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Eeeee! I'm two days away from my deadline of finishing my very last year of high school!! I have only two tests left, so it shouldn't be a trouble geting done in time. But those two tests are History and *gulp* Math. So as selfish as this is, I'm letting out a little cry of help for you guys to give me some words of encouragement to keep plowing through! <3

Just think of it this way; when I get done with all this, I can get back into RPing! ;D

I can't wait to be more active again on the site you guys, really! It's going to be great to be done with that stress for a little while and be able to be with the people I enjoy! :)

You can do it! YOU CAN DO IT!

Good luck!

Thanks! :D One final down, only Math left to go!! :D


YOU'VE GOT THIS! ~ Good luck bbe, we believe in you <3

*puts on cheerleading uniform!* Go Celestina!! You can do it! *waves pompoms!*

So are the official rpr colors...brown and...cream? XD

What an exciting time! :D This must be nerve wracking and so exhilarating! You are a hard worker and very bright, I know you will get through these tests with flying colors and do us all proud. I'm not even the tiniest bit worried about you. <3

Loki wrote:
So are the official rpr colors...brown and...cream? XD

Leather and parchment! ;)

Guess that means my cheerleading uniform is leather and parchment colored! Go Celestina!! You can do it!! ^_^

work hard and pass the test!..and have fun?

Thanks so much you guys! <3 Math is the only thing left, but it's probably the thing I need the most cheering for. I always struggle with math, but hopefully my teacher made a good enough review that I will be all prepared for the test! Thanks for all the encouragement! <3

my math exit exam took 3 tries to pass(exit exams have to passed in my state to get a diploma) but i did pass it. good luck on the final. <3

...and then your world crashes and burns because you have to get a job, confining you to a very specific sleep schedule in which you must absorb a gargantuan amount of coffee, which may not even effect you, to stay awake and post while you can. This, of course, results in the mummification of your insides resulting in extreme discomfort, pain, and the shits for a good day or two- leaving you writhing in bed or wishing you could vomit to feel better.

This will lead you to take an entire bottle of pepto-bismol, which will lead to an unheard of allergic reaction. You will be transported to the emergency room and, in a delirious state, be questioned by men in black suits and sweet shades. They will demand answers as you are being transported to the ER by nurses. The people above you will argue, your vision blurred and your brain stuck on a song you heard from your childhood that simply does not fit for the scene. (Barney on a Banjo talking about vasectomies.)

After surgery, the men will return and question you further, taking a blood sample from you arm and then injecting a drug into your IV drip, taking your blood again a few minutes later. During that time they will have explained to you, in essence, that they believe you are the thrall of an alien and that the government will be taking you in, secretly. Of course, if they are wrong, you will be terminated in the hospital.

Nicely convenient events will occur and you will escape from the hospital in an open-backed nightgown and you will make your way down to Mexico. You will get involved in some businesses that no one ever wants to admit exists and save up your earnings to flee out of the grasp of the American government. You will have a flighty romance with a female tortilla maker who is shot in the middle of the street and left for dead. Unaffected, you will continue to a backwoodsy part of Mexico, pay for a crap fishing boat and flee to Brazil, pick up a cruise line ticket and then you will make your way to some country like Italy or Serbia and you will never be heard from again...

Congratulations, you're about to start a whole new life 8D -thumbs up-

But in all seriousness, that is cool. :P

So close and so exciting! Good luck with all that's left, but I don't think you'll need it :)


Break out the confetti!! I AM OFFICIALLY DONE WITH HIGHSCHOOL!! :D
In the fall, I get to go to my older sister's alma mater and experience something I never have experienced before! (Public school) college!! :D I am so thrilled, all the people I've met already are wonderful, and I just can't wait. I have passed all of my classes (as far as I know, two left to be graded), and I just am kind of shocked.

I don't have to do school anymore!! If I wanted, I could just not go to college, so I'm doing more school voluntarily. But my mandatory schooling is OVER!! WOOOOT!

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