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Josiah (played by ElderGrimm)

"This is Polus, leaving the cradle... See you starside."
Those words, those famous words.
Footage of the Polus launch played on the thin screen as its holder lay adrift; suspended in zero gravity.
"Ah, Polus voyage, World greatest minds and thinkers thrust into the great beyond!" The faint radio chatter played through the comm.
"Wesley, stop looking over that footage, and get your elbow off the comms." A stern voice cut through, making the young man suspended in the air grin faintly.
"What? I'm bored and lonely, you're not the one out here piloting the Cradle!"

Josiah stretched out in mid-air and snagged the tablet out of its orbit and brought a line-up.
"You mean the Cradle that contains three hundred and thirty-two Men and Women in cryo?" He spoke up, floating towards the window beside his nook and looking out at the ship hauling the giant box from one side of the ship to the other.
"Josiah! Listening in on our lines again?"

"Eh, chief let him be... God, almost four hundred days without them, huh Josi? I missed cards with your Dad." Wesley chuckled, the line filled with silence.
"You sure you don't want to be there while they wake?" Wes asked.
Josiah sat in silence, slowly drifting upside down as he held the device to his chest.
"It's alright, I get it, just... Say hi to them for me, Wesley out, preparing to dock." The line cut and Josiah was left in silence, looking out into the stars.

It had been nearly three years since Polus had launched from Earth's 'Cradle' A hyperspace warp gate meant to throw the vessel as far out as it could go.
It's been nearly two years since waking up from Cryo, and now the ship would be gaining 300+ members waking up from Cryo, Doctors, Biologists, Engineers, Architects, Mechanics, Programmers, Scientists... Men, women, and children with families, and all of them adrift in the vessel.

A hand on his shoulder startled him from his music, a startled jolt made him pull his headphones on.
"Gravity on." The voice said, the gravity in the room slowly began to return, Josiah drifted to his feet and then caught his phone and tablet.
The books, however; clattered softly to the floor, Josiah found a smile rise to his lips as the two men entered the room.
"Dad! Uncle Muriel." Josiah felt an arm hook around his neck and squeeze, the two Engineers had already changed out of their Cryo-suits and into green jumpsuits.
"Hey, big guy! God you've gotten taller since I saw you last." Josiah pulled the headphones around his neck.
"It has been a while." He commented as Muriel made himself at home in the family's quarters.

His father, however, seemed to linger around.
"Hey, bud... I know you probably don't want to talk about this, seeing as you felt so strongly against going into cryo with us; the word is you haven't been socializing much, what are you up to?" The man worried, his graying hair and wrinkled brow was a sign that even in Cryo he worried.
"Well it's been quiet waiting for you to wake up, I've been listening to music transmissions from Earth, categorizing the genre, it's a project Miss Val has for me and the rest of us, kids... But I guess I can't say kids anymore." Josiah gave a weak smile and Byron nodded, rubbing his scruffy neck.
"Happy birthday is in order, hell, you're almost nineteen now ain't-ya?" Muriel called, Josiah sighed and looked down.
At the floor, nodding.

"I uh, told Mom, happy birthday, and that you said happy birthday to her too, she says things are still... Earth is Earth." Josiah shuffled his feet, uncomfortable with the subject.
"Alright, Son, I'm proud of you for holding up so well on your own, uh." The man cleared his throat, hesitantly rubbing his son's shoulder in some form of distant comfort.
"There's still more being woken up, they need extra help and you're certified to be a Nurse Assistant haven't you?" Josiah nodded in reply, one of many things he learned when he was alone.
"Go help them out, you'll help people acclimate to being awake, I'm sure it's a shock to be 400 days in the past.' The man chuckled, Josiah nodded once more and pulled on his jacket; one of his only remnants from Earth.

Down at the Hospital bay, Josiah donned the red band around his arm and got into the fray, a crowd of men and women tended to the sleepers wearing the Cryo-suits, skin-tight grey and blue fabric; pulling them out of the portable pods and helping them acclimate to being awake again.
"Hey, you, Nurse, I need help with this one!" He was called over to a Pod that wouldn't open properly.
"It's stuck somehow, see if you ca-" the Doctor didn't get to finish as the pod door opened, hissing air blew out as a body fell out and directly onto Josiah.
"Hrgh!.. I'm good." Josiah, who now sat on the floor, holding Y/N's waking body under the arms, one eye closed from the sudden pain in his lower back.
"Hey~ Good morning sleepy head.' He grunted, using a foot to push himself and the one with him back against the leg of a gourney, letting Y/N rest with him on the floor as the Doctor checked Y/N's vitals, a band around your wrist built into the fabric stated everything needed to know.

Suddenly the room went red, a blaring tone played as the lights switched from white to red in synchrony.
"Attention! The crew of the Polus! Today marks an important day in the History of our voyage, not only do three Hundred more of you join our ranks among the best and brightest humanity has to offer... But I regret to inform you we have now officially reached The Edge..." The bay went quiet as the Captain's voice echoed throughout the entire station.
"As of now, we are out of range of Earth's transmissions and have officially lost contact with Earth... Take a look at the Person, Man, and Woman beside you, we are all now Humanity itself out here in Space, each and every one of us... God bless you all. " The Captain turned off the broadcast and the lights resumed to normal again.
Josiah looked down to Y/N, that was one hell of a message to be given when first waking up.

(Awright, let's begin! This is inspired by an old dream and idea I've mulled over for years now about Humanity's greatest advancement into unknown space, this will involve the discovery and exploration of unknown planets and won't be entirely on the Polus space station.
Your Character can be anyone of your choice, preferably another family member to a V.I.P like Josiah is to his Father who is an Engineer, and your character can exceed at any field of research you'd like, even creative fields like art and writing, etc;
Romance is of course on the table, I will have multiple characters to suit whatever preferences you prefer.
Please be in-depth in your reply, I don't wish to be the only one participating in this! No one ever does!

Anyways I hope you enjoyed the read and hope it intrigued you enough to give it a shot with me!)
Anastasia felt groggy and slightly nauseated. Then all of a sudden she felt a jolt. She was suddenly being moved without any control, her limbs were still very stiff from the very long sleep. Warmth enveloped her and she noticed her face on something soft, yet hard and firm. Her eyes fluttered, trying to gain a sense of where she was. The woman was disoriented and confused. When her eyes finally adjusted to the light and she gained more feeling in her body, she looked up to see a man holding her. It seems she had fallen and he has caught her.

Sooner than she was ready, there was another person on her. This one checked her vitals and her mobility. As she woke up more, worry for her daughter sprang from her mind, she had no care where they were or what was going on really.

" daughter. Where is she?!"

She turned to the person that caught her before and sat on the floor with her.

"Please...she's just a small child, she can't have been too far from me. Is she alright?"

The memories were hazy but they were beginning to return to her.

"How did we even get here? Last I remember we were in our smart home... the screens said a disaster was imminent and we had to get into bed... the bed closed in on us.."

((OOC: Anastasia would be a VIP along with her daughter Storm. The home was one of many secret disaster homes bought by her father after finding out his firstborn was orphaned and homeless. She has many skills including engineering, farming, and operation of a large mecha))
Josiah (played by ElderGrimm) Topic Starter

Josiah felt bolts biting into his palms as he leaned on his arms awkwardly, half under the examination table the woman had narrowly missed; causing him to shift slightly from the pain.

"Oh, Hey." Josiah spoke softly as he felt the woman remove her face from his shirt and look up to him.
*She's just a young woman...*
Josiah felt a tinge in his chest as her expression turned to worry.
Gesturing for the nurse to move aside and leave the two of them be, he sat up further and gently reached to hold her wrists in his hands.
"Hey, hey!... You're alright, you're Daughter is being woken up as well, alright?" Josiah was quiet but clear in his pronunciation ; intending to convey as much calm as possible to help this woman.
"You're on board the Polus, you're both safe now, What's your name?" The nurse wondered, loosening his hold on her wrists as she looked around.
It sounded like this woman was a VIP, not everyone got the chance to have safety-pods ready and waiting to save them.

Lots of people had to flee their homes, some in different ways than others, but most the same reason; Earth was just outright dying, and this was the core reason Polus was made, a conglomerate of the cutting edge of humanity.
Students, teachers, great minds, thinkers, scientists, artists, mechanics, engineers.
Those that got a seat aboard the delving vessel had so for a reason, and the vetting process of which one was selected even inside a family of a member already chosen a seat... Well let's just say Josiah didn't know a thing about being a nurse prior to getting his rehabilitative license for waking people from Cryo.
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