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I've looked through RPR in an attempt to find anything like this, with no luck so far.

Has there been, or will there be a writing themed contest happening?

Competitions have always proven to be a decent way of helping online communities engage with each other.

There has been in the past. One such example was a contest to write possible plot ideas that people could use for the rp finder.

I had an idea to create a group which could include regular contests alongside roleplaying.

I've always enjoyed these kind of writing activities.

We celebrate the site's birthday annually on April 24th, usually for a week, with contests that last anywhere between 1-4 weeks. Very often we also have writing contests during this time. :) Keep your eyes peeled!

We've had many of these types of contests at various times of the year, though the only one that is 100% guaranteed to happen at any given time every year is the Epic Week one. Sometimes there's two writing contests that kick off during Epic Week!

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Forums > Suggestions & Development Discussion > Contest / Competition