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Barrah Kiatar (played anonymously)

Meetpoint Station

Entertainment district

[*] A Feline sits at one of the super busy bars inside one of the bigger casinos on station, it’s a big round room absolutely packed with neon lights and the stench of alcohol is strong here.

On one side are many many tables of holographic games being played by all species, some of them howl in their financial loss while the others laugh and gather up the credit chips.

Barrah is trying her best to enjoy herself, a easier incident really having got her nerves up..even through the vail of her lovely silken clothes and well groomed fur.

Maybe her night is just getting started…
Hi! May I join?
Hello can I join?
TwylaFalaCaddell wrote:
Hi! May I join?
Blake_the_slayer120 wrote:
Hello can I join?

((The title says all welcome. So yes, I'd imagine you both can join.))

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