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Manaka Shimizu (played by FreeJayFly) Topic Starter

"It's incredibly likely that that's the case..." Manaka replied as she pressed ever onward and tied another portion of the thread around another tree trunk. "But... I'm doing much of the same. I am still learning about these lands and the faeries, spirits, demons, and other such creatures that live here. Most learning is best through first-hand experience, though I'd rather books to get a basic understanding before I dive right in."

Manaka, at this point, felt fine admitting that she did not know everything, or was still learning.

As they walked on, Manaka paused once the sound of running water could be heard. It was a change of pace in the silence that had only been broken by their voices, or the sounds of their feet crunching dead leaves. Taking a moment to tie the thread at a dead tree stump, Manaka looked around the area to see if she could assess anything out of the ordinary.

That was when the crying was heard again, but this time, it was louder. It was as if both Manaka and Kiran were only a couple metres away from whoever was crying. What direction they were in, however, was still a mystery as the sobbing could not be zeroed in on.

Downstream of them, a figure stood, obscured by the fog. Only a tall silhouette stood there, humanoid in shape. It looked as if they were wearing a flowing dress, and their long hair seemed to flow in waves behind them as if underwater.
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

“I wasn’t expecting to go ghost hunting on this trip that’s for sure….” there wasn’t much to look around at so he continued to look at the back of Manaka’s head.
“Having some knowledge is better than none that’s for sure. Hows a kid like you get into this line of work anyway?” simply assuming he was older than her without asking.

Kiran stopped when Manaka did and looked in the opposite direction of her to try and spot whatever or whoever it was that was crying. “Hey..” leaning forward to whisper “Whats that?” pointing to the vague shape in the fog not that far from them.

He knew that a peaceful, quiet closure was the preferred method but he also prayed that it was physical enough for him to do damage to at least protect himself. Mentally preparing himself a few defensive spells if need be.
Manaka Shimizu (played by FreeJayFly) Topic Starter

There was a moment where Manaka's expression became only somewhat soured by the inquiry regarding how she got into what she was doing currently. It was no surprise to her -- she had been mistaken for a teenager on several occasions, but that seemed to have been either the general Asian blessing or curse, pending how one saw it when they had to live with it.

Looking toward the figure herself after getting the thread cut, and the spool pocketed, Manaka leaned forward somewhat to see if she could get a better look. Though, there was no such luck, as the fog really only made it look like a humanoid figure, and only that.

"Could be trouble," Manaka said with a shrug. Digging in her other pocket, she took out another ofuda talisman and threw it forward. As it cut through the air, it caught fire -- it the same pink colour as the previous talisman had glowing on it. However, while it burned up, the fire seemed to turn into an aura that pulsed out. It did nothing to stir the fog, but the aura seemed to stick to the figure, shining through the fog to make them a little more visible -- at least in pink.

Likewise, the aura seemed to stick to Manaka and Kiran in the same fashion.

"... It's... not malevolent, at least," Manaka said. "The aura would have changed to purple."

Clearing her throat, Manaka then spoke up to the figure: "I've come to this forest in hopes to rid it of the being that threatens the town, and to find a teenage girl by the name of Isabella Valentini--"

At the name, the figure wailed loudly enough to make Manaka wince from it.

"I hope it doesn't shriek louder -- I read that sometimes they can shatter glass with their cries, too," Manaka said loud enough for Kiran to hear once the sobbing had gone down in volume.
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

Kiran wouldn’t yet let go of the thread that led them back to the safe zone. If he needed to run he wanted to know in which direction would be safest. He’d watched Manaka pull out another one of those talisman thingies.

He watched it catch on fire and glow pink “Very fancy…” he sounded slightly impressed then looked down at himself and Manaka glowing slightly pink. “Can the color change…?” curious if it was like an intention radar.

As the being wailed and cried Kiran stuck a finger in his ear to dull some of the noise. Cringing at the sound until it died down. “Yeah I hope so to, I’ve got glass in my backpack..” he did not need to be cleaning up that mess. “Whats your bet this is the kids relative…?” eyeing the figure cautiously.
Manaka Shimizu (played by FreeJayFly) Topic Starter

"High..." Manaka responded rather simply before taking out another talisman. Peeling off the film that covered the adhesive, she soon put it on the tree where she tied off the thread. Two out of four used -- she would have to keep that in mind.

Once the talisman was stuck, it flared to life and dispersed the fog in its thirty foot radius in all directions. As the fog cleared, it seemed they were close enough to the figure for it to have been caught up in the warding talisman's effects. An older woman was revealed, pale in complexion, her auburn hair falling down to just above her hips, a grey dress worn over her body, and a distraught look upon her face as tears streamed down it. The most notable thing in appearance was that the towering height she had before had become something more average for a woman of European standards.

The sobbing had become a much more manageable volume now instead of being something that could be unintentionally used as a weapon against them.

"I apologise if this is a bad time," Manaka spoke, addressing the banshee once more. "Are you a relative of the girl I mentioned?"

"She's been taken from this world," the lady spoke, her voice shaky. "She was my... she was my baby. She was too young... my Bella."
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

Kiran sighed with relief as the second safe zone was created. The imposing fog clearing and giving him some space to shake himself off.
Looking down he’d spot another herb and slowly lower down to pick it up while keeping his ears focused on Manaka and the banshee.

She may have been subdued but he was still prepared for a fight just in case negotiations went sideways. He’d let Manaka do the talking and listened carefully. Leaning forward and over Manaka’s shoulder when the tall lady finished “How long ago did you say this girl had gone missing for?…cause the locals said none of them had been in this wood for years….” something wasn’t adding up here….
Manaka Shimizu (played by FreeJayFly) Topic Starter

"A week was what I was told..." Manaka said in response to Kiran. There were a number of things that had sounded out of place, and there were things that were being discovered or reflected upon that just continued to have threads of rationalisation fray at the ends.

Addressing the banshee once again, Manaka spoke: "You have my condolences. As a... sidhe... of this area, is it possible you could tell me -- tell us what happened? Or where we might go to bring peace to both you and your daughter? It is my genuine desire to rid the forest of what haunts the townsfolk and spirits them away."

Sniffling, the banshee wiped her eyes, her lip quivering as she looked between both Manaka and Kiran. In a shaky tone, she asked, "will those herbs help?" She was clearly referencing the plants that Kiran had gone to collect.

Manaka glanced in Kiran's direction before slowly looking back.

"That... wasn't the initial intention," Manaka started, not sure how to say that she and Kiran had literally just met not that long ago and that whatever he was doing was not part of her plan. She did not want to unintentionally anger the spirit with perceived incompetence.

Though, Manaka furrowed her brow slightly, a question coming to mind.

"... Does... whatever is threatening the town and forest... dislike these plants?" Manaka asked.

"I... I don't know..." the woman replied after sniffling. She then pointed further downstream. "The bordoeu... he lives in the lake this creek feeds into. He... he..."

She was unable to finish her sentence before she broke down into a sobbing fit again, falling to her knees.
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

Could the child that went missing be a granddaughter? Or other such relative? How long did it take for a Banshee to form? He’d thought a woman and child going missing would be looked for, not just the child. Kiran was so underprepared for this.

He’d make a mental note to read up on spirits when he got back home after this trip.

Looking at the Banshee then Manaka as his little foraging action was captured. Quietly to Manaka he’d say “I only know of the medicinal qualities of these plants but it’s not uncommon for them to have other properties as well…look at Mandrake and Wolfsbane…” he shrugged and bagged up the plant.

“The what now?…” it was no use as the shade had gone back into mourning. “I guess we know our next destination…” downstream it was, to meet what? He had no clue.
Manaka Shimizu (played by FreeJayFly) Topic Starter

Nodding to Kiran, Manaka walked forward and kneeled next to the banshee before digging in her purse. Pulling out the photo of the girl that she had been given, Manaka spared no hesitation in giving the photo to the spirit. If anything, it was at least a show of goodwill.

"We will find your Bella," Manaka said, taking the shade's hand and putting the photo in it. "Just tell me -- tell us -- what this 'bordoeu' you mentioned is."

The spirit took the photo and looked at it. Her eyes were red, though a saddened smile spread on her face for a moment as she looked to Manaka and then Kiran. Wiping her eyes, she nodded before briefly saying, "the bordoeu is... he's a creature who has claimed the lake as his own. He's an ogre! A brutish glutton who steals people away into this forest to devour them in the lake."

At this information, Manaka seemed to blanche before standing up. Her lips pursed into a thin line on her face before she nodded curtly.

"Thanks..." Manaka said, her voice strained as her tone was barely above a whisper. Turning in the direction that the banshee had pointed, she began walking briskly, hurriedly taking out her spool of thread and tying off one end on a trunk to start a new trail from the new safe zone.
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

Kiran wasn’t as confident approaching a Banshee as Manaka was and held back a few steps. Still within ear shot he’d overhear the conversation what was spoken and he be able to see the Banshee in greater detail.

A water orge that ate people? He knew what an orge was but never met one before. If it ate people then it was hostile he guessed. Could they move it on peacefully? Or have to dispose of it?

Manaka seemed to go pale but Kiran looked almost excited at the idea. He followed hot on her heels with a skip in his step down the creek towards the river then later down to the lake.
Manaka Shimizu (played by FreeJayFly) Topic Starter

Once the duo had reached the lake, Manaka put a hand up and on Toshi. She stood a good couple of metres away from the water's edge. Glancing at Kiran, she let out a drawn out sigh and tied off the orange thread on a nearby tree.

Taking Toshi onto her arm, she said something in Japanese to him before setting him off back in the direction that she and Kiran came from.

"I don't really know what to expect at this point," Manaka said, breaking the silence that lingered between the two of them. She rested her hands in her pockets while scanning the glassy surface of the water -- what she could see of it, anyway.

Fog was clearly still rising up from the waters, though surprisingly not so densely atop the surface as it was in the rest of the forest. An interesting trait overall, or so Manaka thought.

"Judging by the fact that the banshee said it was an 'ogre', I'm going to guess that this thing isn't just going to be something to deal with on a spiritual level," Manaka continued. "Be on the lookout for anything. If it's still in the lake, it might be best not to venture too close to the waters. It'll have to come to us if it's hungry."
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

Kiran dodged out of the way despite Toshi being miles away from him as they flew back in the direction they just came from. Looking back to the water and the fog rising from it this was definitely the source.

“I wonder if the creature fogs the forest then either has them stumble here or it acts like a lure or better means of hiding itself for when it does go hunting….” throwing theories around in the air.

The mention of dealing with it by non spiritual means was right up his alley and he couldn’t help but flash Manaka a large grin. Slinging his backpack off his shoulders he stuffed a bunch of glass vacutainers into his front hoody pocket along with a couple of scalpels. Two he held onto while putting his bag back on. He was ready and prepared to fite an orge…with a 2 inch blade. Kiran looked surprising confident in himself now.

“Ok let’s look around for this thing then..” He’d then wander around a good few meters from the edge of the water.
Manaka Shimizu (played by FreeJayFly) Topic Starter

"I wouldn't know. The banshee said that he literally steals people away from the town and into the lake," Manaka said, reiterating what the banshee revealed to her. "The mayor didn't seem too concerned about some of the other people that have gone missing -- nor even really mentioned them. But I suppose he might have been more focused on his daughter than the others in the town."

Manaka gave a shrug after she finished her thought. She was content not getting too close to the water's edge, only getting just a couple feet closer from where she was. One hand remained in her pocket, fingers brushing the talismans.

Though they seemed to see nothing too obvious, a faint glimmer around where Kiran was would shine - if only faintly due to the amount of the fog.
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

Kiran frowned…so many things didn’t make sense…did the town know about this orge? where they working with it? or just stayed away from the forest and ignored any non locals and left them to it? His head would explode if he tried to work all of this out without solid facts.

“oooh!” another plant! crouching down he’d quickly snap it up and pop it into his backpack.

While low to the ground something caught his attention, something shiny. Squinting his eyes he froze on the spot to focus on whatever it was. “Hey…I think I saw something.."
Manaka Shimizu (played by FreeJayFly) Topic Starter

"Yeah? What was it?" Manaka asked, pausing only momentarily in looking around the area that she had been walking around in. She briefly looked over her shoulder to see where Kiran was. Luckily, she could still see his silhouette and a bit of the red of his hair through the fog. She frowned to herself. So long as they were close to the lake, they should not have lost each other, right?

Manaka moved her hands to reach into one of her sleeves for the beads that clung loosely to her wrist. Her finger traced the outline of one of the beads in particular -- a curved bead made of polished slate.

Letting out a breath, Manaka did her best to calm herself.

Unbeknownst to her, however, small bubbles started to form on the lake's surface a small ways out in the deep of the lake.
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

He couldn’t work it out but the moment he started staring to look for whatever he saw it was gone again. Had he seen anything in the first place he questioned himself. Standing back up and closing his backpack he shook his head. “Sorry…it’s gone now…thought I saw something…”

Looking around he’d try to look for Manaka and could vaguely make her out in the fog, walking in her direction. Thankfully it was her and he’d make an effort not to wander too far away.

“We could try and lure it out if you want..” removing one of the small glass vials from the front pocket in his hoodie. It was a blood container “These tend to attract attention”
Manaka Shimizu (played by FreeJayFly) Topic Starter

Looking to the vial that was taken out and shown to her, Manaka's brow furrowed. She typically made little to no comments or expressions when it came to people and their methods of magic -- unless it actively involved sacrificing people, or destroying spirits. Though, there was something to have been said about just carrying containers of blood on your person.

"I... guess?" Manaka replied. It was not farfetched. Some creatures were lured by the scent of blood -- sometimes in hunger, sometimes in curiosity. If they were easily threatened, then they would run away at the scent, fearing that their lives might be in danger.
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

Kiran noted the look of disapproval on her face, he was used to it by now which is why he tended to keep his magic as one of the last things on the conversation table in normal circumstances. This however was not a normal circumstance and if it helped Manaka do her job he hoped she wouldn’t report him to the police. It didn’t have the nickname ‘Sinners Magic’ because it was perfectly legal and accepted in public.

“Think about it, if this thing eats people then blood will be attractive.” he justified while pulling the cap off. Casually he’d throw the container some distance from them at an angle towards the waters edge. Hoping that it gets into the water and like a shark if it was in the water it’d pick up the scent.

Scalpels at the ready he’d watch and wait.
Manaka Shimizu (played by FreeJayFly) Topic Starter

"I wasn't disputing anythin--" Manaka started to say before the vial got thrown into the water. If there was any reason for a look of disapproval, it was then. She had not even gotten anything ready for the encounter just yet aside from maybe one of the talismans on hand, and maybe the power of her magatama.

"Could have at least given me better warning before tossing it," Manaka griped under her breath as she pursed her lips together. She brought a hand back to her bracelet. There was probably little that the magatama beads could have done for her in any moment to come, but there was at least some sense of reassurance that they were there.

The bubbling in the lake grew in size before a creature, grey in complexion and bulbous in nature rose from the waters with a snarl. Manaka took a step back, hand going into her pocket for one of her talismans as the creature revealed more of themselves. It was blindfolded, scars running down its face from behind the blindfold. A mop of brown hair was in a wet, tangled mess on his head and face. He sniffed the air, a snaggle toothed sneer jeering from his mouth before its head turned immediately in both Manaka and Kiran's direction.

Manaka took another step back, pulling out the slip of paper. The teeth in the entity's mouth were stained with blood. It seemed they had disturbed its mealtime.

Then, the creature -- the bordoeu -- scrambled forward at a rather amazing speed toward the two of them. A gasp of shock came from Manaka as she attempted to dart out of the way.
Kiran (played by Leighoflight)

“Only one way to find out if this works.” he shrugged at her then turned to face the water. Backing slowly away from the waters edge as the thing rose from the depths of the lake. Was it blind? but it had a brilliant sense of smell he assumed. This thing didn’t look friendly nor willing to have a polite chat with the pair.

Kiran flinched at the speed of which this hulking beast moved then made his own efforts to get out of the way. Fighting orges was not his day job, much more adept at fighting humans. He’d have to get creative but with that came drawbacks.

Never knowing what could happen every time he cast Herättää he was taking a big risk combining two spells. Double the spell came with double the risk.

As the bordoeu stepped onto the land bones would burst through the ground and wrap themselves around it’s foot, attempting to grapple the creature. Multiple different types of animal bones, mostly water based creatures, fused together as they wrapped around their targets ankle. Kiran focused for a few seconds extra to ensure that the trap layered up on itself to strengthen it.

While this was happening Kiran could hear nothing, this had to be one of the unwanted side effects. In a 10ft radius around him was pure silence, no sound existed in its area of effect. He couldn’t even hear himself struggling to breath and dropping to the floor to cough up some sort of black liquid. Kiran knew full well what this meant and hated it, still, he would persist and get back to his feet as soon as possible.

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