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with lyrics or without?

Need lyrics?
Slayer1234 Topic Starter

Both if you want
Well for with out I'd have to pick Electrostatic, (Errors theme)
For with lyrics then tokyovania control by Meltberry, (Inks theme)
Older by sasha salon
Devil Town By Cavetown
This is Home by Cavetown
King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men
I have many favorite songs but most are older conutry like jow diffie and dwight yokam(both are honky tonk singers) and oldies from the 50s-60s but some of my newer songs i like are animal by aurora, in the night by aurora and soldier,poet,king by the Oh Hellos and also King and Lionheart by Of monsters And Men
I have a couple of favorite songs, these are some of them - The Racing Heart by Katatonia, Shallow Grave by A Pale Horse Named Death, Memory Of Love by Aeonian Sorrow and Isolation by Altars of Grief.
My ‘favorite’ song can change from day-to-day.
Right now it’s Krigsgaldr by Heilung.
Happy: Good as hell-Lizzo
sad: feels like home- aulil cravalho
mad:i just learned the f word-idk xd
SuSy (played anonymously)

MiNe Is AmOgUs DrIp! HeRe!
Mr. FlashBang (played anonymously)

mine is Darkside, by alan walker...
owo? mehn is of course, Flutterwonder, by PinkiePieSwear.
"oooooooh! wonder-ehe bell"? idk i hear it that way

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