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Hello. :) I made 2 characters when I initially joined a week ago. One of them has... well, seen no use. I wanted to delete her to free up some space, but couldn't find the setting for it.

As we can only have ten characters, I was hoping to free up some space. I am curious though, if it isn't possible to delete a character, are we allowed to just change everything about them on their userpage, effectively using their slot for a different character? Since I haven't posted anything but 2 Forum Games replies as that character, this will not mess with any ongoing games.
It's not difficult to delete a character. You can do it any time regardless of how much activity they've seen. You can find the instructions here
Aardbei Topic Starter

Thanks. Sorry about the simple question. My eyesight isn't always the best and the text was a bit small, but being given a pointer on where I should be looking helped me to find it. :)

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