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Since I'm a first timer at D&D, this is the perfect opportunity to participate and maybe get a new D&D OC to play with!

I want a character that:

• Is a male
• Is a fanged, living human
• Is not a magical class, a Ranger, or a Barbarian.

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Kim Site Admin

Fully human, but was hit with a lycanthropy curse as a child. Their parents took them to a really cheap shaman/cleric/whatever who cured them, but did a bad job of it, and it left them with a few wolfy details, such as fangs. The fangs are actually quite annoying and make talking and eating inconvenient as they don't quite fit in a human head. At this point, it's been so long since the original curse that there's no more curing that can be done, it's just a sunk-in part of their being and how they are.

Because they still have this innate understanding of predator instincts, they became a ranger and use animal companions in their adventures.

They are trying to play their fangs off as intimidating even though it kind of gives them a speech impediment.
Kim Site Admin

Darnit, I just realized you said NOT a ranger. Maybe a rogue instead?
Kim Site Admin

Ideas from my housemate:

Runcible Symmonds, an out of work actor, whose talents have fallen on deaf ears and now performs bit parts. He wears false caps on his incisors in order to project an air of mystery, and he has taken up sell-swording in order to make ends meet between acting gigs. It's either that or farmhand, and you don't want to get your hands that creased.
Kim Site Admin

Another idea from my housemate:

Descended from an ancient line of Yuan-ti, this almost entirely pure human bears few marks of his reptilian ancestry, barring needle-fangs and an aversion to cold weather. They are a palace guard to a fickle queen who seeks to gather rare and unusual people and creatures to her side to show off to visiting guests. In reality, they are a bored and disaffected individual who would be shunned because of their heritage were they not in this position. They seek to grow and expand this stagnancy and have taught themselves to fight with cunning and guile.
Kim Site Admin

Another idea from my housemate, who appears to be bottomless:

As a youth, this boy was ship-wrecked on a journey where both of his parents died. On the raft he took up cannibalism by necessity, and upon his eventual rescue, was charged with this as a crime despite the fact that he needed to do it to survive. Part of his punishment was to have his teeth damaged so that it would be obvious to all that encountered him that he ate the flesh of other humans. To do this, he had them filed so that all his teeth are pointed and fanged. He escaped from his prison and retreated to a monastery where he has taken up a peaceful life of non-violence, seeking to atone for his many sins, real or imagined. He is a monk.
Runick (played by Lucretire) Topic Starter

After a busy week, I finally sat down and wrote out the basics of Runick's profile. Thank you so much for the ideas, Kim!
Kim Site Admin

Oooh how exciting!!

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