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So I recently had to delete one of my characters since they were not being used anymore and well I’m already out of ideas of what character I should make and everything if anyone could help me with some simple idea’s I would love that and it’s been a hard week for me also maybe that’s why I haven’t been feeling inspired
Something I like to do is take a charecter from a show, movie, game, fandom, etc, and make an oc based on them. I have a male gardener oc I based off of someone from cookie run, and probably some more I didn’t even know were based on charecters
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Hm that sounds interesting but would it have to be all based off the game or movie like does their background have to match within the movie or game or can it be a bit different from the original one?
I sometimes like to run this a few (dozen) times when I'm at a loss.
One of the things I do for gaining inspiration would be listening to music, buut specific artists from a genre I enjoy for a specific character. Perhaps you could explore songs you like??? For instance, one of the bands that help me with inspiration would be Katatonia for my character Sylvanus (their album Dead End Kings is very good source for it for me) considering their songs aren't all too happy and are soothing. Or, let's say, Jinjer for my gal Gavros. Their music and singer's voice can give me pretty cool ideas for killing moves she could have (also for awesome drawings that'd be cool to draw).

Or perhaps you could try to make a moodboard of certain characters you like (ex. knights, mercenaries, aliens)? I think exploring your interests could at least help to some degree. Sadly I can't provide the best advices but I wish you luck in creating a neat character! And do your best not to stress out over it, as things could lead to not-the-best stuff...
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Thank you all for the ideas I will use these for sure and I’m actually starting to get a small idea what they will be and what their occupation will be!

Thank you once again I’m very glad to have people so helpful and willing to help others out when they need help or are lost of inspiration
I am making characters with dice rolls.... so....
I tend to take my time with the character creation stuff. Sometimes I just relax a little, doing chores or riding in my car allows my thoughts to flow better before I'm hit with an Idea that I can see making.

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