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I am a mobile peasant and browse the site on my mobile along with maintaining my account....but! One thing has completely destroyed my ability to complete a character, the icon.

The way to set up a character icon on mobile is pinickity and, for me at least, completely impossible as when I download an image to use as a icon, my phone give it the name 'image.[Jpg or png or gif]' and when I attempt to use it, it gives me the notice saying that it won't use a void

Hey there!

I'm not exactly sure what error you're getting, but uploading from mobile is very much possible with jpg, png and gif images. There might be some issues with strange characters in file names, in which case you will have to go to your Apps screen, pick a File Manager and then find your image and rename it to something simple like charactericon.png (or .jpg, or .gif)

The image has to be below 100kb in filesize though, anything larger than that will not be accepted. Is that perhaps happening, as you're downloading an image to use? (Also, please be aware you can't just download and upload anything you want unless you have permission, RPR can remove images that don't belong to you if it's requested from the copyright holder.)

You can try to resize the image to 100x100 pixels on your phone, or ask someone to change it for you so you can upload it if you don't have access to a computer with Paint or other image editing programs!

If this still doesn't help you out, can you let us know what error you're getting (exactly word for word) so we can narrow down the problem? :)

That error typically means we received no data at all from you.

Are you on wifi, or trying to upload over your phone's data plan?

WiFi and, just so you know, I'm on a Motorola E 1st Gen

Is there any chance you could email the file you are trying to upload to

Sadly no, My email is a pinickity little [insert swear word] and emailing people is incredibly hard to do

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Forums > Help > Character Icons on Mobile