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((I’m using the White Knight AU as listed on her account- I’ve been wanting to explore this for some time! Feel free to jump in, lets see where this takes us.))

It wasn’t often anyone came to the Ash Forest- that wasn’t its official name of course. But after the fire that claimed it, leaving the ghosts of trees standing tall against the sky, it’d gained that unofficial moniker among the nearby townspeople and even guards and knights knew of the area by that name. Years ago, it’d held within it a hideout of the Onyx Bandits- a name that’d terrorized the countrysides and been a constant thorn in the sides of the nobility. They were criminals, thieves and arsonists, killers of everything they touched. But that was long ago, and when the fire came, well. Everyone burns the same. Almost everyone, that is.

A stranger stood a little ways into the wood, while a variety of what seemed to be hounds wandered nearby, their white fur grey from the ash and dirt they picked up. The stranger stood in armor off-white and matte, a mess of wavy, nearly white hair on their head and a bag held gently in their armored gloves. The sword at their hip, not to mention that armor, seemed to label them as some kind of knight or adventurer, but most didn’t come to these woods for adventure. Whatever adventure there was to be had, it was most likely buried underneath here. No, the only people who came to these woods had something to run from, or in a less ominous assumption, needed the ash- occasionally a few townspeople would come gather the wood ash to fertilize crops.

This one though, clearly was no townsperson. And they opened the small back in their grip, gently reaching inside. One foot kicked away at the ash, sending clouds of it upwards, to expose the dirt below, before they scattered the contents in the dirt. The ash and decay had strangled whatever wanted to grow, but it seemed as if they were planting seeds. And in fact, this wasn’t the first time they’d come here- sprinkling various seeds, just to see if anything would grow, to find some budding hope in the dirt.

Nothing had come of this yet.

The Knight stood for a while longer there, staring out at the expanse. The hounds had taken to playing, rolling among the ash and fighting amongst themselves, and perhaps they were watching the actions, but their gaze was out further, deeper into the woods and lost in a memory of days long gone.

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