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Rucas Anouilh (played by Kotomi657)

Trying a school rp! Not sure how long term it will be but I figured I'd try it out!

Genres: School setting, slice of life, (adventure), pretty free form but stay appropriate as it is open to all ages.
Who can join: Anyone! Just hop in.
Let's try not to ignore anyone. This is all meant to be fun!
No controlling other characters.
Your character can have powers if you want, though this little space was originally meant for "normies".


In a world where Superman, Wonder Woman, and other epic heroes exist the world seems to be slowly but surely becoming dominated with epic heros. Villains may have become common place, but so too have the wonderful folks who have come forward with powers!

This not for those gifted folk.

With the awesome influx of gifted individuals, magicians, and wizards came the reduction in ordinary people. And in this reduction came the collection and relocation of ordinary folk to "protect" them.

Now that all the normies have been safely relocated, and the last of the schools and jobs have been built, life can continue as normal. The powerful peeps dashing it out in their land, while the normies thrive in their small new home.

What's more normal then that?

Rucas Anouilh (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

The male sighed, blowing the one annoying strand of hair from his face. His tired hazel eyes looked at the pink early morning sky. He rested on his back, looking up aimlessly at the many branches above him. Some people say that looking up at trees was fasinating; peaceful.

Ruu found it downright boring.

Sighing, he swung upward into a sitting position. Ruu's feet dangled from the high branches. Below sat a grassy field, a beautifully cut entrance to a large school. It's been a few weeks since it started, and somehow the grass seemed just as beautiful as day one.

With the cold morning air and the scarcity of students, Ruu figured he wouldn't be seeing anyone for sometime. Which was unfortunate as he was ... maybe stuck in the tree. How did he get up there? Because it seemed fun!

Now how to get down? Mmm...he wasn't too sure.

His shoulders rose and fell in a sigh, and he lifted a hand to his mouth, licking his dry lips. "Is anyone here?? Hello! Not trying to wake anyone up but...I'm kinda stuck up here!"
*As Jinx & Tyson were strolling around campus they heard someone calling for help. Tyson jogged over to where he heard the voice, Jinx slowly trailing behind.*

{Tyson} "Hello there! Need some help up there?"

*Tyson chuckled a little as he looked up at his fellow classmate. Jinx shook her head and stood just a foot away from the tree, observing the situation.*
Rucas Anouilh (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

Rucas was still pouting up from his high place before an unfamiliar voice called up to him. Surprised, yet thankful, hues immediately looked down to spot Tyson. The icey blue hair was what caught his interest first. "Wow, blue hair?" He muttered quietly, nodding in approval before finally speaking up to the strangers. " Yes! Finally someone showed up." Pointing with one of his dangling feet, Rucas gestured towards his shoes which were down on the ground. "I tried climbing this tree 'cause I got here way too early and uh...I can't get down. Either of you aware of how to climb down a tree?" He inquired, not noticing Jinx at first at all. "We still got like 30 minutes before classes start but may take me an hour to get down." The man admitted sheepishly.
*Tyson squinted, trying figure out the quickest route for him to get down. Jinx sighed and approached Tyson.*

{Jinx} "Just have him jump down to the closest branch than once there's no branches have him jump down to you. You used to catch your bud, Derek, who weighed more than you, all the time last year. Easy as that."

*Tyson's eyes widened in realization and he patted his sister's head.*

{Tyson} "Thanks, sis! Hey man, did ya hear that? Climb or jump down to the nearest branch than once its clear, jump! I'll catch ya!" *He smiled proudly.*
Rucas Anouilh (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

"You're gonna...catch me?" Rucas tried to size up the man, though from his high perch on the tree it was hard to tell. "Uh...yeah! Okay let's do that. I'll just-" What other choice did her have? Gripping the tree trunk, Rucas began to shimmy down. Soon he reached the point where there were no more branches to support his mismatched socked feet, and with a deep breath, Rucas lept from the tree- hazel eyes shut in hopes that this stranger would indeed catch him.
*Tyson kept his eyes focused on him, and once he saw him going to jump, he planted his feet firmly, bent his knees somewhat and held out his arms. Jinx watched, knowingly very well that Tyson wouldn't ever let someone jump and hurt themselves. Tyson caught Rucas and set him on the ground and patted him on the back. Jinx walked over and handed Rucas his shoes.*

{Jinx} "I think you'll be needing these."
{Tyson} "Ha! Told ya I'd catch ya! Name's Tyson, and this's my twin sister, Jinx!" *Jinx waved with a small nod.*
Ren Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

Ren brought his guitar into the school despite his familiar, Azumi, insisting on not bringing such a big object into school when he already had a bag full of books.

Ren observed three students in front of him as he started to sit down and play his guitar. It was Jinx, Tyson, and Rucas he was eyeing. They seemed like people he could get into a conversation with easily. Unfortunately, his shyness had prevented him from approaching them.

Ren had no powers despite having a magical spirit familiar. Azumi had explained that all of his magic reserves were used up in maintaining her existence on the material plane. He did not mind however as he'd rather have no powers than be without Azumi.
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

"Hey", Azumi nudged her master's elbow, "Looking at those three are we? Say hi at least!"

"Nah", Ren replied
"Sheeesh... My stomach is grumbling. I hope school ends early today." A light brown, bowl-shaped hair and brown eyes young lady grunted on the way to her class. It was before lunch that her stomach having a choir with her big desire for a freshly made steak after school. She sighed as she knew it would be another long day at school with tiring and boring lectures, she missed her breakfast because she woke up late and almost had her life on hanging for being late to school.

On her way to the hall, she met a group of people whom as far as one can see having some conversation through it. She wondered if that would be okay when they gathered around as the school lecture was about to happen in some hours.

"Uhm, excuse me... What are you guys doing here?"Chie asked, not really sure to whom she pointed at since there were so many people mingled at the scene.
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

"Honestly dear, I do not know myself", Azumi said as she smiled towards Chie.

She then realized she talked to someone. That meant it was an opportunity for Ren to interact with someone!

"Renny?", Azumi beamed at Ren. He knew what she wanted him to do.

"Oh no no no, you're not-"

"This is my master, Ren. Are you perhaps a student here just like him?", She asked Chie happily

"I'm... Ren....", He said as he looked away from Chie.
"Whoah, this magical spirit can talk!" Chie shrieked in a low tune, making sure the fox can't hear her words as she felt bewildered when Azumi answered her question, It wasn't a strange phenomenon for her when a magical spirit taken form in a fox could converse with human since there was also a fox nearby the shrine around her home which also could understand every human word and have this mysterious aura that somehow could empower her.

"Oh, that's right. I'm a student here. So, that's your master?" Chie nodded her head, shifted her sight to Ren then back to Azumi. "It's such a pleasure to meet you all. My name is Chie." She muttered. "And, Uh, Aren't we suppose to go to the class now? Or help those buddies?" Chie pointed her finger to Rucas whom apparently just did a high jump from the tree with Jinx and Tyson caught him.
Max (played by Maxthecoolcat420)

* max showed up a few minuets befor everyone else and drove up in a old 70s chevy van blaring rock music as he parked closest to people in the school yard as he made sure to get everything he needed he turned off the music and walked out into the yard hoping to meet someone new* max: well this is a pretty nice place i have to admit * he said to himself with a chuckle*

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