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"It's not anyone's fault here..." Hanox quickly reassured, seeing his companions lament what had happened. He didn't necessarily feel any sympathy or empathy for them (yet); he did, however, have the idea that cooler heads would mean a better chance of coming up with a good plan to save Esmerelda from Frollo.

When Clopin spoke, he did so with a seriousness in his voice that garnered the Nobody's attention, same with his compatriots. What the Gypsy said seemed to make a lot of sense. Even though he himself had never even met Claude Frollo, everything he had heard about him in the last 24 hours pointed to the fact that he seemed to have an ego the size of Notre Dame. Someone like that would want an audience. A big one.

The Nobody then nodded in acknowledgement to Moguri's words.
"Yeah, we can," he said resolutely. Hanox then looked over at Clopin, a look on his face that matched the resolve in his voice.
"It will take some time," he said, "but not that much." He lapsed into thought once again before looking back up at the Gypsy. "There have to be other tunnels down here, yes? Which one would get us to the site of the execution the fastest?"

"Ho ho, now you are thinking like a gypsy!" Clopin replied with a devilish smile. "Yes, the catacombs reach all across the city, and I know just the one that will get us to the square where Frollo will surely light the pyre."

"I doubt Frollo is going to just let us waltz right up and take her." Phoebus stated as he stood back up. "He'll be expecting us."

"...But he won't be expecting me." Ritsuka's eyes turned to see Quasimodo standing up as well, somehow taller and straighter despite his severe hunched back. "If you could keep his attention, I can get Esmerelda off of the pyre and into Notre Dame."

"Of course, once she's in the cathedral, she'll have sanctuary, and Frollo won't be able to get to her without inciting the wrath of the people." Phoebus deduced.

"Sounds good to me, but... are you sure Quasimodo?" Ritsuka asked, realizing asking the hunchback to go against his master was a delicate issue. Quasimodo gave a firm nod.

"Esmerelda has been kinder to me in the last two days than my master has been in my whole life. I could never forgive myself if I let him hurt her!" He declared, clutching the woven band his his callous covered hand with determination. Ritsuka couldn't help but smile with pride at his decision.

"Alright, then it's settled, we'll leave saving Esmerelda to you! Meanwhile, the rest of us will go in guns blazing to grab the attention of Frollo and the Heartless!" Ritsuka delegated the roles.

"Well, what are we waiting for, let's go, kupo!" Moguri declared.

"Right then, follow me!" Clopin said, immediately dashing down one of the dark tunnels, the others following closely behind.

Before giving up his heart, Kaze had indeed never really dealt with many strong enemies, and as such, Katsuki erroneously thought that this was a legitimate threat to Ryuga's safety. Even if he had known this, however, when it came to Ryuga's appeals, Katsuki wouldn't have been willing to relinquish the leverage he had. At least, not completely. He lifted Ryuga up slightly, but in a position that told the dangling Seeker that he wasn't off the hook just yet. He would listen, but any funny business, and Ryuga would fall over 200 feet to the street below them.

"Start talking, then," Katsuki said sharply, his voice hard. The dark aura that surrounded Katsuki wavered slightly, but re-solidified after a second, indicative of his suspicion of Ryuga.

'Man this is annoying. Damn you, Raixon, you'll pay for making me waste so much effort on this prick!' Ryuga cursed in his head, but he had to burry his frustration and continue putting on a show for Katsuki.

"R-Right..." Ryuga feigned his fear, letting out a nervous sounding cough before continuing. "That guy that attacked you, Raixon, he and his Organization have been growing in numbers and power as of late, and like I said, they don't really take kindly to guys like me, like us." He began, his voice a bit frantic. "I've been doing whatever I can to prepare, but at the end of the day, I'm just one guy, even if I could hypothetically become strong enough to take them all out, there's no guarantee that I'll be able to bulk up in time before they come gunning for me. But then, I came across you, and I figured I'd take a page out of their book and try to scrounge up some... accomplices."

He wasn't lying, the Organization had been growing lately, with new Keyblade Wielders coming out of the woodwork, and now that they knew he existed, it was only a matter of time before they were all coming after him. He needed to accelerate his plans, and having a partner in crime, even if just in name only, would surely help.

"Look, I get that you don't trust me, and to be frank, you're not exactly giving me any reason to trust you at the moment, but just hear me out, ok? Remember, you still owe me one." He reminded, hoping that if anything, he would want to clear up his debt.

Seixan nodded, a slow and almost sagely motion as Xazek replied to the simple questions. There was something about Number Ten that he just couldn’t quite put a finger on…an observation seemed just out of reach, but there was no irritation. Such thought might come unbidden at a later time, when his mind was clearer. “As she ought to,” he mused. “As absent as Raixon may seem at times, he is involved in his own field research.”

Yuxara nodded in small agreement. “We receive our overall vision and directives from such excursions of his,” she further explained to Xazek. “Which leaves me behind to assure said objectives are accomplished.”

There was a small pause, in which Seixan took advantage of to continue his query earlier, glancing over at Yuxara. “I was wondering if you’ve seen Devereaux. It’s odd not to see him out and about.”

Yuxara seemed unbothered with the question, precisely because of the knowledge of the answer she provided. “Devereaux is assisting Kostexu with a few procedures,” she replied smoothly. “However, what with Raixon returning soon for Xazek’s induction, we should all be heading to the Round Room fairly soon.”

There was a fluttering ghost of a smile that passed over Seixan’s lips. “Understood.” He nodded his quiet farewell to Yuxara and Xazek in turn. “Xazek, was it? I will be seeing you around. Do take care, and may the Balance keep you.” And with those parting words, the blond retreated back into the hallway from which they had come. Yuxara’s violet hues trailed after him a moment, clouded, but momentarily the gaze returned to Xazek.

“Shall we continue, then?”

Katsuki begrudgingly listened to his temporary captive. The explanation he gave sounded realistic enough, and the Seeker's experience in Traverse Town supported the notion that Raixon and others like him didn't take kindly to Katsuki and Ryuga. Also, if Raixon and others of his ilk were growing in numbers, that would indeed be a problem for them. Even so, Katsuki still didn't trust Ryuga all that much.

However, It was then that Ryuga mentioned that Katsuki still owed him one, and that only made the nascent Seeker's expression get even darker under his hood. Not only did he not like the prospect, it was also true. He still hadn't paid off the life debt. He wanted to disregard that statement, but his newfound pride wouldn't let him. He really didn't want to be beholden to anyone, so the sooner he was out from under Ryuga, the better. As such, he really didn't have any other choice than to play ball. He didn't like it, but neither could he deny it.

Katsuki, a little harshly, pulled Ryuga back onto solid ground and let go of him. He then crossed his arms, and took a step back, the dark aura spiking in intensity for a moment, but returning to its light presence almost immediately.
"Fine," Katsuki said bitterly. "I'll humor you."
For now...

"Phew, alright..." Ryuga let out a relieved breath as he was set free by Katsuki. "Now that we got that out of our systems, let's get to it shall we?" As he said this, the air around them began to shift, the unmistakable sensation of darkness suddenly appearing in the vicinity. "Or, I guess it will just come to us."

Down in the courtyard of Notre Dame, a giant, gargoyle shaped Heartless appeared. However, this was not just any old Heartless, it was in fact one of Heartless of one of the 13 Knights of Darkness, this one in particular he let out on loan to the despicable Judge Claude Frollo. The man in question was riding on the beast's shoulder, while a woman was clenched in its stone like fist.

"See that Heartless down there?" He said as he pointed out the creature to Katsuki. "Well you see, any minute now, a pipsqueak of a Keyblade Wielder is going to show up and defeat it. Once the thing is taken out, the Keyblade is going to release the heart that once belonged to the Heartless. All I need you to do is stay out of sight and collect the heart once it pops out, simple." He explained. "Do that for me, and your debt is repaid, then if you're interested afterwords, we can start talking about a more... "permanent" partnership." He added, turning back to Katsuki to hear his reply.

Katsuki felt the shift in the air around him as the massive Heartless appeared in the square below them. He wasn't sure what had caused this shift until he saw the creature below them, just before Ryuga had pointed it out. He nodded in response to the other Seeker's question. The thing's sheer size was impressive, and he let out a low whistle of appreciation for it. The nascent Seeker also saw a man standing on the Heartless' shoulder, dressed in dark robes and a tricorn hat, and a woman in the Heartless' fist. Budding curiosity slowly spread across Katsuki's face; he was wondering what they had walked in on, beyond Ryuga's explanation of the "pipsqueak of a Keyblade Wielder".

Katsuki looked up when his ally of necessity finished talking. Ryuga seemed to be looking at him expectantly, waiting for his answer. He still wasn't really enthused about this, but it sounded harmless enough, for now at least. He also was uninterested towards this "permanent partnership", and figured that he would still be when this small task was done. Although, that would depend on how this little task turned out.
"Watch the fireworks and collect a heart..." Katsuki said, some bitterness still pervading his voice, but a much lesser quantity than he currently felt. "Sounds easy enough...." Part of the Seeker was wondering what Ryuga thought would have him on board in the future. He hoped it wasn't anything that would compromise him...

Hanox followed closely behind the colorfully dressed Gypsy as they raced down the tunnel to the alleged location where Frollo hoped to conduct Esmerelda’s execution. Something told him it would be in the square in front of Notre Dame. Grandest backdrop; certainly sent a message. However, in addition to those obviously ego-boosting factors, Hanox was wondering about something else: why target Esmerelda in particular? Was it to teach the Gypsies a lesson? Send them a message? Possible, as everything he had heard about Claude Frollo over the last day or so indicated that the man detested the denizens of the Court of Miracles more than anything else on this World. However, there was something about this whole situation that told him there was more to it than that. This concerned him; or, at least, it would have if he had a heart.

The Nobody decided to voice these “concerns”, but not without first trying to learn the identity of the man who was helping them.
“Excuse me, sir,” Hanox said, addressing the Gypsy in front of him. “Might I ask your name?” Hanox then cleared his throat, his next question directed to the group at large. “Also, something doesn’t quite add up here. I get that she’s well known and loved in the Court of Miracles, but why would Frollo target Esmerelda specifically? And in such grand fashion? I get that Frollo hates the Gypsies, but based on the circumstances this seems almost...personal.”

"They call me Clopin; pleasure to make your acquaintance." Clopin introduced himself as he rounded a sharp corner, guiding the group further into the catacombs.

Hanox's next question got the group thinking. None of them really gave the matter much thought, at least not as much as Hanox apparently did.

"Maybe... he's trying to punish me." Quasimodo suggested. "He knows how much I care about Esmerelda, so maybe this is his way of punishing me for disobeying him."

"No offense Quasimodo, but do you really think Frollo cares enough about you at this point to base his whole triumphant play around a vendetta against you?" Phoebus countered.

"Well, what else could it be?" Ritsuka asked, unable to come up with an alternative reason himself.

"Who knows, perhaps he is simply acting out of a scorned heart, that had been stolen away by our fair lady of Paris." Clopin playfully posited.

"Frollo?" Moguri said.

"And Esmerelda?" Phoebus added.

The entire group felt a cold shiver run up their spines at the mere thought of it, not wishing to even consider such a horrific scene.

"Well, it doesn't really matter what his motives are, he's gonna hurt our friend so we're gonna stop him!" Ritsuka declared, shaking off his disgust and replacing it with determination.

"Well said my friend!" Clopin said as he came to an abrupt stop, bringing the others to a halt as well. "Alright, this is where the hunchback and I leave you. The four of you head up this staircase and you'll pop out just a block away from the courtyard of Notre Dame. Quasimodo and I will continue down the tunnel and pop out on the other side of the cathedral so he can sneak inside, so make sure you grab Frollo's attention and never let go!" He relayed the plan to the group.

"Right, you can count on us." Ritsuka replied before turning to the rest of his team for this rescue mission. "You guys ready?" He asked, the lot of them nodding their heads in approval. "Alright, then let's go!"

"Exactly! Dinner and a show, so to speak." Ryuga said, happy to have finally gotten him to do what he wanted. Still, the relationship was tentative at best, but he knew that once he got a taste of what Ryuga had in store for them, he would at least become a willing participant. "Anyway, if you understand, I need to get going. Gotta cover our tracks to make sure Raixon and his ilk don't track us down. Good luck." With that said, Ryuga opened a Corridor of Darkness and passed through, disappearing from La Cite des Cloches.

He reappeared in the Realm of Darkness, the feeling of power surging through him from the environment did wonders to relieve his stress from that excruciating negotiation. He took a deep breath, both to calm his nerves and to prepare for the task ahead.

"Alright, let's get to it then." Ryuga let his own dark aura swell, a dark blue glow emanating from his chest that made the intensity of the aura increase. Almost immediately, a small army of Heartless answered his call, eager to do his bidding. He knew that the Organization was on to him, and there was no way they were just going to wait for him to make another move. They were going to be searching for him, so to keep them off his track, he had to spread out his forces a bit, keep them guessing as to where the important things were and what were just distractions. He thought it would be a pain, but with the power he had received from the Fragment he had received from Twilight Town... it was almost child's play.

"Alright troops, let's move out." He ordered almost playfully as he and the Heartless disappeared from the Dark Margin, spreading out all across the Realm of Light.

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