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So i was looking around the forum and realize there are no creepy games that will keep everyone awake at night, so why not make one XD.

Rule is simple. Post a two sentence that will creep or scare the others.
Just two sentence.


The grinning face stared at me from the darkness beyond my bedroom window. I live on the 14th floor...

If you guys are ready, grab a popcorn your blanket and join the fun......... Just dont look behind you...

Time is killing me
And I'm watching it happen in my dreams . . .

I have 20,000 dollar student loans.

I have no money since i just graduated....

Thats the scariest one so far

The nice man in the van with a puppy and candy, seemed so excited to give me a ride home when i told him my lil brother was there alone waiting for me.

I'd feel bad lying to him, but my family told me to bring home dinner, and those type of humans are so easy to catch.

I just dropped my phone face down onto the cement.

Still havent picked it up and looked at it yet.

I like painting pictures with mommy.
She makes beautiful red paint.

I cant move, speak, or see anything.

If i knew it would be this lonely i would have been cremated instead.

There was once a picture of me sleeping on my phone.
I live alone.

Someday I'll be something great. Once they go away.

The last thing I saw was my alarm clock flashing 12:07 before she pushed her long rotting nails through my chest, her other hand muffling my screams.

I sat upright, relieved it was only a dream, but as I saw my alarms clock read 12:06, I heard my closet door creak open.

I'm in a forest full of bear traps. There are no bears.

I start up my game of Fallout 4, waiting for the Menu to appear as it loads. Once it does so I go to load my latest save file only to find that I never saved for 5 straight hours.

She went upstairs to check on her sleeping toddler.

The window was open and the bed was empty.

Someone is in the house. I'm struggling finding a way into the house.

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Forums > Forum Games > Creepy Two sentence Game