Red-haired guy,”I-Incase you’re wondering..I’m average height,” Wilbur said, gulping nervously. Oh brother, he probably thinks I’m weird now or something close to that. Wilbur turned towards the western gate and looked behind his shoulder,”Nice meeting you... Person,” he ended awkwardly. He shifted and started walking, and then looked at his watch. Great, he was probably late, he fastened his speed and before he opened the door, he looked back and the scattered crowd, the inaudible mummers and whispers, and most importantly, the red-haired person. He turned his back on him, and walked inside the building. Huh, What a very, abnormal way to start off the day.
Fang (played by AshleighKate) Topic Starter

Fang raised his brow a little higher at the blond as he ran off. He was surprised that he was bold enough to hit on him. The he turned to the other boy, "I can see you are. You're just... slim."

The loud school bell rang to announce the start of the lesson. He took a second cigarette out lighting it as he wandered in the direction of the school.

Littering the hallways were posters advertising what must be the school's latest competition. On the posters in bright orange read "String competition! Entries now open! Prize money $5000"

The redhead rolled his eyes. Of course snooty rich kids could afford a $5000 giveaway. He half noticed a group of kids chatting in the hallway beside one if the signs.

"Hey, did you hear? Apparently due to the recent outbreak of fights at school, they are introducing a competition where your name is drawn out at random and you are put into small groups and tied together by either an arm or leg and you have to try to survive a whole week without removing the string!" exclaimed one boy. He had dark hair and was wearing a cap backwards on his head.

"No way!" said another

"Yeah!" replied the first, "It's the school's way to make the kids friendlier. The winner is determined by which group manages to do the most challenging and interesting things whilst tied together. Of course, you need to take videos for proof"

"When are they announcing who's in which group?"

"At lunchtime I think." the first boy tapped a finger against his lip thoughtfully, "I believe they're taking signups in homeroom."

Fang glanced over. That was probably one of the most stupid things he'd ever heard. Still... he wouldn't mind the cash prize. He'd never had much after all...

Putting a hand in his pocket, he walked into class, not even bothering to put out his cigarette.

On second thoughts, maybe not. He might be able to win 5k but he'd probably end up murdering some poor soul in the process because he either got so fed up with them, or they just died accompanying him to his usual hang out spots.

He chuckled, thinking about it. Still, if he got some goody toe shoes, or some little dweeb, he could definitely have some fun...
Wilbur (played by clxudy_tears)

His footsteps echoed even in the crowded hallway, What is going on? Wilbur heard snippets of conversations as he glided past the people. He looked to his right, and to his left, everybody was talking to each other, He didn’t know what happened, but it probably had a connection to the disruption in the courtyard. He sped up until he reached his locker, he fumbled around in his pockets until he found the crumpled up, dirty, messy piece of paper that has his locker code on it. He entered the code and found exactly what he would expect. His books, His papers, and a few notes left by people who found out his locker code. He sighed, grabbed his books, slammed the door shut, and nearly forgot to lock it, then he set off. As he progressed into the very-crowded-where-every-popular-person’s-locker-is-and-where-fights-happened-24/7 hallway, he eavesdropped on a few conversations, got caught on the last one he listened to, and nearly got the hell beat out of him. Wilbur felt uneasy, a competition where you’re tied to people you don’t even know, for a week? He saw people shoot him side-glances and glares, and he was relieved when he found his home room. He walked into his room, closed the door behind him, and turned face to face with his teacher,”Hello, Wilbur, are you here to sign up for the competition?”. Wilbur stood there in surprise.
Fang (played by AshleighKate) Topic Starter

Fang quietly slipped past the other students to the back of the class. He took one last puff of his cigarette before putting it out against the desk.
Everyone was talking animatedly about this stupid competition all the way up until the teacher entered the room. She was a haughty looking teacher, dressed in a black pencil skirt and matching blazer, her hair pulled up so tightly, it was giving her a facelift.

"As you've all probably heard, the string competition is coming up." she looked around at the excited students, giggling and chatting and looked like the excited energy was giving her a headache

"Or it's probably her bun on her head..." Fang thought with a chuckle.

She opened her mouth to continue when the boy from this morning entered through the door. She turned on him instead ”Hello, Wilbur, are you here to sign up for the competition?”

Raising an eyebrow, the redhead looked over. Poor kid. It wasn't even 9am and he was already getting singled out...
Neiko shut his locker door, dropping his forehead against it just as the final bell rang. "I'm so dead, aren't I? Just can't keep your mouth shut, huh, Neiko?" Shaking his head against the cool metal, he stood there for a minute longer before deciding that he might as well skip. The quiet of the halls sounded nice after all the shouting outside and he did have a new bottle of snow glitter polish to try out. Neiko grinned and started for the school doors when a voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Where do you think you're going, young man?"

Neiko threw both arms up into the air. "Ah, come on! Can't anyone ignore me today?!" Spinning around, he gave the teacher an exasperated look and received a raised eyebrow in response. No dice, huh? The teacher jabbed his finger to the far end of the hall.

"How about you march your smart ass to the principal's office. And do something about your image. We have a dress code to comply with."

Shoulders drooping, Neiko couldn't do anything but shuffle away down the hall. "Yes, sir..." Lord knew what punishment he would end up with but as long as it wasn't a week of afterschool detention, he was fine with it. Who knew. Maybe they would assign him some sort of goodwill task, or a kumbaya. He actually liked people, after all.
Wilbur (played by clxudy_tears)

Wilbur’s heart stopped, what was he gonna say? He put his hand nervously around the back of his head,”Well I-,” before he could continue, His teacher smiled,”Thank you for choosing to sign up, Wilbur!”. Wilbur’s heart stopped, he didn’t even choose! His teacher whisked her head around to the class,”Alright, now that we’re all here, let’s get started,” she said. Wilbur sighed and let out a exhausted sigh, he walked over towards his seat and sat down. He saw a pitiful glance from one of the girls in the front row, she must’ve heard the conversation. He nodded and pulled out his chemistry book, How could he focus, with the fact he was forced into some weird competition and-, He was jumpscared out of his trance by his teacher smacking his desk, her eyes a stormy amber. He gulped as half of the class craned their heads to see what was happening, while the others were focusing on their work.”Listen here, Wilbur, I don’t care if you’re stressing about your own problems, but here, you do your work instead of stressing about mental health,” she leaned forward,”You’re in this class because your smart, make good grades, or I’ll call up that nasty father of yours,” she ended coldly. Wilbur was dead silent, when she leaned backward and turned her head at the class, everyone snapped their eyes back onto their paperwork,”New kid, take out that cigar.” His teacher had said once she got back at her desk. Wilbur breathed in and out, then looked down at his paperwork. This was gonna be a terrible day, wasn’t it?
Fang (played by AshleighKate) Topic Starter

The handsome redhead was leaning back in his chair, twirling a new cigarette in his fingers whilst he looked out of the window. He was bored. Class was never really that interesting for him, he found work hard and had virtually cheated his way through every test anyway so why bother to learn anything? He had way more important stuff going on outside of school so school, in comparison, felt unimportant. He watched some squirrels fighting over a walnut in a nearby tree when the teacher's voice snapped him out of his thoughts.

He looked over.

"...take out that cigar"

"What, this?" He baited, holding the cigarette between his fingers, "I was going to wait until after class" he lied, "but since you so kindly insist..." he took his lighter out, popping the cigarette between his lips and lighting it in front of her.

She looked mad.

"Put that out, right now."

"But Miss," he gave her a small smirk, "wouldn't you prefer to enjoy one with me? We can share the same cigarette if you'd like" he winked at her, enjoying fluffing her feathers.

Her face redened, though whether with embarassment or anger, he didn't know.

"Detention." She said, sharply."Or, I have an even better idea..." a menacing smile made its way slowly across her thin lips, "Why don't I sign you up to that string contest? Goodness knows tying you to a student or two who have a better work ethic should teach you a thing or two..."

Fang's smile faultered a little but he readjusted it quickly. He would not let her win.

"Fine." He said nonchantedly, although he couldn't think of anything worse. He'd just have to give the poor kid(s) that got tied to him a hard enough time that they beg to be untied and forfeit the competition. "Although, I would much rather be tied to YOU" he added sarcastically.

That earned a few sniggers from some students sitting nearby.

The teacher was anything but attractive. The lines in her forehead were deep, probably from frowning 24/7, her face stuck in a look that seemed as if she had a bad smell permanently under her nose. Her eyes narrowed. "And that, new kid, has earned you a detention in my office at lunchtime, too."

"Hey, Wilbur..." the girl from the front who was looking at him pitying leaned over and said quietly, "I've signed up for the competition, too. So maybe we'll get put together and it won't be so bad?" She offered him a small, pityful smile.
"I have to do the string contest?" Neiko groaned right in the face of the principal. Apparently, the entire school knew he was involved in the fight that morning, even though he wasn't trying to fight with anyone. And then to be caught skipping? "I know I said I didn't want detention but..." He didn't bother finish protesting lest the principal change her mind. He really, really hadn't been assigned the worst punishment. In fact, he might have even signed up on his own if he noticed the forms. The problem came with the fact that he'd been forced.

Staring with her arms crossed over her blazer, the middle-aged woman matched the look of that teacher almost perfectly. Maybe they were related?

"Just go to class and try to learn a thing or two from this. Go on." She made a shooing motion with her hand and Neiko bolted out and down the hall. Thankfully, his teacher was a boring guy who seemed to like teaching so he had no problem slipping in and finding a seat. The room across the hall, however, seemed another story entirely. He could hear the teacher snapping even through the door. And was that the tall, skinny kid in the front row?


Maybe Neiko would try to talk to him after class.
Wilbur (played by clxudy_tears)

Wilbur was more than annoyed then ever, But he calmed down after they had completed the paperwork, he smiled at the girl who pitied him, which he didn’t really like, but he didn’t care. After class, He saw the “new kid” walk to detention and smiled at him. He was very tall, redheaded, and, If Wilbur had to admit, intimidating. Wilbur got to his locker and found a ton of notes, from people who found out his locker code, but the notes were signed from a crap ton of other people, and not the usual people he knew that put notes in there. Unless... Wilbur heard snickers behind him, and everyone in the hallway looked at him with a smirk. Oh no, everybody knew his code now, he turned red and everyone laughed, Wilbur shut the door of his locker and locked it, then ran off. He could still hear the voices and the laughing. He shook it off, He still had 24 minutes until his next period, all he had to do was survive. He scoured the school until he found an empty hallway. He saw a locker door fall off, blood stains on the floor, cracked,dirty,missing tiles. He suddenly had the nerve to run as fast as he could, but despite the hallway being like the ones in a horror movie, he instead went into one of the abandoned classrooms. It was actually pretty clean despite the corner with a spider in it. He saw several people in the classroom, and then realized, This is where detention was, wasn’t it? A girl with an undercut glanced at him,”You’re that kid who caused the other commotion in the courtyard, didn’t you?”. Wilbur blinked at her, did people see what had happened between him and those two boys? He nodded and she laughed,”Well, better stay out of the teacher’s way then, He doesn’t like people who cause uproars,”. He laughed nervously and slowly backed out into the skeptical hallway. He ran back to where it would start to get crowded, and slammed into somebody.
Fang (played by AshleighKate) Topic Starter

Fang stood from class just as the bell went to signal the end of the lesson. People were glancing in his direction, whispering about him although exactly what, he didn't really care.

Putting his hands in his pockets, he started to leisurely make his way to detention.

Walking into the class he noticed a group of thuggish looking teens with undercuts all huddled in a group, a group of boys who were spitting paper balls at eachother through straws (gross...), and a group of jocks who were big, muscular boys. Much bigger than him, wearing letterman jackets from various school sports teams.

Fang noticed the boy from before enter in not long after him, look petrified after one if the undercut girls said something to him, then leave. He felt kind of bad for him, poor guy. People here were clearly not his sort of crowd.

He went to take a seat by himself when one of the jocks turned to him with a sneer and said,

"Hey, redhead. You're new here aren't you? I thought someone might have told you that your type aren't welcome here... we're a prestigious school."

(Sorry murkysoulwaters, I am planning on letting Fang have some social contact with yout character!)

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