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So I'm gearing up in preparation for my next D&D session and I have a few minutes to kill, so thought why not start a discussion on this...?

If one thing is near universal about long-term D&D campaigns, it's that there will eventually be one or more NPC in the campaign that is beloved by the characters. So I figure... why not share our favourite experiences with D&D NPCs?

Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to be a player in any long-running campaigns of D&D (I've played in other mechanics-based RPs though, but it's been about 10 years or more since then, so if there were any NPCs I particularly loved from then, I can't really remember), but I've had the pleasure of DMing and watching my players react to certain additions to the world that they have fallen in love with.

In the first campaign I ran, I provided the party with a certain item that caused a lot of commotion when they realised what it was. And my party seemed to be quite fond of just pulling it out at random intervals just to confuse other NPCs with the resulting song. I am of course talking about the Map from Dora the Explorer, which I introduced as a sentient magical item.

In the current campaign my players have basically adopted a derpy awakened wolf by the name of Moon Moon. They've become attached enough to Moon Moon to use up a lot of healing spells on him over the past few combat encounters and have even spent gold buying him some wolf-sized armour. They've grown a fondness of asking for his somewhat unhelpful opinions during tense situations and feeding him the corpses of their enemies (though I think part of that is to preserve rations as well >.>).
My DM made a merchant NPC called "Glitter man"

We went to his shop exclusively in a game that rant 2 and a half years.

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