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Adael Lie (played by Claine)

A simple game! We'll write out the alphabet using our character names. I've posted as A, so the next person should pick a character starting with B :)

If we reach Z we start over!
Brenna (played by Juls)

Oh, good game! There's gonna be some tough ones to get.

B for Brenna!
Corlis Scythe (played by Isolus)

Looks fun!

C for Corlis!
D is for Domenicus Dimaggio our fearsome pirate argh!!!
Eve (played by JetStorm)

E...Is for

Frank Efferson (played by Juls)

Frank here shares a name with my rooster. <.<
Greg Lestrade (played by Atheist)

G is Greg Lestrade; our long-suffering detective inspector of Scotland Yard!
Hajar (played by Claine) Topic Starter

H is for Hajar, a half-orc trying to find peace within herself.
I is for Ivar the murderous warlord
John Robert Marron (played by Juls)

Does it get any more generic than John?
Koko Bloodmoon (played anonymously)

I’m Koko!
Linus del Sol (played by Claine) Topic Starter

Drifting around in Space!
Madeline (played by Juls)

We're rockin' through the alphabet pretty quick!
Nero Vaalen (played by Claine) Topic Starter

Pretty magic boy
Odin (played by Sabaton_AllTheWay)

O is Odin....haha.
Paul Smith (played by Juls)

Paul, here is your 15 minutes of fame.

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