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Hello this is my first time doing this but I've hit a runt let's see how this goes.

So here is what I have in mind.
    -Based on/Inspired by a Mythology (not greek nor norse
    -female most likely
    -is set in the modern day world and has a job (open to ideas about the job)
I gonna throw some Lithuanian mythology at you. We have such creature called Magyla (grave) she/he is basically a grim reaper who is servant of Death it self. I was thinking about Magyla character that works in maid cafe/restaurant. Where living, death and other creatures can interact with each other.
Based on: Airmid Celtic Goddess of Healing, herbs, fine art, print She is the daughter of Diancecht, master physician

Your character is:
- Athletic and slim
- Curly red haired
- She wears glasses

Works as:
a) first aider
b) gardener
What about someone who's the child of both of those? Or is related to both/one of them? After all, multiple gods and goddesses and mythological creatures are similar, so maybe they exist in different realms, like levels/dimensions of the worlds, and this character travels between worlds to get close to their different heritages?
The maid cafe sounds cool, if she was related to the Master Physician she could meet all sorts of people there and direct them to temples or give them prayers or something.
If she was related to both of them, or someone else (maybe she's a foundling of a lesser god, and they don't know whose child she is?) perhaps she has multiple mentors and she doesn't know who to be loyal to. Perhaps they're contesting for her affection/allegiance.
Galaxy-Star Topic Starter

I'm thinking of doing both tus and queen's idea and making two characters
Rusne Balkus (played by Galaxy-Star) Topic Starter

I wasn't able to.make both characters so I went with Queen_Knight idea!
My pleasure <3

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