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On the boundary between the realm of humans and that of demons and beasts, there exists a space in between that serves as the connexion between the two realms; the Underworld Hill, a place that is not only the bridge to cross to either realm, but also holds a variety of creatures that find no home in either realm. It's the size of a small city, with a mix of old and modern dotted with stores selling food, rare items, and even souvenirs to take to either side, along with some hotels, departments, and homes for the creatures that wish to stay or find themselves crossing either realm too much to find a home in either.

The biggest building in this place is Twilight Station- where trains are always going back and forth to one realm and another, the station has a large place that holds many smaller shops and relaxing spots for those waiting for their trains, and even having private areas for more serious matters, working as a nexus for creatures of both realms to meet. While the trains are themed differently to fit the realm where they will depart to, the waiting area of the station has a more traditional look to it despise the implementation of modern technology: in fact, many areas of the station have signs with information for creatures that struggle with modern technology, and there's a help desk decorated with the three mascots of the station; Lia the blue Imp, Bianco the Leopard Beastman, and Mona the human witch.

Outside Twilight Station is the Autumn Plaza, the first sign creatures see after leaving the train station that leads to Gingko Street, Flamel Street, and Gehenna Street- all of them are thematic in nature due to the creatures in this place banding together.

And by the entrance of Gehenna Street is a small cafe, doors open and ready to anyone in need of a strong cup of coffee or some sugary sweets, that goes by the name of Devillion Cafe, owned by the demon Lumika.

Currently, the reason why this description looks so empty is to promote the idea of users coming here and settling their own like, tiny stores or whatever and give more reasons to post here, so I'll edit it when more people pop in with their stores and I can finish this WiP main summary ;-;\

The main point of this is to serve as an introduction post for characters that users may haven't had the chance to use yet~!


1. Everyone is welcome here, as long as there's a reasonable explanation given in their introduction post!

2. RPR's rules still apply, so keep itPG-13ish! Any gory or NSFW scenes go to PM, and then you can return here once it's over.

3. No godmodding/powerplay. If a fight is to break out, no auto-hits. Freeform or dice-roll/character sheet mechanics are to be decided among fight participants (preferably via OOC chat to avoid cluttering the RP) to keep things fair.

4. If you have to stop RPing for an extended period of time, please make an exit. If two players separate from the others for their own scene, please make it known so that if either one stays, other people can interact with them/know their characters are free for interaction.

5. Please be kind to each other- or I'll be forced to step in. If you have a particular issue with someone, you can DM me.

6. Have fun~!

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Lumika (played by Cheshika) Topic Starter

The sky was still dark when the first morning train left the station and the stores close by were already opening their doors, putting out their signs outside for their breakfast specials and souvenirs like pillows and neck pillows for whoever was leaving or arriving here, hotels shining their bright ‘Open’ sings.

And yet, those close to the station could always tell when Devillion was open even before the sign was put outside the dark brown and white store- the smell of chocolate and coffee would fill the area as some store owners lined outside to get their own cup before the first travelers of the day, the store already busy since early in the day. Perhaps it was indeed a really good coffee shop, or maybe it was because it was the closest to the station, but Lumika was proud to always have this many customers already.

As customers took the good tables by the windows, the demon walked outside to set the wooden sign of open; it had the design of that a cute waffle and the letters in the sign looked to be written with cream.
Jay Gradien (played by BugIsTired)

{{Hello, is it okay if I join?}}
Cheshika Topic Starter

Jay Gradien wrote:
{{Hello, is it okay if I join?}}

((Yup, everyone is free to join))
Jay Gradien (played by BugIsTired)

*Jay steps off the train after managing to get his wings out. He walks to an open area and unfurls his wings and flaps them once or twice. He than took a moment to look around as he folds his wings back in.* "So... this is Devillion... Seems peaceful enough." *He caught sight of the coffee shop and decided to head in. As he entered, he had to duck and side-shuffle his way through the door in order to fit his wings in.*
Lumika (played by Cheshika) Topic Starter

Lumika could easily get tell when a new customer had arrived at her coffee shop- she had memorized the faces of her fellow store owners and usual morning customers. Question is, was this one a fallen angel or one of those Tengu fellows that traversed Gingko Street?

“Welcome to Devillion, I apologize for the size of the entrance, I’m afraid we had some limited space. Today’s special treats are poached eggs and ham, madeleine cookies covered with marbled chocolate for dessert, and red velvet latte~ Would you like a seat, sir?” She asked the man with a small smile on her face.
Jay Gradien (played by BugIsTired)

*He looked around the shop, memorizing its location than looked at the woman who had greeted him.* "It's fine, I'm used to smaller entrances." *He smiled at her than looked outside for a moment.* "I'll take some of those cookies you mentioned and a medium-sized latte please, oh, and uh... do you have outside seating... (whispering) I uh... don't do well in small spaces." *He chuckled w/ an embarrassed tone.*
Lumika (played by Cheshika) Topic Starter


Lumika blinked owlishly for a minute as, discreetly, her snake tail shifted behind her; the head of the tail looked outside the window and confirmed to her that, yes, the outside tables weren't set yet.

"Oh, please allow me, dear customer! I'll set them quickly for you, just give me a moment." She chirped and, with a bow, quickly walked outside to accommodate the green tables that were usually pressed to the side of the store to set a table for the man, making sure he would have enough space to sit and not bump his wings on the side of the store.

"There, everything should be set now, sir. If it's too chilly or cold outside, tell me and I can set one of the heaters for you."
Jay Gradien (played by BugIsTired)

*He bowed respectfully and smiled at her.* "Thanks. This is all deeply appreciated, ma'am." *He sat down, leaned back in the chair and enjoyed the morning.*
Lumika (played by Cheshika) Topic Starter

"I shall have your order ready soon~!"

She chirped before retreating back into the store. Due to the fact Devillion Cafe was at the entrance of Gehenna Street, it gave some view of Gingko Street and Flamel Street; a white-haired Oni was just opening her ice cream store, who looked to be a kitsune employee setting the tables and chairs outside too, while on the other street, a pink-haired witch was opening her potion shop, using magic to lift some of the boxes into her store while she pushed a larger crate inside.

"Madeleine cookies covered with marbled chocolate, and a medium-sized latte incoming~" Lumika would say as she arrived at his table, setting down a plate with twelve cookies on a white plate, and a medium-sized latte with a cute little sticker on it reading 'Devillion Cafe' in red and pink font. "We also have some magazines and newspapers if you wish to read something."

((If I stop posting on both chats, it's because it's about 1 am here and I just fell asleep, sorry! >_<))
Jay Gradien (played by BugIsTired)

*He smiles up at the demon than looked at the plate and cup.* "Wow... this looks and smells great!" *He goes to pay for his order and realizes that he doesnt have enough. He looked up at her.* "I'm sorry... I don't quite have enough to pay for it all..." *He gives her what he can than plucks one of his golden feathers and hands it to her.* "This should be enough as the rest of his payment plus a large tip. He than sheepishly smiles.*

((It's alright))
Lumika (played by Cheshika) Topic Starter

Ah, well, she guessed this could work.

"Yes, it's fine." Lumika replied, picking up the golden feather to put in somewhere else- she would need to get that changed for money later, the shop where she got some of her products didn't quite receive gold anymore these days. "If you need anything else, don't be afraid to ask. I'm aware some are new to Underworld Hill, so we have a map to help people explore the area and get to know some nice places!"
Jay Gradien (played by BugIsTired)

Jay nodded in response and flapped his wings a little, smiling.* "Thanks, and I think I'll just take an overhead flight and memorize the city from there." *He dipped one of the cookies into his latte and took a bite of it. His eyes widened and he quickly swallowed the bite. His wings opened quickly with amazement.* "These are the best cookies I've ever had! And don't get me started on this latte!" *He dipped the half-eaten cookie into his latte again and ate it, making happy chirping noises.*
Lumika (played by Cheshika) Topic Starter

"Oh, I'm glad you heard you liked them! Some customers find the convination to be too sweet and try with a bitter type of coffee with the cookies, or try the ones with no chocolate cover to balance the sweetness." Lumika explained, thinking more and more her customer was actually a Tengu Yokai than a fallen angel. "If you're planning to do that, I suggest to be careful- if you fly too high, you may hit the barrier above that helps keep this realm in between the human world and the supernatural world."
Jay Gradien (played by BugIsTired)

*He nodded than looked up and tilted his head.* "How far up? I mean, how high is this barrier you speak of?" *He looked at the demon waitress with his head still leaned back.*
Lumika (played by Cheshika) Topic Starter

The demon hummed in though before she too looked up. “Just slightly above the clouds, you can feel a strange energy too before you reach it so you don’t crash your head into it. It’s just not visible to eyes.”
Jay Gradien (played by BugIsTired)

*He looked up once more and sent one of his darker feathers up and counted to himself under his breath than he nodded to himself. He looked at the waitress.* "Thank you for everything, ma'am. I'm Jay. Jay Gradien." *He held out his hand and tilted his head w/ a charming smile.*
Lumika (played by Cheshika) Topic Starter

Was that his own way to check how high could he fly? How convenient did that seem to be.

"Nice to meet you, sir Gradien." The demon would say with a smile of her own, reaching one of her hands to shake his in a friendly gesture. "I'm Lumika, I serve as the representative for the demons working in Gehenna Street looking to start a business here, look for refuge or a temporal accommodation." She explained, though, she was sure the pamphlets at the station would say the same, she was well aware not many people would read them when they first arrived at this place. "So I'm here to serve and answer any question- though, I'm sure the other representatives of the other two streets can be of help if you ask them about matters about their streets and species."
Jay Gradien (played by BugIsTired)

*Jay listened politely and his eyes widened with respect.* "So, Miss Lumika, you're, like... really important around here, right?" *He had always thought that people who had the most knowledge of their surroundings were like ring leaders, in which he had a deep respect for.* "That's pretty cool!" *He smiled and flapped his wings a little.*
Lumika (played by Cheshika) Topic Starter

A small blush appeared on the demoness's face as she turned to look away bashfully.

"Ahah, yes, thanks. I try my best to be of help to any new demon that ends here without a clue as to where to go or what to do." It was why she had helped make the pamphlets in the station too, just in case she was too busy to help herself. "But it also asks a lot of me, I won't lie. It requires me to be here and also be ready whenever there are troubles around, which happens often with demons I'm afraid."

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