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Xion looked out over the sea watching the small, fishing boat pull into the bay with their catch. He sat in a large oak tree, on the top of a big hill outside of the small town by the sea. It was something he did every night but this night was different. Xion leapt of the branch and fell 20 feet to the ground, landing as light as a feather on the side of the hill. Looking up at the moon, he took the scythe, Orian, off his back.
"Tonight is the night this town will never forget," he whispered.
Xion ran towards the town and leaped into the window of the first house he came too. He killed the man in the house and growled when he realized it wasnt the right man.
Shrugging he placed the scythe back onto his back then walked out of the front door.
"Hey you dont live the-" a man said before he was cut off by Xion's hand around his throat. Silencing the man with a cold, steely gaze, he threw him aside and walked to the towns tavern. He walked inside and ordered a cup of wine before sitting down an thinking deeply about who he was after.
"I need people with me to keep all these law enforcers away from me......"

A man came into the tarven with a girl with blood red hair and black eyes in his hand, he was holding her by her hair. "Well look what we got her boys, devil daughter." The man shouted as he tossed the girl into the center of the tarven. "I found her with her mother, hard to not notice a devil child." The girl probed herself up some but just part of her upper body. She was bursied up and there was some cuts on her legs, arms, and her right cheeck. "I told you, I have nothing to do with my fath-" She was cut short when the man grabbed her by the throat and through her down on the ground.

Xion payed no attention at first then turned and looked at what was going on when the girl was cut off. He stood up and looked at the girl.
Maybe she could be useful...
Xion thought about it. His red eyes flashed in the light of a nearby candle as he analyzed the girl. The hood to his cloak hung on his head just covering up his hair but leaving his eyes unseeable by the shadow the hood cast in the dim light.

The girl closed her eyes, trying not to let her devil side come out. "Let me go, you humans kn-" She was cut off again when the man tighten his hand around her throat. "We know what? That all devil childern are evil." He growled at the girl. The girl's eyes opened and they shifted colors to where they were firey red. Her teeth grew sharp along with her nails turning into claws. Before her hands were on the man's hand that was around her throat, she dug her nails into his hand causing him to let her go with a yelp in pain. The girl blinked, making her eyes chang back to their black color, her teeth had gone normal, and her nails no longer were claws. She rubbed her neck. "You should know by now that even if devil childern are only half devil we still have a devil side we can't control." with that the girl dashed out of the tarven and once she was gone she pulled her hood over her head to hide her hair and face.

Xion swung his scythe off his back then flashed beside the man quicker than a blink of an eye.
"You should be quite embarrased for a treating a young lady in such a manor," Xion spoke so only the man could hear.
The man felt ice creep down his spine as Xion spoke. The man was rooted to the spot because Xion had put him under a paralyzing spell. Xion swung his scythe and sliced the man's arm off. The one that he had touched the girl with.
"Let that be a lesson to you," Xion spoke then disappeared.
That girl will be of use to me.... he thought as he followed her trail.

The girl was walking away from the tarven then rounded a coner into an alley. She leaned up against the wall and calmed her heart rate. That was close.... She though as she sat down. She sighed, remembering that no matter where she went she was only seen as a devil child, something that should have never came to exist. She stood up and noticed one of the guys from the tarven on her trail. She she got out of the alley and once she though she was out of sight, she hide herself in the shadows that she called for help from hell.

Xion saw where she went but pretended to not see anything. He got to where she disappeared and acted confused.

The girl relaxes that the guy didn't see her, her only hope was that he would think he lost her a walk away, but something told her that it wasn't going to be that easy. She moved to the back of the alley, but she then knocked over a trash can without meaning too causing a lound noise. Then the shadows that hidden her dispelled from her and back to the hell they came from. She stared with her deep, midnight black eyes at the guy, knowing this was not good, everything to her was never good.

Xion turned to her but kept his scythe on his back.
"I've known you where there. Im not here to accuse you or persicute you. I wanted to know if you want to join me," Xion softened his voice knowing she has been threatened and almost killed many times.

Xion stood where he was, waiting for her to think about it.
"I know you need time to think about it so I will leave. But if you decide to you can find me in the small Inn by the docks," Xion turned and as he was walking away he gave her advice, "stay to the shadows on your way there. People here hate anyone different then themselves." Then Xion disappeared and flashed to the River Inn down by the docks. He got a room and waited, for Xion never slept.

The girl was stunned that the guy had not came after her to kill her or try to make her a hostage so to get something out of the devil. She though about what he said, she knew there was nothing left for her to lose, her mother was safe without her around, and her father would lash out at her again if she returned to hell for the training. She called the shadows of hell to come and cover her. Soon her body was covered in darkness but she could see everything just fine as if nothing was on her. She walked to the River Inn, like the man had told her to do. She walked in and then let the shadows return to where they once came from.

"Room 22 on the second floor," said the man behind the counter.
Xion had earlier told him that he was expecting a young girl to come by and to tell her what room he was in. Xion felt her presence as she entered the building.
"Orian be nice. We have a guest," he said, speaking to his scythe.

The girl nodded. "Thank you, sir." She said before heading for the room she was told the man who had asked her to join him in whatever he was trying to do. She kept her hood on her head, letting it cancel out her hair and hide her dark eyes. She looked at the different room numbers then knocked on the door with the 22 on it.

The door opened without Xion touching it.
"Come in," Xion said.

The girl hestated at the door then walked in but not far in. She didn't trust the man, he had not given her a reason to do so, but she never trusted anyone but her mother. She kept her eyes on the man, watching carefully of ever move he made. "You had beckoned for me, sir." was all she said in an emotionless voice and niether her eyes or expression gave into her emotions or what she was thinking.

Xion kept his hood on and shade still covered his eyes, but glancing in her directtion, his red eyes flashed for a second before they were unseeable again.
"I am in need of a few people to keep law enforcers away from me while i hunt a certain man down. Would you be intrested in accompanying me?" Xion said in a light tone.

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