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I dont know if this is just me, but I think we should be able to delete our own forum replies.
One time I responded to a forum game, but realized I was responding to someone on the page before. I had already posted it, though, and couldn't figure out how to take it down. I had to made an edit that basically said "just ignore me." It dawned on me that maybe I wasn't able take it down permanently, and now there's a forum out there where I made myself look stupid 👍
Anyway, an option to delete your replies, forums and PMs alike, would probably make this site a little bit easier to use. Let me know what you think!

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I would very much appreciate being able to delete my own forum posts! I've had a few times that I had to go back and edit a post to say "deleted" and it feels messy.
Claine Moderator

If you double post or make some other small error like that, please press the "request mod" button in the top right corner of the post and we'll come clean it up for you! Don't worry, we know everybody makes these mistakes and you won't be in trouble!
Alidal Topic Starter

Oh okay, that's cool! Thanks!
I have done this a handful of times as well -- replied to a previous page in the forums or someone replied before I could get mine finished and now I have a post that no longer pertains to anything. Forum Games, in particular, is where I tend to get ninja'd, because I will occasionally throw out longish replies. So having the option to have a mod come in and clean up my embarrassing mess sounds positively luxurious.

Thank you for the tidbit of information! I learned something new!

Now, perhaps I can get some help with this refill? /clicks request a mod while shaking his empty glass expectantly./
Claine Moderator

I think you're looking for the yet unimplemented button "Request waiter" :)

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