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Forums » Help » Access PMs from a deleted account?

I had an account under the name Ozzyotter3001 I believe and I'm trying to find some art that I had done for me by a friend I made on this site at the time. She DMed it to me on this site.

I've since deleted that account before returning earlier this year, and I now that I'm searching for that art, I'm wondering if there's any way to access those old PMs, or get a mod/admin to do so? This art really means a lot to me and I'd really love to have it again.

Or if there is a way to access the character profile that was deleted that would help.

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This seems extremely unlikely (in part if there's any trace of anything to be found, in part because of how it could be a massive privacy risk), but your best bet would be to contact Kim, the admin.
Kim Site Admin

Nah, not something I can help with for a whole host of reasons, sorry!

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