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Senka walked over and grabbed the assassin sword she used earlier.She kept her senses focused on the presence.Senka winced as the scar on her left shoulder pulsed again."Whatever it is,it probably wants one of us dead."

Jacuzzi looked back at Senka then smiled.
"Dont worry. I promised to keep you safe remember?" he said softly and kept smiling.
"Fight when you want but i wont let it wound you," he finished.
He turned to the door and gripped Kitame so hard his knuckles turned white. Then he relaxed.

Senka watched Jacuzzi,then winced as her scar hurt again.She rubbed her shoulder trying to make it stop pulsing.

"are you ok?" Jacuzzi asked worriedly
Keeping a good distance between the door and himself, he looked at Senka.

Senka nodded."I'm fine.Don't worry about me."

"I do anyway," Jacuzzi said and smiled when he said it.
The presence was a few feet away now and he wasnt liking the feel of this.
"Senka. Do you know this presence?" he looked at her.

"I-I'm not sure."Senka closed her eyes as she focused on the presence.Something about this presence was familiar but she couldn't quite place it until she remembered how her father's had felt all those years ago.The presence had the same darkness as her father.If this presence really was her father's,he had gotten stronger than before."I-it feels almost like my father's."Senka shivered.

"Well then i suppose i should be on my guard to protect you," Jacuzzi flashed Senka a smile then went into his Scythe's second form.
He had metal hard skin and his scythe disappeared. His eyes changed color.

"J-just be careful.He's really strong when he uses his sword Kamiki."Senka swallowed and took a deep breath."That sword can poison you if it touches your blood."

"Nothing can touch my blood. My scythe covers my body in a thick layer of impentrenetable metal," Jacuzzi informed.

Stepping towards the door, a blade slid from the palm of his hand and he removed it. Holding it in a defensive position. He waited for the door to open or an explosion of some sort.

Senka nodded then closed her eyes to figure out what was really about to attack.She felt a dark presence forming behind her.She looked behind her to see a non-human creature appear."Jacuzzi,I'm guessing the preasence at the door was a distraction."She got into a defence position as the creature began to solidify.

Jacuzzi flashed in front of Senka to protect her from this strange being. Using his eyes, they measured the creatures power in under a second. Finally, he adjusted his strength accordingly.

The creature solidified.It looked at Jacuzzi and changed itself into a human shape made of darkness.A black sword appeared in it's hand and the creature pointed the sword at Jacuzzi."I'm just here to fight the girl.Don't get in my way."The creature's voice was rough and warbled slightly.Senka tensed but said nothing.

Jacuzzi just smirked and a blade came from the palm of his hand. "Sorry but i cant let you get near her," he said with a cold tone.

"Then get ready to die."The creature rushed at Jacuzzi and swung it's sword at Jacuzzi with brute strength.

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