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Kat walked into freeform highschool she was vary excited to be in the school. Kat walked to the fountain located 4 feet awat from her and sat down.

Shafer toyed with his earbuds, pushing them in and holding them there for maximum sound blockage as he strolled down the hallway and finally dropped into a sitting position next to an oddly haired girl. He stared at her shamelessly for a solid ten seconds before he plucked out an earbud and gave a brilliant smile. "What's your name?"

Zoro walked up behind Shafer and placed a hand on his shoulder "Have I seen you before?" Zoro asked raising an eyebrow.

Shafer jolted in surprise when his attention was so rudely pulled from the pretty girl before him. He tilted his head in an attempt to get all of this new kid into his line of sight. "You'd know if you had, I'm pretty unforgettable." He looked Zoro over and took his time doing it. "You're tall."

Zoro give Shafer a little smirk "You got a big ego kid. I like that about you."

Shafer blinked in surprise at that smirk he got in response for his efforts. No one ever appreciated his snark, it was always labelled annoying. Who was this person. "It would be difficult to not have a big ego. Look at me." His gaze only broke away from Zoro's in order to look himself over. "But I definitely wouldn't say my self-esteem is my best attribute so you're in for a treat."

"Listen kid, I'm Zoro, and we should be heading to class, the bells about to ring. You want me to give you the tour?"

(Hey i gtg I'll be on tomorrow)

Alright, have a good night!))

Shafer arched a manicured brow at the rather bold offer but shrugged and got to his feet, his chill exterior momentarily dropping to make way for the delighted smile that painted across his expression when he stood and really got an idea of the height difference between them. "Sounds good, tall boy."

Jupiter and In were walking down the hall looking around the school excitedly

Kat notice that the boy was talking to her so she murmured kat because she was shy.

(Sorry for the late response i was helping finish my Christmas tree)

(Hey kat my boy charachter is tied with inori may I use them both please?)

"Hey Kat you want to walk with us?" Zoro asked

(Yes) "ummm i-i have to go" kat ran away embarrassed.

(Are Jupiter and ian related?)

Zoro sees Kat runs away and calls out, "Wait Kat, where are you going??"

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