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Slappy looked around. When it was his turn, he stepped forward. 'Hullo," he said with a polite bow. Although he was a halfling, he had dressed as a beggar. Other races often mistook him for a human child, so he decided to play off of this when creating his costume. "A merry All Hallows Eve to you!"

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Merril (played by Cheshika) Topic Starter

"Happy Hallows Eve to you too!" Greeted the Sorcerer, looking carefully at the creature before them; their costume was a curious one, but it also worked to hide their species well. It felt like a clever disguise too. "Allow me to add to your bags or pumpkins more sweet filling in the form of sugary treats!" Merril would say, readying the bowl with candy they: bars of chocolate and candy stood out from the bowl, with clear bags filled with candied fruit slices in the middle and colorfully wrapped candy spheres that looked to be small pebbles at the bottom to the bowl.
"Thank you kindly," the halfling replied as the sorcerer offered up the treats. Once his sack was filled with goodies, Slappy bowed again politely. "A merry All Hallows Eve to you all! Have a good night and may your tummies be full!"

With that, he stepped aside for the next person's turn. Then, he adjusted his sack, gave a wave and headed off down the path.
Evelyn could see that this host was very generous, her eyebrow went up and her eyes grew round as she saw the candy bars and other treats being bestowed to those in front of her. She glanced up to her wig, making sure the green snakes with their yellow eyes were swaying back and forth. One of her hands passed along her toga, trying to smooth it in an unobtrusive manner.

The other guests all had marvelous costumes, and Evelyn waved and smiled at each of them. "Each Halloween seems more festive than the last," she remarked to herself. When it was her turn, she stepped forward. "Trick or treat! So pleased to meet you, your house is so charming!" The snakes that comprised her wig gave a slight shake as if to emphasize her enthusiasm.
Merril (played by Cheshika) Topic Starter

Waving goodbye to another happy trick or treater, Merril worked fast to try to let more trick-or-treaters visit other homes and get more candy before the night ends. The next guest was the one they had seen wearing a Gorgon costume, seeing the green snakes sway as she walked closer, the Sorcerer smiling brightly at her comments- how nice they hadn't found any person more inclined to do tricks than get candy!

"Why, thank you so much! I really love your costume, but I do hope it's not too cold for you in that toga. The night gets colder after a while of trick-or-treating." Just this morning, as they set the pumpkins outside their home, they had felt a chill, and the air around them grow colder- but perhaps that had been a curious spirit too, guided by the light of a carved pumpkin. "But here, let me add more to your bag of sweets."

With that, the Sorcerer smiled as they gave her candy; bars of chocolate wrapped in silver and gold, and candy bars in purple and pink along with some clear bags filled with candied fruit slices and gummy bears of vibrant colors were added to the contents of her bag.
The atmosphere of the almost ethereal place was enticing to the young witch, with it's white-capped mushrooms, soft otherworldly glow, and crafty assortments of pumpkins. Aradia had to admit to herself, she had been drawn to the place immediately.

Aradia had chosen to dress according to the festivities, though it wasn't much different from her usual wear. She was sporting her 'classic' witch hat, however, which was reserved for certain occasion. She also had on her circlet of silver with it's crescent moon symbol, and a rather long black witch-like dress. She figured she'd fit in decently enough with the holiday.

Approaching the abode, Aradia caught the glimpse of what looked to be some form of fellow magic user in the doorway, perhaps a wizard or sorcerer. Upon arrival, she glanced about once more.

"I must say, your place is quite...mystical. I rather enjoy the atmosphere," Aradia said, by way of complement.
Evelyn waited patiently, though she was eager she did not fidget or bounce. "Oh, thank you, but I feel fine. If I do start to feel cold, I can use a spell." She thanked Merril for the candy, gasping at the sight of chocolate wrapped in silver, gold, purple and pink. The fruit slices and gummies looked delicious as well. "You truly know how to celebrate Halloween! Thanks so much!"
Merril (played by Cheshika) Topic Starter

Ah, so another magic-user had visited them! It made them feel quite a bit happy to have another magic-user visit, even if it was just for this festivity. The downside of living far away from any other kingdom, they supposed, but at least it gave them the chance to use the ambient of the forest to their advantage. "I see, that's good to hear then! And thank you, I had to stock on quite the number of candies for this- especially the candied fruit slices if I'm honest."

Merril's attention was soon diverted to another trick-or-treater approaching, this one a young woman dressed as a witch that carried a certain air of magic around her. So many newcomers, better get the other candy bags close to the door before they actually run out of candies to hand out. "Thank you! Although all I did was put some pumpkins I grew around, the rest is Mother Nature's work if I'm honest, I just took care of the surroundings."
"Ah, yes, candy. I hope you didn't go through too much trouble preparing these delights," Aradia spoke, adjusting her hat. "though they look quite delicious."

As she finished speaking another being seemingly of magical capabilities made an appearance at the delightfully spooky cottage. She too appeared to find the ambiance of the place wonderous, something she had felt from the start.

After selecting a few pieces of candy with a smile, Aradia decided to head on her way, She didn't want to take up too much of Mirrel's time, after all. "Goodnight, and thank you for the treats. I'm sure they'll be delicious!"
Merril (played by Cheshika) Topic Starter

"Goodnight! Thanks for the visit, may your bags get filled with sweet, tasty candy by the end of the night!" The Sorcerer said as they saw the trick-or-treaters leave, thankfully satisfied with the sweet candies they had obtained in their visits. For Merril, it was a bit more complicated- after the visitors had left, the carved pumpkins that had appeared themed after them had all quickly pilled up, with an extra pumpkin with a tired face on top of them illustrating the effort it had taken with Merril's magic as they talked with them.

"Ahah, guess I should have expected that- just how many pumpkins am I gonna end up with at this point? I'll better start checking pumpkin recipes too..."

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