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Hi! So, I have some inactive characters or characters who arent getting any traction or rp, so am I able to sell or give them away? Not for real money, but perhaps trading characters? I was gonna make an OOC forum post, but I didnt know if it would cause any repercussions or end up in me getting in trouble.

Also, if this is allowed and I were to post this, in what forum would it be best??

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There's only 2 reasons I can think of that could make this a problem in some way.

1. You won't be able to hand over the profile you created. All you can do is make the info & relevant resources available for the other person to manually copy over to a new character slot on their own account.

2. If any of the content/resources for a character have rights restrictions, you may not be legally allowed to pass such items on to others or there may be restrictions on how you are able to (such as legally not being allowed to profit from that specific work). So if, say, you have any artwork or something you've purchased for the characters in question, you should check back on what the artist's rules for using their work are. Anything else you don't own the full rights to could also put you at risk of a lawsuit if you violate the terms of the creator or other entity who does own the rights.

Aside from that, there's nothing wrong with telling someone "hey, you can take this character concept and make it your own," or "you can copy the content I have for this character and take the full rights to its use" or "I have this character I'd like to offer in exchange for x." I've actually gave away a few characters myself awhile back; I thought they were cool, I just wasn't any good at playing them. (Sadly, I have not seen them appear anywhere since.)

Art & Creativity would probably be the best place for something like that, and Smalltalk is a good catchall if you're not sure.

If you want to get a more official answer to be sure, I'd suggest either PMing a mod or just hitting the "Request a Mod" button on your post to self-report. It can be unpredictable with the mods or Kim might stumble onto any given post, but that button basically gives the mods a little notice so you might be able to get official input sooner. Alternatively, you can also use the same form as bug reports to send questions or suggestions directly to Kim; the form has a little dropdown to let you select which type of message it is. If you're not in a rush, you can wait to see if it gets spotted naturally in time, of course (most things posted in this area do eventually get looked at, but this area is considered more of a members-helping-members thing, I think).
Kim Site Admin

You can send the info to someone else and have them set it up on their own profile, but there is no way (and no way will be added) to transfer a character profile directly to another account.

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