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Shattered (played by satans_child)

Hello! i am Satans_Child, Child of Satan, Satanic, Firework, or Disc! any is good! anyways, i would love to do a gravity falls RP with this OC please- their gonna be a demon because yknow, they can shape shift and stuff. they mostly staying the form of a scared over Maincoon-Norwegian forest cat breed cat or a ripped-up stuffed animal but uses the cat more often. you can use OCs too of course and this is optional. you don't have to. but, this is just a little interest check, but I hope someone can do this with me! paragraphs don't need to be a thing in the rp, but at least write long posts once in a while? I get pretty uninterested when people are only putting one liners. also, I would probably like to talk OOC with you to plan over Ideas too! thank you and have a nice day! ^^

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