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On the thriving planet of Spherus Magna, six Matoran find themselves victims of a pair of bounty hunters known for capturing rare and exotic creatures to sell to wealthy customers. Now these Matoran are taken to Coruscant, the capital planet of the Galactic Republic, to be sold alongside multiple beasts taken from their planet to one of the Republic's many corrupt officials. Unbeknownst to any of these Matoran, dark forces from their universe's past still lurk in the shadows, waiting for a chance to strike.

A small, blue and yellow cybernetic being rammed into the orange ray shield keeping her trapped in her cell. As with the multiple times she'd tried this before, the ray shield delivered a powerful shock that threw her back. Thankfully for her, Vo-Matoran were built to withstand electric shocks. "Keep try'n, Lightn'n-Rod. I'm sure one of these times you'll break through that thing." Retorted another, green, Matoran. The blue and yellow one shot him a glare. "Well at least its better than sitting on my butt and moping!" She spat. "Definitely better than just sitting there making snide comments about everyone." She added. "Yeah, and 'least I'm not the slow-thinker whose damag'n their plat'n-" The green Matoran began before the room began to shake. "I-I think we're landing..." Came a rather skittish voice. Another Matoran whose plating was black and orange spoke up. He had a hunch back, a common trait for Onu-Matoran, and his hands had been clearly modified to have shovel-like extensions, most likely for digging. He had similar additions to his feet.

"Well Tunnel-Head, you're probably the smartest one here. Any ideas on how we're gett'n out? With out runn'n into the wall over n' over again?" The Green Matoran asks, shooting a glance to the Vo-Matoran, who simply glared in response. The Onu-Matoran shook his head. "No... N-Not really." He said, fiddling with his hands.

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Whiru (played by Dreath)

In the corner, nervously rubbing his hands was a pale green Matoran with an elongated mask. Moss clang to his body and small vines peaked out of small crevinces in his form.
"Oh no no. This place is not good. Not good." He says in a repid tone. Akin to hyperventilating he seemed to ignore the others having an argument. A thinner metallic grey and faintly purple Matoran sits next to him. Her mask was shorter and seemed to present a somewhat sombre look.
"You do not like this in other ways than our taking?" The male shakes his head.
"This place is quiet. How do you all stand being surrounded by such metal and coldness?" He rubs the small bits of vegetation on his body.

Standing beside the green Matoran was a slightly taller one. A metallic grey body and mark with a burnt orange pauldron on his right arm he seemed to be less panicked than the others but a look to his grey eyes showed concern. Having been used to defending from raiders and viscious Raihi he had his share of combat. But when they were taken by these odd indididuals with strange transports and weapons. He remembered a blue flash then everything went black till he woke up here. As the area came to a halt a odd looking mammal came through a sliding door.

He had elongated forearms and feet with long toes that seemed to act as hands. An odd sight to the Matoran as this creature either had it's arms and legs switched or used them for the other purpose. He had an elongated snout and long fleshy whiskers. His eyes were dark brown and far back on his head. He wore a mostly grey outfit with dark navy shorts and a small blaster on his waist.
"Glad you're all awake. We've arrived." He says with a snicker. His voice mocking and coming from the back of his throat.
Bionicle Characters (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

"Well you get pretty used to the metal when you live in high-reach'n towers of Le-Ifo, Tree-Hugger." The Green Matoran retorted. "Do Le-Matoran have obnoxious nicknames for all types of Matoran?" The Vo-Matoran questioned. "Yep. My personal favorite is Fire-Spitter." The Le-Matoran replied. As the pair continued their bickering, the Onu-Matoran paused. The cells the ywere in had the projectors of the energy fields exposed out of the wall. There was plating protecting the internals of course. The Onu-Matoran glanced to the 'knuckle dusters' he had attached to his hands as an idea formed. He didn't get a chance to act on the idea before the deep voice of one of their captors was heard.

Following the strange, long-faced being with the reversed limbs was the towering, lizard-like figure of the other bounty hunter. They wore a simple red shirt, under a black vest with a pair of grey pants. A pauldron sat on his shoulder, with a bandolier that was attached to it wrapping around his body. A large rifle could be seen on his back. He carried a container with a smaller, four eyed lizard inside. "Got the Senator's Ysalamari. She and her Droid are here to pick it up, but I bet she'd like to see our more interesting stock back here." The Lizard said, glancing from the four eyed lizard, to the Matoran.

The Lizard looked to his shorter partner. "While I'm out dealing with the Senator, you make sure the cells with those big nasty droid animals in them-" The Lizard began. "They're called Rahi soft-bodied Slow-Thinker." The Le-Matoran spat. The lizard hissed, shooting the seemingly unintimidated Le-Matoran a glare. "Make sure the cells with the Rahi are secure. Especially the one with that big black and yellow one with the treads. That cells been on the fritz lately, and we dont need it escaping. Was enough of a pain in the ass getting in the cell the first time." The Lizard said, before heading out the hatch.
Whiru (played by Dreath)

"You worry too much. The stun rounds have left those things still out. Nearly a day later and still unconcious. Must have messed with it's circuits. If not alive I guess some scrap shops would pay decently for it." The Dug chuckled and looked at the Matoran. As the Trandoshin left he looked over the various small creatures they captured. Clearly more sentient than the animals. "You seem like a smart one." He says to the Le-Matoran that spoke back before. "What exactly are you lot? You seem a bit too... Alive to be droids."

In the back of the cell the light green Matoran squirmed. The comments by the other left him feeling more sorrow for his situation. Oyle, the female one comforting him looked about and noticed the Onu-Matoran. She felt anxiety and aggresion bubbling in him. He was preparing for something.
"What's your name?" She asks the panicked plant lover.
"Gezu." He says in a whisper.
"Well Gizu we will get out of here and back to your jungles. Just listen to me and when the moment comes move." She whispers. Peering over her shoulder to see the Dug staring at the others and not paying much attention to them.
Bionicle Characters (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

"We're Matoran, ground-walker." The Le-Matoran replied. "And the rahi your friend was talking about is called a Muaka. Th-they're very dangerous and shouldn't be under estimated." The Onu-Matoran said. The dug didn't get much of an opportunity to ask any more questions before the Trandoshan returned, with a woman following him. She was dressed rather lavishly, wearing mostly purple clothes. Her skin was purple, and she had a series of geometric tattoos on her face running across her nose and cheeks. She raised a brow when she saw the six Matoran. "Droids?" The woman asked. "Yeah, but they're special. I ain't seen nothing like these droids out in space before. The real weird thing, they register as life forms if you do a life sign scan." The Trandoshan explained. "And these little ones ain't all we got from the planet we found 'em on." The Trandoshan said, motioning for the Senator to follow him as he went further into the ship.
Whiru (played by Dreath)

"Some form of Mods. Can't identify a base species but they are organic. On the planet we needed to take some down and well. They do bleed." The Dug snickered. Recieving a glare from the Senator he lowered his gaze. "But you aren't here for that." He straightened himself. "Allow me to show you the Muaka we have captured." Taking them out of the current bay and into an adjacent one the doors shut. Whiru kept an eye on the new women as she entered. She seemed like some form of noble. Whiru wondered what someone of such status would want with them but would likely fail to come to any conclusion now.
Bionicle Characters (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

Once the three left, the Onu-Matoran's focus shifted back to the projector. The knuckle dusters hsifted as they activated, forming into a sort of hand shovel. "What are you doing?" The Vo-Matoran asked. "I had an idea." The Onu-Matoran said. He drew his hand back, before swinging it forward into the projector. There was a clank as the metals collided. Onu-Matoran possessed greater strength than most other types of Matoran. This strength wasn't enough to overcome the Trandoshan or the Dug in a fight, but it was enough to leave a large, notable dent in the projector. He drew his hand back again before striking once more, this time the edge of his shovel like knuckle dusters busting through the outer plating and sheering through the wiring inside.

The energy field sputtered sparking slightly. The Onu-Matoran went to the other side of the field in the cell, and did the same to the projector opposite the first. With that, the energy field fell, allowing the six out. "Yes! Let's find a way out of here!" The Vo-Matoran said. "Wait, I need to find my things first." The Onu-Matoran said. "I've got a data-pad that's got all my archaeological data on it, and none of it's been added to the archive's data bases." He said. "I got stuff to grab too." The Le-Matoran said. He glanced at the door the three had gone through earlier, before to the door the Dug and Trandoshan had come out of earlier, and headed towards it. "Plus I think they got my Kahu in there." He added, before going through the second door. The Onu-Matoran followed. The Vo-Matoran sighed, before following as well.

The Trandoshan and the Dug lead the senator through the cargo hold. Various rahi were held in cells similar to the ones the Matoran were in. "Found all of these on the same planet." The Trandoshan explained as they passed a cell with what looked like a giant mechanical dragon fly. It only had two arms, both ending in three sharp talons. They passed another cell with a tall blue rahi. Its arms were long and held in a sort of boxing pose. Instead of legs it had a single tread. Its head was vaguely similar in structure to the Trandoshan's.

As they passed another cell, something suddenly shot out and crashed into one of the energy fields in the cells. The Trandoshan glanced voer to see the Muaka. It let out a low rumble, before giving a mechanical sounding roar. The Trandoshan looked down ot the Dug. "Still out cold huh?" He questioned sarcastically. Its head shot out, crashing into the energy field again before being drawn back, as it let out another rumble. "I thought you might liek to see these things. Eve nif they are just droids, they're aren't any out there like them. You'd be the only one with creatures like these." The Trandoshan said. "I'll take them." The Senator said, observing the Muaka. The Trandoshan blinked. "All of them?" He asked, before the Senator nodded. The Trandoshan glanced to the Dug. They hadn't even decided on a price for all these rahi and the Matoran yet.
Whiru (played by Dreath)

"We would need to discuss a price for such a large amount of exotic specimens. Not to mention fees to take them to wherever you would store such things?" The Dug said with a fake courtesy he tried to show for the sale. A light on his wrist flashed. He looked down and then to his Trandoshin friend. "If you will excuse me for a mooment. I must take care of something. Handle the negotiations would you." He says moving with a concerned pace back to the other holding cells. The ship itself was a medium sized freighter. A decent sized transport ship able to carry a noticeable amount of cargo.

Gezu stepped out of the cell beside Oyle. He had the cautiousness of a nervous younger brother with his big sister. Despite their similar ages.
"We should go. They probably heard that but..." He looked around nervously. "They said they captured some Rahi." There was a saddness in his voice. Whiru looked to the first group as they went out. He didn't remember if he had any of his equipment. He recalls having it before being knocked out but has no idea what become of it. Though being unnarmed would do him no good. He needed a weapon to defend himself and the others.
Bionicle Characters (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

The Trandoshan nodded as the Dug left. He frowned, having seen the light flashing on the Dug's wrist band. He knew that wasn't good, but figured the Dug had it covered. "So, regarding price." He said, before beginning to haggle with the Senator.

The trio came out into a corridor with several other doors on it. The Le-Matoran went to each of the doors, with them opening automatically. He found more beasts in cages, these ones fully organic and rather small. The Le-Matoran groaned as he and the other two went further into the ship. "Those Soft-Bodies better not have tossed my stuff." He grumbled. After checking a few more rooms the three came into the ships common room. The Le-Matoran paused, before grinning beneath his mask. "There it is!" He said, rushing over to a strange weapon that was placed on a desk alongside the belongings of the other Matoran. The Onu-Matoran paused. "There's six of these?" He asked, after grabbing his bag. On another table were six stones.

Each one was slightly conical in shape, with a crevice on the sides running up along the stones and meeting over their tops. Each one sat in small, strange looking devices. The Onu-Matoran grabbed one of the stones, his, and it began to give off a purple glow. He glanced to the others, before quickly taking them and putting them in his bag. He couldn't remember where he got his. The earliest memory he had was waking up on the beaches of Mata Nui along with all the other Matoran, and he already had it with him then. Regardless, he couldn't shake the feeling the stone was important, and he assumed the others had similar feelings about their own stones. "What're you do'n with the glow-rocks, Tunnel-Head?" The Le-Matoran asked, placing his weapon on his back, before grabbing a small pack that attached to his hip. "Oh, I figured since I'm the only one with a bag large enough for them, I'd keep the stones in my bag. That way no one else has to hassle with them." He explained.

The Vo-Matoran found her dual swords. She grabbed them and placed them across her back, before noticing the belongings of the other three Matoran, a staff, a mace, a data-pad, and a shield. She went over and grabbed the items, before going to the Onu-Matoran. "Put this in your bag." She said handing him the data-pad. "You carry the mace." She said to the Le-Matoran. The Le-Matoran frowned, but took the mace anyways. "These probably belong to the others. Let's get back to them and find a way off this thing." She said, before heading back the way they came.
Whiru (played by Dreath)

At this stage Whiru found himself a made do weapon. A metal, hooked bar from inside a small compartment in the wall. He swung it. It was light but a good swing could knock someone out. Expecting the others to return he hid beside the doorway. Makeshift weapon ready for when their captors returned. Gezu kept darting between the doors where his kin left and where the captors went. He wasn't sure what to do. To hide or return to his cell? Maybe if he went along he would be forgiven for leaving? Maybe. Maybe? He wondered before Oyle spoke up.

"You must be calm. Breath and focus. We shall make it out of here." She said as she watched him stroke the moss around his mask. Seeing Whiru's plan she looked about the room. She wasn't sure on the way out but how big could this place be? She felt it moving so maybe it was a vessel and not a fortress? As she pondered this the doors opened and in came the odd looking Dug.
"You bett." He cut himself off as he saw the cell open and two of the six Matoran loose. Reaching for the blaster to his waist henarrowly caught sight of the incoming crowbar. He stumbled back as Whiru went for another overhead swing. His movements clumsy with the lighter weapon. More used to his denser mace.
Bionicle Characters (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

Wit hall their belongings gathered, the three Matoran made their way back to the room they had been in earlier. The door slid open and the Vo-Matoran stepped in, pausing when she saw the Dug avoiding the swings from Whiru. She dropped the staff she held and drew her swords. The Le-Matoran pulled his disk launch off his back. He reached down and pressed a button on his pack. He took aim, before a white energy seemed to be sprayed into the empty disk slot, which formed and then solidified into a large metal disk. "Drop your weapon Ground-Walker!" The Le-Matoran demanded.
Whiru (played by Dreath)

Slapping Whiru aside the Dug squirmed and flailed with frantic swings as he moved back. Whiru dropped the crowbar as the captor took aim. Before he could shoot the others ran in. Seeing one charge him with two swords he shot. A high pitched pew sound went off. The shots collided with the blades and caused the attacker to stumble. Quickly retreating out the door he locked it and activated his communicator.
"Isko we have a situation. Some of the specimens broke out and I could use some muscle."
Bionicle Characters (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

The Vo-Matoran yelped when she was knocked back, the blaster bolt knocking the sword out of her hand. The Le-Matoran fired the disk just as the Dug passed through the door and shut it. The disk hit the door, leaving a dent in it before bouncing off and landing on the floor. The Le-Matoran frowned, before going and getting his disk. "Shoulda known the the soft-bodies who caught me by surprise were cowards." He said.

"Money isn't an object here, Isko. Just tell me how much you want for the beasts and I'll have the credits transferred." The Senator said. The Trandoshan thought. "Weeeell, the usual fee for the little ones. Triple for the big ones." He said. The Senator fiddled with her data-pad for a moment. "Done. I expect you'll be able to-" The Senator began, before the Dug contacted Isko. "Got it, hang tight Sebhud." The Trandoshan said after grabbing his communicator. The Senator rose a brow. "Hopefully they aren't dangerous." She said. "Oh don't worry about it Senator. These things are too small and weak to be a real threat. I'd suggest heading out the secondary exit. Through that door there, follow the corridor to the left and it'll take you to a secondary hatch." Isko said to the Senator. Even if he didn't think the Matoran were a threat, he assumed the Senator wouldn't be interested in taking the risk of passing through the room they were in.

With the Senator on her way out, Isko grabbed the rifle off his bag and headed into the room the Matoran were in, to find all six out of their cells. A growl-like hiss escaped his lips as he took aim with his rifle at Whiru. The Le-Matoran quickly took aim and fired his disk. It hit the rifle, throwing it out of Isko's grip. Isko looked to the Le-Matoran, who was charging at him with the mace.

Isko grabbed the mace when it was swung, before grabbign the Le-Matoran. He tore the mace from the Matoran's hand, before growling. "You're lucky I already sold you, otherwise I'd be tearing you limb from limb!" He snarled, before lobbing the Le-Matoran across the room into the wall, leaving a large dent. The Vo-Matoran charged, having grabbed her second sword. She swung, only for Isko to swing the mace into them, throwing the swords out of the Vo-Matoran's hands.
Whiru (played by Dreath)

In the rapid turmoil of battle Oyle took Gezu by the arm and the two made their way to the first doorway where they fellows came from. As she passed the disk weilder she spoke.
"Did you see anything out there? A way out of this place?" As the Trandoshin snarled and threw around the others Whiru came in for a smack to the back. Throwing a punch into his scaled back he got a light grunt before a swinging slash with claws. He narrowly leapt back as the Dug came in.
"You lot are proving problematic." He snapped raising his blaster.

Gezu breathed heavily. He looked to the door and quickly moved to it. It swung open automatically. He looked around the sealed metal doors down the tunnel before hearing a sound. It was subtle but sounded like the roar of beasts and clangs of feet on metal. He sniffed. A breeze. It smelt off. But it was certainly there. A wayout maybe. He turned back.
"This way. Down the hall by the end." He said with the faintest bit of delight.
Bionicle Characters (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

The Le-Matoran shook his head as he sat up, adjusting his mask. He saw Isko distracted with Whiru, before noticing the Dug come in. "Lightn'n-Rod, help the Slag-Smelter! Tunnel-Head, help me with this one!" The Le-Matoran ordered, indicating the Dug. The Onu-Matoran glanced to the Le-Matoran, before to the dug. He wasn't a fighter. He honestly didn't really even know how.

The Le-Matoran charged the Dug, managing to avoid blaster shots surprisingly effectively. The Onu-Matoran lanced to Isko, who was pre-occupied with the Vo-Matoran and Whiru. He glanced to the blaster Isko dropped. He remembered Isko firing it at him before he blacked out. He quickly darted over to it, deactivating his knuckle dusters so he could properly use his fingers. The firing mechanism seemed similar to those of disk launchers or thornax blasters. He took aim at Isko, waiting for neither Whiru nor the Vo-Matoran to be at risk of being hit, before pulling the trigger.

The blue circular energy ring shot out and hit Isko. The Trandoshan staggered, glancing back to the Onu-Matoran before the stun blast fully took effect. Isko fell to the ground with a loud thump, outcold.
Whiru (played by Dreath)

Sebhud was confused by the situation. These aggrivating pests were proving a lot of trouble. The resulting brawl however left him to take a smack to the side of the head as Whiru swung a punch. He stumbled back and dazed for a moment noticed his partner drop in a flash of blue.

Seeing the sudden fall of Isko Gezu felt a burst of panic yet again. The room was a chaotic mess of fighting and yelling. He went to tell them about escape but words caught in his throat. Oyle took over.
"Everyone we have a way out. We should move now before things get further out of hand." She says with a tone that was telling more than asking.
Bionicle Characters (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

"I ain't leav'n without my Kahu." The Le-Matoran said. "Where would they keep Kahu? They're massive." The Onu-Matoran said, inadvertently pointing the blaster rifle at hte Le-Matoran. "You don't point these kinds of things at someone, Tunnel-head." The Le-Matoran said, grabbing the barrel and pushing it away from him, as the Onu-Matoran stuttered out a 'sorry'. "And I'm bett'n in there. Been hear'n all kinds of chatter-noise com'n from inside." He said, before glaring at Sebhud. "Gimme that shooter." the Le-Matoran said, taking the blaster from the Onu-Matoran before shooting the Dug with the stun shot.

With that handled, the Le-Matoran turned and went into the cargo hold. He paused seeing all the cages with Rahi in them. The Vo-Matoran looked to Oyle. "You guys go ahead, I guess we'll catch up once he's got his bird." She said. She followed the Le-Matoran to the cargo hold. "That's alot of beasts..." The Vo-Matoran said as she peered into one of the cells to find the small rahi known as a Guurii.

"Miikii!" The Le-Matoran blurted, before the sound of a mechanized bird's cry echoed out. Inside the cell the Le-Matoran stood at was a gargantuan mechanical bird. Its wings seemed rather skeletal, seeming to only be frame work at first glance. "How do we open these things?" He asked, looking the cell the bird was in over.
Whiru (played by Dreath)

Geru felt conflicted as he and Oyle went to leave. Knowing there were Rahi in this place, captives like he and the others were was upsetting. He couldn't just leave them here. Imprisoned for whatever nefarious purpose these individuals wanted. Oyle put a hand on his shoudler.
"Come Geru. This place is not right for us or them but we cannot stay now." He tilted his head.
"How did you know what I was thinking about?" Oyle smirked.
"I know your kind. Adoring to nature and freedom. You feel conflicted and are trying to determine what's right. Us letting them out now won't help us or them until we know where we are." Geru nods. I suppose you're right." They looked up and saw several others missing. "Where is everyone?"

Whiru went with the others to see the Rahi. Sealed in similar cells and all frustrated, scared and angry. Some were small. Harmless and skittery. Others were viscious. Fierce predators he had too much experience with. Including a long limbed creature curled up and glaring towards him. It's eyes leering out from it's retracted body.
"We shouldn't linger too long."
Bionicle Characters (played by 0V3RL0RD-P4RR0T) Topic Starter

"Well there's a console of some kind over there." The Onu-Matoran said, indicating a terminal. "If this place's computer systems are like those in the Archives I imagine the console would control the cells." He added, approaching it. He looked the console over, noting the strange text that was on the screen. He couldn't read it, so dug his data-pad out. He fiddled with it, apparently looking through a catalogue of languages. He sighed, shaking his head. "I don't have a language like this catalogued." He said.

"Well then just start pushing buttons or whatever." The Le-Matoran said. "Is that a good idea?" Asked the Vo-Matoran. She stood infront of a cell with a large quadrupedal Rahi looking down at her. "I mean, in that cell there is a Muaka, and this one's got a Kalluri in it. If we accidentally let them out, I dunno if we'd be able to deal with them." She said. The Le-Matoran sighed, shaking his head. "I'm not leaving Miikii here." He said, before going to the console. "We don't know how this thing works, it might not even control the cells." The Onu-Matoran said, before hte Le-Matoran pressed a button.

There was a sudden grinding, as the cargo bay doors slid open. "Well, that's useful." The Le-Matoran said, before pressing another button, turning the lights off, before pressing it again to turn them back on. "Come on!" The Le-Matoran grumbled. "Seriously we shouldn't be too hasty-" The Onu-Matoran began, before the Le-Matoran pressed another button. The energy fields on the cells all shut off. The Vo-Matoran froze, as the Kallurii looked up, a little confused. It snorted as it rose to its feet, glowering down at her as she staggered back.
Whiru (played by Dreath)

The sounds of the outside quickly rushed in. Great noise from whistling machines and engines burst in from the open cargo bay. Whiru looked out at the large area they seemed to be in. It looked like some sort of store house but massive in scale. Several strange indivudals wandered around. They paid no attention to the opening doors. The whimpering hum that followed the shields turning off got Whiru to pause. He looked on in a moment of pure dumbfoundedness as the Rahi were all instantly released. Everyone in the chamber froze. A screech followed several of the Rahi as the creatures made a break for it. Panicked and desperate for escape they ran. Hearing the calls the many people within the outside chamber looked up and screamed as a large bipedal beast ran out. One leapt out of the way as a lumbering form raced past them.

Geru and Oyle heard the commotion as they went to go outside. looking out the sliding doors they saw sunlight, the mouth of this storehouse, and breathed a sigh of relief before a Rahi ran by. It was small and looking horrificaly confused sprinted into the weird, unknown world. The sounds of industry and machinery combined with the unnatural smells brought Geru to gag. Oyle looked on in shock as the several more smaller and larger Rahi ran out.
"What did those fools do?" She says turning back. "We should get out of here." She says as a panicked man, she thought, with green skin and large round eyes ran from a set of snapping jaws that pursued him before leaping behind some crates leading to the creature losing it's limited interest.

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