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The Overlord ship finally arrived to its destination: the dark side of the moon. Beta-foxtrot is a lunar base hidden inside a crater and it mission to spy on the planet Earth, mostly gather information on what's happening there.

Kampfer came to the base via warp gate and was greeted warmly by the base's Z-bot commander. "Greetings, my lord I hope the trip fair you well" said the commander. "I'm doing vell and I also brought supplies for you too" Kampfer pointed at the warp gate as boxs of supplies and soldiers came through. "Oh thank you my lord for these fruits you bare before us" replied the commander as Kampfer made his way to the command center.

As he got to the command center, the large screen had Earth on it and a large blimp signaling a large explosion had just happened on or near Earth. "Sir, we detected a large energy reading on the atmosphere, we believe to be a hydrogen explosion sir" said the Z-bot operator. "Bah hydrogen explosions are nothing compared to an anti matter bomb, anything else new?"asked Kampfer as he sat in the commanders chair monitoring the screen with the Z-bot commander next to him. "Uh we have also detected a large structure on the Earth's atmosphere" replied the operator. "Do ve know vhat it is?" Kampfer questioned. The operator shook his head and replied "no sir".

Kampfer scratched his chin with his claw finger and said "zis schall be many soldiers do we currently have on base" He looked at the commander for an answer and the commander answered " 50,000 doc-bots, 35,000 z-bots and 10,000 other in for a total of 95,000 personnel on the base." "I pre assume other is vhat I zink it is" Kampfer chuckled. Addressing everyone in the command center "Ok ze plan ve are going to do is to establish a earth base for not only research purposes but also for more direct survallence, ve do zis nice and quiet so ve do rise suspicion by the government" "What location on Earth did you have in mind my lord?"questioned the commander "I say ze Siberian region, it's a very isolated and desolate place to live for any being zere, so it's perfect place for us to use" answered Kampfer with a grim smile on his face.

The droid now slowing to a stop activated a distress beacon mounted within itself and placed its systems into standby mode. Sitting on the ground as a small antenna flashed a red light signalling to whomever could still hear it's age old frequency. His lights all over his mechanical body began to fade except for the antenna which sent out the beacon and blinked repeatedly every five seconds till someone were to discover it, which was who knew how long for Bravo.

Only after a day or so, the the base on the Siberian like region was now fully operational. Complete with and a energy wall and four automated turrets on the corners of the square like perimeter of the base. The patrols, despite being androids, wore winter like clothing and always on watch even though being in a very desolate place. Kampfer is in the command center of the base observing the blizzard storm outside. A Z-bot comes in and says "Sir, the orbital laser is in position and we have scaned the surrounding area for you as well". "Excellent" exclaimed Kampfer as he turned around to look at the trooper and then looked at the holographic table that has the local region map. "Ok here's your next set of orders to carry out, soldier...zese locations have materials zat we need" he said as he pointed out different locations on the map only a few miles away. "Send out ze diggers to mine zem out and bring zem back here, because a couple clicks away zere is a natural bay and vith zese materials ve shall make our next veapon of var" he explained more as he pointed out the various locations. "What is our goal sir?" said the puzzled bot.
"Our goal is to establish a more menacing zreat here on ze planet, via ze creation of ze aircraft slash battleship weapon" he told the Z-bot as he pulled the blue print on the table. "Vith zese veapon, ve can strike any vhere on ze planet and become terror of ze seas and ze sky. So ve vill collect ze materials and create ze parts here and zen assemble zem on sight on ze bay, do i make myself clear?" he told the Z-bot. "Yes, sir we will get right on it sir" responded the Z-bot as he walked himself out.
Kampfer walked towards the window and saw the large object in the sky and said to himself "Vhat are you and vhere did you come from, my mysterious object"

"Where are you going next?"
It was a simple enough question yet Nirix found it difficult to answer Sul'sashi. Her eyes had followed Ketin all the way until he had vanished from her advanced sight. He had thanked her for the meal and without thinking Nirix, had forgotten the most important reason as to why she had even asked him to this meal. Protection, a friend in the shadows, Nirix cursed herself for not speaking to him about it before he had left but she was never one for conversation. How would one bring that up anyway?

Lavender eyes flickered away from the nearly spotless window and up at the silver orbs that gleamed with a hint of motherly concern. It suddenly dawned on Nirix that Sul'sashi probably had children who were her age...No wonder why she had been so warm during their intentional meeting.
"I'm not sure Hahren, whomever sends me a message sooner than later is where I shall travel" She answered, her playing off her curiosity to go follow behind the half-breed as if it was nothing seemingly working.  Nirix needed to leave him be. It wouldn't be good for her work ethic to have someone who wasn't apart of her contact network or protected by the Imperial Eocluen empire rules....But still...

"Maybe you'll meet him again," Sul'sashi offered, no doubt noticing Nirix distracted nature. She had let her guard slip again...Some assassin she was...
"I have a feeling though, that he is more than what he appears to be...It is fueling my drive to seek him out" Nirix finally confessed and was surprised to see Sul'sashi smile at her.

"Then do what you must. Seek him out"

Royanna Kallenger scratched the back of her head. It was an unusually human gesture for the typically stoic and emotionless woman that she was. She stared upward for a long moment, then returned her eyes to the Ranger.
The android had dashed off into the forest, and nobody saw any reason to follow.

The bomb-ship was gone, replaced with an impossibly large city-like structure in the sky, but everything had happened so fast that Kallenger wasn’t even too terribly sure what to do at this point.
Just like the ranger, her mission had become incredibly sidetracked. Entirely spun off-course.

“So…no more bomb.” She half-asked, raising a brow, looking at the Ranger. They were standing perhaps a tad closer to each other than either of them would have liked, but Kallenger apparently saw no reason to change that fact. The effect of the Ranger’s red eyes had initially shook her to the core, but in light of the sudden drop in danger she was feeling somewhat bolstered in that respect, and was able to look him in the eye without becoming entirely disturbed. “Quite a description there though. Have you considered writing a book?” Her voice was humorless, but it lacked malevolence or spite as well.

Still, the anticlimax of the whole thing was astounding. Suddenly everything was formless, aimless. Moments ago there had been rising conflict, immediate danger, things needed to be done! Now everything was nebulous and open again, and honestly it felt just a little bit peculiar.

Kallenger averted her eyes thoughtfully, then again looked back into the Ranger’s terrible, red mask-eyes. “Well then. I suppose that’s taken care of.” Indeed, this was the equivalent of an awkward silence! “I…bid you good luck in not destroying the whole planet.”

At last she turned, with a thoughtful expression on her face. “Men, move out. We’ve got a job to finish. Great Space this whole ordeal’s been absolute madness…” She continued muttering to herself as the soldiers in black spread out once more into the jungle, and shortly thereafter the Ranger was alone.

The clearing, where his ship had only moments ago lay smoldering, was silent now. Eerily silent. There was the crater, there was the wreckage of the ship which that other cyborg-soldier had come from before retreating into the jungle. There was a great scrap heap from however that robot had gotten here…All these things, but no sound. Silence. For a few moments, anyway. A few long moments…but not long enough for him to do anything crazy like…leave. Unfortunately for him it seemed the Ranger was never going to get the chance to just move on with his original quest – as if it hadn’t already been as hopelessly derailed as Kallenger’s…and everyone else who had a goal in mind.

Just as the gargantuan structure had silently blipped into reality some moments before, a vastly, infinitesimally smaller structure would blip into existence now. It wasn’t there, and then it was – a few yards behind the Ranger, in whatever direction by some coincidence he happened to not be looking.
It was sleek, black and slightly bulbous, looking something like a small, standard dropship but missing the wings required for actual flight.

It sat there for a moment, regardless of what degree of hostility the understandably jumpy Ranger might have toward it.

Also regardless of this factor, the door would at last slide open, and a girl would poke her head out, curiously. She had very short, brown hair and fascinating grey and gold eyes, with a little wire jutting from a metal panel at her left temple and curling around behind her ear. She wore a grey sweatshirt and jeans – remarkably casual for stepping out of what looked like a secret government time machine.
“Nope, off course.” She said, presumably to whoever was in the thing with her. Ael_Alex.jpg

“Really?” Came the rather dull, but not lifeless male voice from within. “Wasn’t it broadcasting a rather clear distress beacon? Drat. No matter, we can’t be too far. I’ll ask Harkahn to work on the positioning…Personally I’m just glad we actually made it onto the ground instead of in it…Oh, maybe ask the Mad Ranger for directions?” He seemed distracted.

The girl, who looked perhaps in her early twenties and was rather short, glanced back into the thing they had arrived within. “I don’t want to talk to him, he’ll blow my head off.” She retorted.
Talking about him as though he weren’t there at all, despite the fact that there was only a few yards between them and he could hear with perfect clarity every word the two of them said. There was a satirical, bantering air about the two of them.

“Fair enough, fair enough.” It sounded as though he were standing up. Then he appeared also in the doorway, and the two of them were revealed in their entirety as they stepped out proper. The male was taller than the girl, with long, shaggy black hair, dressed nicer in a red velvet shirt with a leather overcoat. There were jagged scars along his left cheekbone, and his eyes – continuing the theme – were terrible, inky black pools of misery with inverted, white irises. If Lord Satan ever took a human form, it seemed fairly certain that it would look a whole lot like this young man – who also looked to be in his early twenties.

The two of them kept their distance – the man with hands in the pockets of his brown coat, the girl standing more casually with hands behind her head, reclining comfortably as such.

“Hello, Mad Ranger!” The young man greeted, with a wave of the hand and a sort of knowing grin, undeniably eerie eyes looking unaffectedly right into the terrible red glow of the Ranger’s mask. “We’re looking for our little lost combat droid, have you by chance happened to see him? He goes by ‘CD’ – or maybe ‘Bravo’ – and seems to have a rather dark sense of humor.”

“Oh and sorry about your ship.” The girl added in, thoughtfully.

“Great!” The weird redhead boy with surprisingly animated fox ears and an incredibly realistic fox tail said, smiling brightly. He stood up straight once more to his imposing height of five-something and held out a hand to help up the clearly very stressed individual whom he still assumed was a half-breed missing his tail. He’d seen it before – halfies missing parts for one reason or another. Sometimes it was self mutilation to remove the stigma, other times it was the cruelty of those who thought themselves to be superior. He found it best not to mention it, it was usually a sensitive topic.
“C’mon, it’s over this way.” A nod of his head down the pathway.

“So I’m guessing you’re not from around here huh?” He asked, as they walked the quarter mile or so to the water fountain. Upon arrival Cristofer would be faced with a very standard looking water fountain, though the water was a rather shockingly bright, crystalline turquoise color. It looked vaguely like it should have been in a swimming pool, but there was no chemical taste.

In reality there wasn’t any specific reason for it either. It was just weird.

In the back of his mind, Kete couldn't help but wonder if the woman from before was going to end up following him just as he had previously followed her. He also wondered absently what that massive thing was in the sky - he was growing steadily more curious about it. After all, who wouldn't? All the governments on the planet were going mad trying to figure out who and/or what it was. Isha Lastrow was furiously trying to communicate with them all and inform them that they were just a foreign civilian starliner - which was true - but not like any of that would be known to anyone down on the ground. Especially this carefree fox halfie and his new like-it-or-not pal.

A Z-bot commander rushed into the command center. Kampfer didn't notice the bot come since is paying more attention studying the regional map."sir, I have for you" he said with slight nervousness in his voice. Kampfer looked up and said to him "Spit it out,vhat is it?"

"Uhh..we have detected a faint beacon coming from a jungle, here" he responded as he switched the regional map to the global map and pointed towards the beacon. Kampfer put both hands on the table looking at the beacon,thinking. He looked back up at the commander and said "Send out a extraction team, if zis beacon has has information about vhat has happened on zis planet zen I vant to know" Kampfer straighten up and continued "Keep me up dated on zis"

"Yes sir" said the commander with a little of enthusiasm. Only an hour later a five man extraction team soon got on the drop ship, a long grey ship with three engines each on its side which enable it to not only fly like a plane but can hover over an area as well. Another hour went by as the drop ship soon approached the jungle region trying to track the faint beacon.

"We are soon approaching the zone of extraction" said the pilot. "Alright,lock an load people, there's a lot unknown factors we gotta keep in mind" said the squad leader. "Oh come on sarg, it's a simple extraction, we go in take whatever it maybe and leave,easy-peesy" replied one of the squad members. "We'll do come crying to me if you get yourself full of holes, private 28" replied the sargeant. "Oh come on sarg, cut 28 some slack, his still green you know" replied another squad member "well the more he knows the better he'll be off,corporal 132" replied the sarg with an irritated look in his face.
"We are coming over the beacon now,get ready to drop" yelled the pilot to the squad. All the members got up and approached the opening door on the back of the ship. Ship was hovering over some dense brush unable to see the ground, only the leafs of the trees. The sargeant ordered "let's jump, men" as was the first to jump from the drop ship to ground a couple hundred feet below. As the sargeant lanes his fellow squad mates arrived soon after. Only private 28 landed on his butt. The sergeant came over and give him a hand getting up and said "this is no time sit on your butt and play with dirt we got a job to do" They all took out there advance and durable auto laser rifles from over there shoulders and started to look for the beacon. "Man I wish we didn't wear these damn black trench coats" the private complained but the corporal replied "well without those then you have nothing defend yourself against guns and energy burns"
"SHUTUP ladies" snapped the sargeant. "There's our beacon" he pointed at the war droid with the flashing light. "That's were the beacon was comin from" the private said in surprise. "Yup" replied the corporal. "Pilot, through down the tether cable, we are bring the package to you, it's a combat droid on standby" the sargeant ordered the pilot and signal the other two Z-bots to secure it. The other three with weapons still drawn with private saying "I hope nothing bad happens..."

Christofer would follow the other person, half blindly not even considering tht it might be a trap. He was too tired for it... And really, the ginger didn't seem that bad. If he was going to be betrayed then it'd just show how good of an actor Kete was, to slightly hallusinating people.

Toffi didn't really think too much of the water either, but he did try to smell it - just to make sure that it was indeed clean. And oh boy, was it clean. People can sometimes be made happy by simple things, and for now, Christofer was feeling like the happiest man on Earth after having gotten something for his thirst. The slight suspicion returned however, when he was reminded that he wasn't alone, by the strange person talking.

"No.... I don't know... I'm lost... Where am I?" the boy would ask, tilting his head in confusion. Although he felt better, he would still appreciate some sleep. Christofer would be able to focus a bit better on the moment though and tried to understand something of his surroundings. "Do you know where is the closest military cantonment? They might know me" he'd ask, hoping that this strange 'cosplayer' would at least know someone else that did

He had pretty much already forgotten about the whole strange aircraftsomething thing that had taken over the sky

There wasn't much to say to Kallenger. She looked even more confused than the Ranger at that point, but something that really caught his attention was how unaware she was about who she was talking with. Obviously, the whole nuclear device transportation story was an half-crapped bluff and by that time, she would be interrogating him about all the kinds of atrocities an undercover government official could milk from an interstellar nuclear terrorist.

But she didn't. Whatever was the Agent's mission, it appeared to be far more critical than the Ranger's presence on this planet. There was an android claiming to be over three millenia old, after all. Despite the lack of hostile intentions of the agent, the Masked Man kept his hands at the revolver on his holster at all times, even though he could be mown down into minced meat by the battalion surrounding him.

Only these words would spurt from under the mask: "Likewise." And there was not even enough time enough for him to recollect his thoughts and measure how much money he had already lost in this fruitless expedition as ANOTHER aircraft descended into the area. The Ranger didn't gave two craps about how ominous it looked like as he instantly drew his Revolver towards it, the best he could do. There was no space to reasoning in this planet since everything that dropped from the sky just wanted to haphazardly blast everything as far as the eye could see.

As the duo fearlessly approached, despite their comments, the Masked Man slowly started to unfocus his eagle-eye, rock-steady aim from the forehead of the-- Wait, how in the actual <beep> they knew his "nickname"?!

"I'm hungry, bankrupt, 'outta 'o ammo and I don't even have an honest way of getting out of this freaking planet... At least you could tell me WHO'S you're working for and HOW did you find out about me."

But just after that, the Ranger noticed the eeriness of the man's eyes. The dullness of his expression in the current situation paired with his eyes and edgy - to the Ranger's standards - fashion already gave off what kind of person that man really was. And the Masked Man had a bad feeling about that.

The duo did not appear the least bit fazed by the weapon aimed steadily at them – almost as if they were beyond such concerns or dangers as weapons or bullets. They had a dreamlike air about them – they were very real, that much was certain, but they seemed so impassive, observing everything that happened with interest but no real concern, no urgency. The remnants of the absolute chaos which had just passed didn’t bear a second glance – though the girl did for a moment seem distracted by the android’s wreckage.

The man with the terrible eyes gave a little half smile. His voice, though dry and with little tone variation – all in all did not seem terribly ominous. It was an interesting contrast to his general appearance. He looked like a man with secrets, with a web of lies and deceits that spanned the Galaxy wide. Surely every word he said must be calculated and precise in an attempt to lie and manipulate those around him.

However when the Ranger had finished and he replied, the tone was quite frank and entirely un-dramatic. Astoundingly casual. Still precise, but due to a natural intelligence present there. He lacked any real, definable accent.

“That’s more than fair.” He said, “My name is Aelyn-Paeryc Petrovalyc, this is my wife Alexa.” He nodded his head to the side, toward the girl. “We don’t work for anyone, though I do have a rather extensive network of employees.” He nodded in the general direction of ‘up’, where ‘up’ was dominated by the impossibly large structure. “I captain the Stella Viventium. Good ship.”

Then Aelyn-Paeryc paused for a moment, and looked thoughtful. “As for how I know about you, well…” And the terrible eyes again returned to attention. “Honestly I’m not entirely sure. Mostly rumors and stories I suppose – someone in, ah, my position tends to hear a lot of stories. Like how you killed your platoon in cold blood, or you’re a ruthless bounty hunter, or a time traveler from The Earth, or that you can shoot lasers from your eyes. All sorts of things though I wouldn’t claim certainty as to which of them were true.”

“You’re something of a boogeyman.” Alexa piped in, “But more oriented toward adults than children. Personally I didn’t think you even existed at all until a few hours ago.”

They did not seem quite friendly, they certainly didn’t seem harmless – but there was no open hostility either. If they were manipulating the situation they were doing so with incredible subtlety.

“At any rate,” Aelyn-Paeryc continued, “If you’d like to help us out a little I’d be more than happy to get you set up with some food and ammunition. Could bum a ride too if you wanted, there should be enough room in there.” He glanced back as if to assess the possibility, but didn’t seem to come to any useful conclusion in the couple of seconds before once more looking back toward the Ranger looking like had suddenly gotten an idea. “In fact, if that’s a forty-four I could spare a few rounds now, though I’d understand if you were too weary to let me go reaching into my coat like that. It looks like you’ve been having more than your fair share of big-irons drawn on you.”

Once again, Special Agent Royanna Kallenger found herself trekking silently through the jungle with her twenty soldiers ghosting around her. They had made some good distance before the long, grey dropship went soaring over them – more than far enough from the Ranger that he and the two strangers would have occasion to see it. The ship barely warranted a second glance to Kallenger, however. She pinged her men to ignore it and keep moving. Whatever it was, it wasn’t Devil Eye, and that was what they were here for, nothing else. Ideally they would be able to avoid any more confrontation with various militant units, particularly those obnoxious cyborg women with their pretentious Alliance, or Empire or conclave or whatever.

And so that’s what she did. Disconnecting herself and her team from any potential further distractions, she sneaked unseen away from the silver dropship and crew, away from the droid, away from the Ranger, and toward the park that bordered Earth City, where she might finally be able to get a bearing on where she was and if her target might still be around.

“Yeah, you look better already.” Kete said, as though answering a question that nobody had asked. He stood, in all his shortness, rocking back and forth a little on his heels with the boundless energy he seemed to retain…Managing, luckily, to fall well short of hyperactive. He was annoying, but it could be worse.

Then he looked thoughtful. He glanced around the park. “I think this is North Park.” He said, “Which I’m pretty sure is ironically on the south border of the city.” But his new friend’s expression didn’t make him seem satisfied with the answer. “Earth City.” He clarified, without the need for being asked. “Planetary Capitol of the Morova system’s ‘Earth IV’. At least, I think it’s four. I always get confused with the different Earths. What are there, six of them now?” He asked nobody in particular. “You must be really lost if…”

His ears perked again, he raised a brow. “Military cantonment?” He repeated. “What’s a ‘cantonment’?” Whether or not he received a prompt answer, the boy would continue, thoughtfully. “Hmmmh…No, can’t say I could point you toward any army bases or anything. Heck I’m not even totally sure of who’s territory this planet falls under, but I don’t really keep up with all of that.”

He could feel the confusion in this newcomer. He felt…misconception. Frankly it was interesting.

The distress signal from Bravo's old communicator eventually reached other channels, like a virus, though selective, kept travelling to separate private, or military channels cycling itself to make sure it was heard by someone, if not everyone. Though Bravo was in standby mode a phrase in the signal repeated over and over again, encrypted but it was there none the less, and it was "Hunt, or be hunted" and it kept repeating, over and over again nonstop with his coordinates stashed with that same phrase every time it played. So Bravo just sat, and waited.

The boy was confused. He tilted his head at the whole 'North-South, South-North' park things. What was this stupid town? Everything was mixed and you weren't even allowed to take naps. At least his current 'companion' seemed to have more energy than they'd be able to share. It made Toffi wonder: did anyone ever listen to this guy?

"H-Huh? Earth City? But......" Christofer became even more confused. "But that sounds so stupid. Why would anyone name a place like that?" He sighed. It wasn't going to help. He wouldn't be able to navigate his way through the country with just the town's name. In the end, there existed some strange towns like Batman, Nokia and Hell out there. "Ok... Ok... What nation is this then? The USA, Canada, France? Certainly doesn't seem like Germany to me" the English language threw most of the other counties out of the list of possibilities anyway - one most certainly being France, but the German didn't care

The next words were going to make his 'angry confusion' revert back to just confusion.
"...... What? Earth IV? WHO would name their nation like that? Is this another one of those stupid American holidays? Not to say that I think they're 'stupid', I quite like Halloween, but still..." The boy looked down. He was so lost now...

He didn't really even get to the military part, but he was already starting to miss his comrade again. Things here were a bit too strange for him

"Uhh.. The law says that no-one specific is allowed to own the Earth or any other planet. What are you talking about..?" He didn't want to go and outright call Kete weird, but he was starting to get a slight 'crazy' wibe from him. The boy backed away, slowly and slightly hunched over, arms on level with his chest, hands a bit bent...
He would have ran away after gaining enough distance - most likely only a few meters - but his legs stumbled into something that was behing him and the German fell face first to embrace the ground

"SIR! We have call for you" exclaimed the Z-bot has it came running down into the command center. Kampfer was looking at the computer, turned around and took the communicator from the bot. "Yes, vhat is it?" he said. On the other line was the sergeant from the extraction team, "Sorry my Lord for calling but we are having problems with this droid, we can't turn it off the beacon or can't get it power down. Plus we have lots of activity in the area"

Kampfer thought about the situation. He gestured the Z-bot to put there position on the monitor. Kampfer see's at least twenty foot mobiles behind them but not going to there position and a much smaller group ahead of them. He zoomed in to the smaller group and saw a few beings and a ship that he never seen before. Kampfer smiled evilly and talked into the communicator saying "Alright sergeant, just get ze data via vireless connection from ze droid and get out of zere, ve are going to blast zat small group vith ze orbital laser, you have 5 minutes"

The sergeants face went pale and replied "Yes,sir". He looked at his men by the droid, tossed him his communicator and said "Get the files from that droid via wireless and do it in 4 minutes...Boys we are gonna see some fireworks" Soon the orbital laser soon got into position and is primed and ready to fire upon Aelyn and his group. THe laser started its firing sequence as the extraction team got back on the drop ship

Nirix had her target, though it sounded better to say mission in her head, instead. To say "Target" would make her feel like she was on another assassination hit and those were two very different things and not something that the Eoclu wanted to be mixed up. She would have to stay level headed, think like the way he would think. Though what way was that exactly?

He was used to being a stowaway, if Nirix's memory served her correctly. Traveling around from place to place or wherever the metaphorical "flow" would take him. Though the two hadn't necessarily discussed Ketin's traveling plans or patterns (if he even had any), but Nirix had to use her knowledge as a tracker, an assassin trying to figure out the movements of her target. In all honesty he had many places to go. This was quite a fairly large city but with the sheer amount of humans here, it would be easy enough to be able to find him in a gigantic crowd. Yet he was clever, like most of his kind, despite some choosing to be subservient. He would either avoid large crowds or go head first in them to receive information.

Though lately, attention had been drawn to him. Maybe it was too much attention? He needed a distraction, a place in the shadows to hide out and observe until he was satisfied to make the right move. But where could that be?

"I suppose the park would be a likely choice..." The Eoclu muttered to herself as she moved at a brisk pace in its general direction. It was a good place to start at least....

This behaviour wasn't strange for the Ranger. The duo or at least, Captain Petrovalyc, clearly looked and acted like one of them. Cheaters. Son of a <beeps>. Freaks. The Ranger instantly figured that he was nothing more than powerless upon Aelyn, at least, while he didn't had something "bigger" than his Lucian Defender Revolver or a Carbon Bowie Ripper.

However, no matter how hopeless his efforts of fighting were, the Ranger couldn't bare holstering his weapon, as the best he could do was to merely pull his aim away from the duo. Whatever they were, it really looked like they didn't had any intent of harming the so-called Mad Ranger. Or worse, apprehending him.
"Yeah, you got 'em right. You just forgot about my planet busting." - His tone finally appeared to calm down, despite the Petrovalyc's eerie glare - "'Cept the laser eyes. Utter BS." He finished, coughing a cynical chuckle.

Just when the Masked Man went to comment about his Revolver, another object managed to come into play. It appeared to be a dropship of sorts, due to it's bulk and it was hovering suspiciously nearby were Bravo had run off.
"Guess someone already found your faulty toy, eh? He went that way!"
Shrugging, the Ranger pointed towards the new object that came into view, hastily jogging towards the couple's drop pod. He just kept his cool, hoping that this was not in fact a trap.

... Barely did the Ranger knew that the real threat was coming from above.

“Drat.” Said Alex, “I was really hoping the laser eyes were real. Ael let’s have Harkahn start working on laser eyes.”
“A wholly respectable idea Alex, I’ll have to remember that one…” And his words drifted off with a raising of a brow. All at once he looked very fed up. In fact it was with the body language and tone of disbelief that became him as he spread his arms helplessly and groaned. “Oh, come on, an orbital laser, @#$%ing seriously?” He pinched the bridge of his nose in an expression of great stress. “A ship the size of a city with a subetherial nanofield encasement isolating it into its’ own goddamned universe and some jackass wants to try and snipe me with a @#$%ing orbital laser?”

As to how exactly he had realized that there was a giant death-ray aimed at the top of his head and preparing to snuff him and his wife out of existence would seem like sorcery – but of course it was only some of the crew informing him via BrainPal and allowing him to bring up a live feed from the ship in his mind.

“Yascra, zap that stupid satellite for me huh? The last thing we need is for someone to get curious as to why we were totally unharmed after a direct hit with a photon beam.” He could have communicated this silently using the implanted computer, but Aelyn always preferred to use his person-voice when it came to these things.

That said, he began walking briskly in the direction that the Ranger had moments ago gone bounding, drawing from behind him the incredibly tacky, but absolutely pimptastic gold plated long-barreled 44 revolver with the red velvet grip. He popped open the chamber to check that it was fully loaded, which it was – seven delightfully vicious projectiles which could utterly decimate almost any known composition in the Universe. He seemed pleased. Alex couldn’t help bursting into laughter at the sight of the gun.

“What?” Aelyn scoffed, defensively. “I think it’s classy.”
“If by classy you mean gaudy as @#$%.”
“Hey, for all the scientific revolutions I’ve spurred and all the god-like abilities I’ve given us I think I deserve a gold-plated gun if I want one.” He spun it on the trigger finger like a desperado and re-holstered it in the leather at his belt behind him, keeping it well hidden from sight.

High above in far orbit, Stella Viventium was teeming with activity – but only an infinitesimal portion of that activity was devoted to disposing of the pesky orbital satellite. In fact it was an endeavor that had been taken on by a mere two members of the crew, who took their time in preparing and aiming the dimensional transience gun that had previously saved the planet from nuclear fire by making an explosive ship simply cease to exist.

It was the same technology which they used to skip the massive structure around the universe, totally disregarding the laws of physics as they plucked the atoms from reality and moved them somewhere else. In this case no projectile would actually be fired – merely the tube would be aimed at the target, allowing the program to run and specify the exact point in space-time that they wanted to manipulate – here being the orbital laser satellite.

And approximately thirty seconds after Aelyn politely asked someone to make the thing go away, it blipped out of reality. No lights, no explosions, no shots – nothing. First there was an orbital satellite preparing to rain death upon unwary victims, then there was only space, formless atoms that had flooded in to fill the gap when the previous occupants of the space were plucked away and scattered to a million billion different, randomly selected locations in the universe.

Ironically, because of the often hilariously random nature of the selection process, the atoms would often happen to form another object – using the idea of ‘infinite monkeys’, every possible combination would eventually be created until something coherent and real was created. In this case, a few million lightyears away, a pot of petunias appeared in orbit around an old, rocky planet. Whether the pot of petunias was aware that it had been, in part, an orbital death satellite nobody would ever know.

“Yeah I’ve always thought it was kind of uncreative too, naming the capitol after the planet like that.” Kete replied thoughtfully, and was again finding himself being asked questions that frankly did not make sense, involving words that also did not make sense. What was a ‘France’?

He raised a brow, as if suddenly becoming aware that what he was listening to was nonsense – which of course it was not – and still he didn’t seem to actually mind said nonsense…It was just curious, was all.
“Wh…what’s a Germany?” Kete asked. “Sorry I don’t think I’ve ever heard any of those words before…”

It was ironic that ‘Standard’, the (WHO’DATHUNKIT?) standard language in the civilized Galaxy was virtually identical to American English. Not that anybody could know that. Not that anybody even knew what American English was. “Oh, you mean those are the different countries around here? Sorry I don’t keep up with that sort of stuff.” What sort of stuff – countries? In reality it wasn’t all that uncommon for offworlders to be ignorant of the continents, the nations and countries of a planet. It was like trying to understand the various counties of a state or province one had never been to before. One wasn’t in Hatfield County or McCoy county, just in Kentucky. Same thing here – one was not in the nation of Red Lenore or the pseudorepublic of Salladan, only on the planet ‘Earth’. That was all just political nonsense best left to the politicians. After all, with so many planets bearing so many names for so many places and things and organizations – the modern interstellar traveler knew better than to try and comprehend them all.

“American holiday?” He repeated under his breath, trying now rather desperately to figure out what in the name of Space this guy was talking about. In his mind he was digging through aethernet sites and files, eye connected to some device or another with aethernet connectivity and piggybacking off of that. He couldn’t find a thing.

And again he found himself giving his new friend an entirely confused expression. “Yeah, well you know how they all have their laws, each empire or alliance or whatever says that their way’s the only way, yadda yadda...”

And then the guy fell flat on his face. Kete winced. He thought he was clumsy. It was astounding how strange this guy was, he seemed totally out of it – but still Kete couldn’t just leave him. He was obviously very confused. Maybe he’d been hit on the head or something.

Concern over his countenance, Kete rushed over and crouched down beside the clumsy ‘halfie’, and would offer to try and help him up if he could. “Great Space, man! You’re really not doin’ too hot are you? Maybe you should sit down or something, you're tripping over your own tail!”

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