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Your character wins 1000$ if they finish one of the foods on the following list in one sitting;

Is the player topless right now? 4 pounds of cotton candy
Is the player wearing makeup? Two dozen eggs, prepared whichever way the character prefer
Is the player wearing a plaid shirt? Fifteen oysters
Is the character a redhead? Mentos, then coke!!
Is the player's birthday in November? 3 pounds of chocolate
Is the character a Mary Sue or Gary Stu? One pound of melted ice cream
Is the character a supernatural being? A bottle of vodka, all of it
Is the player in their bed right now? A tube of toothpaste
Is the player single? A can of sardines
Is the player not wearing pants? A pound of lemons, peel included
Is the character non-binary? 3 pounds of jelly beans
Does the character have DnD stats? 1 pound of beef jerkey
Is the player outdoors right now? 1 pound of licorice
Is the character over 40 years old? A whole watermelon
Is the character married? A pack of butter
Is the player or character vegetarian? Three pounds of broccoli
Is it morning or evening at the player's current location? As many red chillis as they can stomach

If you see multiple options that apply, they may do all for increased prize money!!

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Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

He stares at the list of things he's been dared to eat....

"Soft mints and coke...why that combination?"
"A can of sardines...ok, I can do that...salty...maybe eat those first..."
"As many red chillies as I can stomach....I don't like spicy food.."

"This is going to hurt..."
Irutis (played anonymously)

Eye's all the food with a grin..

-Two dozen eggs
-A bottle of vodka
-A tube of toothpaste
-A can of sardines
-A pound of lemons
-A whole watermelon
-and chilies

Oh yeah he's got this!
Jude (played by Banshee) Topic Starter

Jude sits down at the table with her one can of sardines and big pile of broccoli, visibly uncomfortable. She proceeds to open the can, sniffs it, gags a little but decides to dig in and get it over with.

She ugly-cries and cusses in French for the following 45 minuters as if it was self-inflicted hellish torture, but does finish the can of stinky, salty, slimy fish. By that point she's laying curled up in fetal position, crying with harrowing stomach cramps, not even bothering with the broccoli. She'd do nearly anything to pay the vet bills...
Rene (played by Leighoflight)

Sitting chained to a metal table with about 15cm of chain between the two cuffs Rene waits patiently. He frowns as the door to the small room opens and has the task explained to him. Why couldn’t he just get a normal lunch? It’s not like he could spend the money.

Regardless he’d watch a can of sardines and a bottle of vodka be placed on the table. “Ok…”
His cuffs were removed and the staff made a swift exit. Grabbing the bottle he’d take a large swig before gagging as it burned his throat. He persevered and forced the entire contents of the bottle down his throat.

He regretted this greatly as he fell over onto the floor in a heap, doubled over in pain.

Moments later an enraged, drunk wendigo paced up and down the small room. Breaking the table and smashing the tiny sardine can. Screaming all manner of sounds until he passed out after an hour and was dragged back to his cell.
"...A can of sardines? Kinda gross, don'cha think?"
Yeah, well, you've put that mouth on worse things...
"Yeah, well, screw you! My wife wasn't THAT bad."
I wasn't talking about her, but sure. We'll go with that.
Harrison rolls his eyes.

''...A pack of butter? I'm not even married anymore!"
Hey, you're the one who brought up your wife!
Harrison flicks a rude hand gesture before going down the list.

"...A whole watermelon? Seriously?! That ain't gonna fit!"
I think you have enough room in there.
"Uh-huh. Just what's that supposed to mean?!"
Moving on.

"...A pound of ice cream-? HEY! I'm not THAT Stu-ish. I call bullcrap!"
You were back in 2014. Remember 2014, Harrison?
Harrison starts to sweat.

"...Oh, thank god! Vodka. C'mere-"
Sorry! That one wasn't supposed to be there. You're technically still human.

You forgot the red chilis...
"Yeah, so? So what?"
The pound of beef jerky, too.

"That's it?" Mixie eyes the provided food up and down. "I just have to eat this, and I'll get paid for it? Well, move outta the way, doll! Lemme show ya how it's done."

So, that's one pound of licorice, an entire bottle of vodka, and as many red chilis as she could possibly eat. She'd walk away with three grand, total! This seemed too good to be true... but this challenge even proved to be too much for the Sin of Gluttony to handle.

The licorice was the easiest part, all it took was an unhinged jaw to finish it quickly. It was the vodka and chilis that gave her a run for her money. She didn't like spicy food, and she's almost never touched alcohol, for it was so hard for her to get her many hands on it.

Mixie hardly had any regrets in life... but this little game quickly turned out to be one of them.

Here she was, three thousand dollars richer, yet she was drunken, her throat felt like it was on fire, and words could not describe how upset her stomach was. She was not enjoying this. At all.

Was all the money she earned worth it? Weeellll... that's debatable.
Observant (played by Leighoflight)

Amuhkat stared at the display before her, clearly unamused. This was not a feast suitable for the sphinx at all! “Who sent you and why would I need to do this for money?” she growled. Although she could give the reward money to her Tali. Leaning forward she sniffed the items.

4 pounds of cotton candy…ok…masses of pink fluff, easy

Two dozen eggs, scrambled with milk added, that was edible and worth her effort.

A can of sardines..only one? She’d rip those into pieces and mix them into the scrambled egg.

A pound of lemons with the peel…that would be a challenge…

A whole watermelon to finish.

As large as the sphinx was she was able to manage all but the lemons which she outright refused to even attempt.
Kt-tk Tktchi'chkt (played by Riik)

Kt-tk looked at the pile of food prepared in front of them.

A can of sardines, 3 pounds of jelly beans and a heck load or red chillis. Was this collection of food good for them? Likely nowhere near as good as freshly-caught prey. Still... they could probably digest it.

Emptying the sardines out and throwing away anything inedible, Kt-tk collected the food up and began weaving it into a single silk-cocooned parcel, then bit into it with their fangs with one long single bite. They then pulled their fangs out and set the parcel down.

There was a pause. "At?" They asked. "I af to ait untih theh ikify, okay?" They lifted their head up and stretched the lower skin flap of their jawless maw with a finger to show that they were incapable of chewing solid food. "Shee?"

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