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Not going to infodump here, that's what the questions are for.

To keep it simple I like violence, I like hitting people, I like armor, and I like history.

As for styles I like Fiore, Montante, and Myers.
I am thinking about getting into something like this, so I want to ask; what is the best weapon set for doing powerful damage in a short amount of time?
RoundTableKing Topic Starter

The most powerful weapon for dealing the most damage possible in the shorted amount of time would most likely be some kind of Dane Axe or lochaber axe. You're not allowed to use sharp weapons and you're often not allowed to use blunt weapons like mace or war hammers (sometimes you can though.) Depending on the group or organization you're not allowed to thrust the point of your weapon for risk of accidentally hitting a weak spot in the armor.

So your best option is some kind of two handed axe, it's fast, it's powerful, and a well placed strike can bring someone down in only a few hits. The biggest downside to the axe is that it lacks protective abilities, but that's what the armors for. If you really want to experience violence, there is no weapon in my opinion more elegantly suited than the Zweihander. A beautiful weapon that when balanced properly is very nimble and often very light. Most great swords don't even exceed 7 pounds. Just make sure to check the rules of your group before hands.
RoundTableKing Topic Starter

The quickest way to bring someone down is learning to wrestle. A lot of fights are won by literally just grabbing the other guy and either kicking him or punching him until he goes down. Or even just straight up grabbing them around the helmet and throwing them with your body weight. This only works in some groups though where the goal is to knock your opponent down. (If your knees touch the ground you're out kind of thing.)
Thanks King!

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