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Who or what are you?
Stop and think about why the "Be" is a palpable idea rather than an abstract concept.

The fabric of space and time bends around one's existence as within every click with your clock of life.
Your thoughts and actions gives birth to an alternate plan of reality, impossible in every way possible, in this new dimension forged by your own world.

But tread with care in mind, however, as the unification of everything real only empowers the greed of the wicked.


Welcome to Reality Collapse. You are whoever you want and do whatever you want too, there is not set goals or scenarios, as those are sculpted the in-game characters as they progress and interact with the others.
The logic of all fandoms and other universes applies to this one as well, to a certain extent, adjustable by the players or deceived by the characters.

The only rules restrictions are Power Playing and God Modding. (the later to a certain extent.)
Players may NOT decide the outcome of their actions on other characters, nor alter their background in ANY WAY.
There can be powerful/godly characters in the game too, as long the other players agree they will have fun with it.
I'll probably throw some world destroyer or big threat to fire things up myself, hah.

(We have a group to discuss probable issues that serves as a small character bank too. You can start playing right now, however.)

Most importantly: Have Fun.
Entertainment is the main focus of the game, so feel free to give me talk in private with in case there's something bothering you.



{Okay. For the time being, I'm gonna wait it out. I just want to see how this starts off.}

[Let me do the honors, Ranger.]

It was 2am, someday that does not matters, in a timeline that does not matter, in a place that does n- oh wait.
Yes, the place DO matters TOO MUCH at this point in "her" life, to be ignored in the eloquent description of the red haired maiden's life.

Sometime since her birth - the unnatural one - has passed. Was it years? decades? centuries? It was not certainly known, the lady stopped the counting ages ago. She just cared for the place now.

Eagerly she opened the door, switching on the lights. Throwing her backpack on the couch, she swiftly got her hands on the stereo's remote control, browsed through her favorite playlist and put on a song that fitted her mood, swaying her head to the funky rhythm.

Aye, Welcome Home.

She quickly served her self a glass of scotch - such a seductive drink, the one perfect to make love to your own imagination and forget all your misery.

Opening a case on her living room table, a Szabla and a Steel Chevalier Sword were both revealed.
"Aye babies, mama's back." She said to no one in particular and started to clean her swords carefully, while planning on how to go on the next hunt, whilst using her pub musician cover up - and second job - as a part of the plan.

2 A.M. By now, she would be asleep. But this was different. This was a hard night. Everything was revealed that day, her childhood trauma brought back to haunt her. At least she knew what happened, now.

This is Athena Cykes, attorney and psychologist. She had lived at the Cosmos Space Center, but moved after her mother's murder, thinking she did it. But as it turned out, she didn't. Good for her.

The silence-killing roar of rotor engines met a figure clad in a tattered, bloody coat with an heartwarming feel of relief. He was finally being pulled out from this hellhole, where only charred carcasses and a ravaged fortress remained.
Painfully holding unto his breached armor, it limped towards his salvation, a transport aircraft, with enough room for dozens of men...

"It's always you." -- A familiar voice came from inside, as another figure faded from the machine.
"Always you, Ranger. For the fifth time, now..."

"... So much for last words..."
It was lightning fast. Red splattered the insides of the aircraft, as a couple of HE .357 rounds tore through the man's neck and heart. Alarmingly, the vehicle was about to take off, met with a failed attempt to stop the assailant...

Three holed bodies and a Lone Ranger remained inside. Broken apart, bleeding over, torn open. This event, taking only a short moment, sealed his fate, as one of the deadliest creatures to ever live.
With only a Transport Vertibird and it's munitions at his disposal, The Ranger knew his job were about to get rough from now on, but...

... Where he was going to next... ?
... Who were expecting him... ?

Slowly waking up, feeling as if his dog would have knocked him out cold, the German turns to his side for a bit more comfort and increased illusion of satety. In fact, it wouldn't have been impossible for Sammy to cause him to fall over, the samoyed dog was certainly more than capable of doing such when over exited and if the person was taken By surprice...

The boy groans as he feels something touching his hand. As he thought that he was in bed, his internal clock was telling him that that must have been the case. What was touching him then? He couldn't quite grasp it. Sammy wasn't usually asking to be taken on a walk at this hour, but there's a first time for everything.

".......... What is it Sammy....?" the boy mumbled, expecting a whimper or a bark in return.
But there was nothing, so the boy just expected it wasn't anything of importance, turned his side again and ended up on getting his face wet. What better way to wake up. The boy curled, irritated By the wetness, covered his face and tried to dry it. Opening his eyes for the first time it took the German a moment to adapt to the darkness around him - and another moment to realize that he was in some random bush, not his beloved comfy bed. Where was he?

The room was pitch black, with the only light sources being the windows gaps, illuminated by the lightnings of the storm that just started. A man enters, 6 feet tall, wearing a green long coat, with a candle in his left hand and the other one searching something on the middle of the big mess of paper above the desk. His badge reads "Detective Gumshoe".

"Where the hell is this? I'm sure i've put it somew-"

An ominous and deep giggle echoes, the man turns around and couldn't see nothing.

"W-who is this?!" - No answer - "C'mon pal, show yourself!"

Sweating cold, he turned back to the desk and desperately started searching... The giggles continued, louder and louder, and then finally someone spoke.

"Tell me, detective, why do you guys mess up with magic EVERY DAMN TIME?! Channeling was okay, but now you're summoning ME?!"

The detective broke down, crouching under the desk and crying like crazy.


Suddenly silence. No word from the creature nor from the detective, the storm ended, it would be possible to hear a needle falling. And after a couple of minutes, the silence is broken.

"Haha! Found it! Good night detective, give a hug on your friend for me, please. See ya dude!"

footsteps could be heard, the creature ran away. The detective slowly come up, just to see all the mess of paper from before scattered on the floor. The thing he was looking for, whatever that is, was robbed by the creature...

(Wow. Gumshoe kinda caught me off guard there. GG. XD)

(Made it just for fun, sorry if you had "plans" for him. haha :b)

(Nah. But my character is Ace Attorney, too. It was funny.)

A full year have passed since the incident...

"Another one, eh... ?"

His memories were still tainted with the outcomes and consequences of being an wanted, contract killer. The Mad Ranger knew faces, both brother-in-arms and priority targets likewise. Fond partners and backstabbers all the same. Death have been always on his heels as he either running or bearing it. One could say that the mere presence of The Ranger meant danger to one's integrity.

Swiftly rushing through dense vegetation under the cover of night, The Assailant's wrist-held device pinged highly under his helmet, warning the proximity of his next target.
Bare-handed, The Ranger made his way to a disclosed urban location, apparently an office building of some sort...

"Why do I have a feeling that this job will be one those? Heh..."


Maximum Priority, Risk; 9 out of 10, Reward; Fifty million credits.
Further Notes; Investigated by the Police.

Someone was exiting the office, actually the police department, by the front door. A very thin man, wearing a ridiculous green jester clothes full of rags and straps. The man saw the ranger approaching and stared at him. With a big and weird smile on his face, the jester slowly walked towards the masked man.

"Heh, what do we have here? Weird guy wearing a video game costume, middle of the night, spooky place... How's it going, buddy?"

Target Acquired... !


While he could SWEAR by his gun that something on a bush nearby have moved, The Ranger soon drew his attention to the nearing figure. Without warning, The Ranger slipped his hand inside his coat, pulling out a silvery clear, chrome Smith & Wesson's Model 500 Magnum Revolver, reflecting even the faintest of light that the moon could shed and pointing it right towards the creepy-looking joker fellow...

"... Great, now that I'm getting all that money, <beeper>."

Two loud bangs accompanied by blinding flashes echoed almost an mile away as The Ranger discharged a deadly pair of HE .500 rounds towards the figure!

She jolted up at the sound. "Wh... what the...?!" She gets up immediately, getting her clothes on, and running outside to investigate. She couldn't believe what she saw. A joker and a spaceman. "....!"

As the bullets collide, the Joker simply vanished, a weird black smoke taking his place for a few seconds, and then he reapers on the same place.

"So, Mr Mask wanna play, heheh. So com-" - stopped, his face showing a bit of pain, making he moan for a brief second. "Heh, looks like i wasn't fast enough...

He lifted his hand against the man, making black tentacles appear from the shadows, circling around the Ranger and randomly trying to attack or catch him, at the same time the Joker was trying to ran, but his right leg was hurt.

"Oh... Crap. I'm not as young as i used to be."

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