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Hi, I've noticed something unusual as of today; while usually I get notifications of new messages in real time, as of last night / today I mut actually refresh the site to see if there are any. Is someone else experiencing this?
If you're finding something is acting weird and the common simple fixes aren't helping, it's good to go submit a bug report with as much info about the issue as you can. :)

Specific to notifications, though, a few things I can mention:
  • The system won't alert you of new messages if you're looking at a group page. Only pages of the main site have that properly incorporated yet.
  • At least when using a laptop/desktop, I have noticed that the usual little update notices will cease if I've left my browser open and my computer went into sleep/hibernation mode. At least part of it starts working once my computer's active again (and the rest may need a quick refresh to get back on task), but it'll have missed whatever happened while it was down. I think this is more about how the computer works rather than the site.
  • No idea if it's still relevant, but I recall an attempt at a more proactive notification system that would actually send out a ping. If that system is still in place and that's what you used... it was a very common issue that it work fine for awhile, then just stop, and I don't think a lasting way to resolve that problem was ever found.

If you aren't certain that any of those fully explains what you're experiencing, then I'd still suggest a bug report!
Kim Site Admin

For those playing along at home; cri86titanium did submit a bug report (thanks! :D). We both tilted our heads various ways at the problem. It then resumed working today with neither of us actually making changes. XD

Computers be crazy.

The moral of the story is: Sometimes problems fix themselves and it is STILL OKAY AND GOOD to submit a bug report. You are not bothering me. I appreciate you. <3

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