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Long ago, in the Age of Fairytales, the World was filled with light. A gift, many believed, from an unseen power known as "Kingdom Hearts". This source of all light and hearts was protected by its counterpart, the "X-Blade", so that none could ever lay hands on its mysteries. But in time, the World was overrun by legions who wanted the light all for themselves, and thus darkness was born in people's hearts. These warriors crafted "Keyblades" in the image of the original "X-Blade", and waged war over Kingdom Hearts; we call this the "Keyblade War". The violent clash shattered the X-Blade into twenty pieces, seven of light, and thirteen of darkness, and with its guardian lost, Kingdom Hearts was swallowed by the darkness, never to be seen again. The World was thus overrun by the darkness, however, small fragments of light remained, within the hearts of children, and with that light the World was remade as we see it today, as several smaller worlds walled off from each other, so that another Keyblade War could never come to pass.

"Wow, that... definitely wasn't in the bedtime stories." Ritsuka said in disbelief, staring at the page of the large, leather-bound book.

"Of course not, their for children, of course parents would dumb them down a bit, kupo." Moguri, the floating Moogle replied from over his shoulder.

"Yeah, I guess." Ritsuka lamented. Back in his home world, Kingdom Hearts and Keyblade Wielders were common knowledge, told as bedtime stories for children and taught in schools once they got older. However, Ritsuka was still just a child when his world fell into darkness, so he had still retained his romanticized view of the Keyblade and failed to understand why the grown ups viewed the weapon, and any who wielded it, with such ire and caution. "Why do you think the Master wanted us to look this up anyway?" Ritsuka wondered.

"Who knows, maybe he thought we'd prefer some self study as apposed to him just lecturing us, kupo." Moguri suggested before closing the book. "Well, we did what we came here to do, let's go report back to Master Yen Sid, kupo."

"Ok." Ritsuka agreed as he followed his flying companion out of the tower library. Still, his thoughts remained on the passage that they had read, his hand reaching up and summoning his Keyblade, "Waning Crescent", in a flash of light. "A replica of the X-Blade... an imperfect copy." He said as he marveled at the unnaturally perfect weapon, it's golden teeth and guard contrasting the black and silver blade.

"Imperfect or not, I'd sure like to get my hands on one, kupo." Moguri said bitterly, examining Ritsuka's weapon with envy.

"You know you can just use Starlight." Ritsuka suggested, Moguri immediately straightening up.

"No way, that dusty old thing probably had countless grubby little hands all over it, no way it can be a quality weapon, kupo!" Moguri protested crossing his arms in defiance.

"Uh, you know I used that Keyblade when I first started out." Ritsuka reminded.

"I rest my case." Moguri replied teasingly, the to apprentices sharing a laugh.

"Come on, let's get going Mr. Weapon-Snob." Ritsuka teased back as he dismissed his Keyblade, swinging open the door to reveal a serious of otherworldly stairs that they began climbing.

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Cynthiera (played by Cynthiera)

Cynthiera jerked awake- it must have been late into the morning, based on the ambience. Cynthiera's breath was heavy for a couple seconds as she tried to gather what had happened moments before.

Cynthiera began to have nightmares in recent weeks, however; according to her, they felt so real that she was frightened. "I've never been afraid of a silly dream before." She would sigh to herself, in attempt to reassure herself that she hadn't gone mad.

After she was conscious of the situation, Cynthiera grunted to herself. "Uuuuuaah! I don't even remember the dreams, why must they bother me so much?"

Of course, her complaints were only met with silence. For that, Cynthiera shook her thoughts and decided to begin the day. It was time to pick an outfit- luckily, as similarly to many others in which she knows, she has much of the same outfit, so there is hardly a choice.

After dressing and grooming herself, Cynthiera stepped into the outside. She was greeted with clean air and a bright zennith. The small town, Twilight Town, hadn't many others, so Cynthiera would have to find her to others to have human contact.

Every now and again the community would host something which they called "Struggle." It was a small competition where members of the community beer free to physically beat other members of the community and possibly get rewarded for it. It wasn't something Cynthiera was too interested in herself, however she still stopped by to watch, there was always endless hype for who the next Struggle champion would be.

Luckily for today, a competition was being held. That gave Cynthiera something to do. Surely, Cynthiera found her way to the Struggle arena to watch. It was neat to watch players sign up last second, before a couple of practice rounds began.

WHACK! BAM! WHAPOW! Orbs flew everywhere. Something that Cynthiera never understood was how they sort-of magnetized back to the closest player. There must be something amazing behind the scenes. Regardless, the practice match had a clear winner.

The victor was one of the young men in the town, Cynthiera didn't quite know his name, she thought it was perhaps Weifer, Tyfer, something like that. The reason for Cynthiera not knowing was truly a lack of interest. He was too much of a 'tough guy' of sorts for Cynthiera to have been interested.

In short time, the tournament began, a couple of lackluster rounds ended, with the main content being: one player hits the other and gets a couple orbs then spend the rest of time round avoiding the fight. Brilliant.
Hasegawa Aiko (played by Lone_Otaku)

"Urgh... Oh god my head,"

Aiko peered around as she sat up, squinting and groaning. Bringing her knees up to her face the female rocked back and forth trying to wait out the ache bouncing around her skull with reckless abandon.

With a sigh, she swung her legs to the edge of a sparsely populated bed, covered by nothing but a bed sheet and a thin cover. Aiko stared at a totally white wall, another sigh escaped chapped lips as she stood, stretching.

How long were they going to keep her here? Unfortunately she had no clue as to whom had kidnapped her, only a few people in some black robes. The way it had happened had only enough time for her to catch a glance of her captors.

She had been thrown into a totally white room no doors, no windows, and blinding light. The only thing that she ever saw was white, Aiko didn't know how long she had been there anymore, she gave up trying to keep track.

She attempted to summon the blade. No dice, unfortunately she would have to spend another day either trying to find a hollow piece in the walls or stare at the ceiling, it would all be white though... The same drab color.
Little did Aiko know that on the other side of the wall, there was a slim, hooded, black-cloaked figure sitting quietly with its back against the wall, who looked up at the sound of Aiko waking and grumbling, noting it silently but otherwise doing nothing about it. The hooded Nobody didn't know what its superiors wanted with the girl; it had simply done as it was told, and quietly obeyed.

Hearing the sounds of Aiko's frustration and the incomplete Keyblade summon, its interest was piqued and the figure tilted its head at its own black-gloved hand as it held it up, and swirls of darkness surrounded sparks of light as the power converged and it summoned its own Keyblade. The length was of a silver rod twined by streams of faded light and swirling darkness, its bit a curious comet with a violet orb at its head and with strands of silver trailing behind, and faded silver-grey wings and a cryptic eye carved at its hilt. It knew Soul Runner was the name of the blade, and yet it knew not what it ran from.

It let the Keyblade dissipate into its shower of light and dark, and, never moving from its seat, leaning against the wall, it spoke. "You're awake," a feminine voice stated simply, knowing that Aiko could hear her.
Ritsuka (played by Monkeycyborgninja) Topic Starter

"Master Yen Sid, we did what asked for." Ritsuka said as he and Moguri bowed politely to the elderly sorcerer that sat before them. The man had a stern look on his as he closed his eyes in contemplation, stroking his beard as he had been pondering something before his apprentices' arrival and wished to finish his thought before addressing them. The two young pupils waited patiently before their master finally opened his eyes and gave them his full attention.

"Very good then, I understand that the legend of the Keyblade War is common knowledge where you come from Ritsuka, but as it is an important part of our history as Keyblade Wielders, I felt that you required a more... complete picture of the event than what you were exposed to as a child." Yen Sid stated in his typical sage like manner.

"Yeah well... it definitely wasn't called a war when my parents told us about it." Ritsuka admitted, frowning a bit as memories of a time long since passed began flowing through his mind.

"Yes, I suppose not, but that is why it is important that you gain perspective on the issue, that you understand the origins of the weapon you wield and its intended purpose." Yen Sid lectured. "There are still many today who still view the Keyblade as weapon of chaos, a tool meant to conquer the light and spread darkness and ruin upon the world." Ritsuka's fist tightened at this fact, a few other less treasured memories finding their way to the surface. "However, like many others before you, myself included, you both have decided to instead defend the light, and assure that the balance between the two elements remains intact. I felt it important that you both understand these differing views on the Keyblade for the task that I am about to ask of you."

"A Task, kupo?" Moguri said quizzically.

"As you both know I am Master no longer, but I still make a point of keeping an eye on the shifts in the balance of light and darkness, and it seems recently that there has been... questionable movements within the shadows of the worlds." Yen Sid explained.

"You mean, the Heartless?" Ritsuka suggested.

"Indeed the Heartless have grown more restless as of late, but I believe they are simply reacting to a more troubling disturbance that threatens the balance of light and darkness." Yen Sid lamented. "Ritsuka, Moguri, as chosen wielders of the Keyblade, it is your duty to see to any threats to the Realm of Light, this is the task that I must ask of you." The two wielders in question exchanged determined looks, fully willing to accept this responsibility that they have been training for. "I suggest that you begin your search in Twilight Town, take the train from here to the station, and from there you will be able to unlock the Lanes Between and travel to the many other worlds that shine like the stars in the sky."

"What exactly is it that we're looking for though, kupo?" Moguri inquired.

"Let the Heartless be your guide, where they go, darkness is surely waiting, but be cautious, as Keyblade Wielders you will be in constant danger." Yen Sid warned, slight apprehension finding its way into the two youths. "Remember your training, keep your light burning strong, and above all, let your heart be your guiding key."

"Yes Master, we won't let you down, kupo!" Ritsuka and Moguri replied in unison, bowing humbly before setting off, rushing down the stairs to the ground floor of the tower and out the door, where the mystical train that connected the space to Twilight Town was already waiting for them. Meanwhile, Yen Sid continued pondering the threat that was on the horizon, he had no doubt in his pupils' abilities, but he questioned whether or not he had prepared them sufficiently for the task ahead, especially considering one small detail that he had neglected to tell them. It was true that he wasn't certain of the disturbance that stirred the movements of the Heartless, but there was one thing he was certain of. This disturbance is spread across many worlds... and there was precisely 13 of them.
Cynthiera (played by Cynthiera)

After about an hour of battling, it was finally over. "Vivi is the new champion!" The anmouncer roared. Cynthiera clapped respectfully as others went wild over the results.

The winner was a short fellow named Vivi. He didn't at all appear to be the kind of person whom could be successful at such a task; he did indeed win, and looked quite flashy whilst doing so.

People began to disperse, Cynthiera was easily one of them. Sure, she could have stayed a tad longer, but Cynthiera considered taking some time to sit down and gaze into the distance.

Cynthiera took a short walk to the train station, specifically the front entrance. It had an amazing view which never failed to be refreshing. For that, she stood there, with her hands crossed behind her back as she stared off onto the town.

Suddenly, Cynthiera's head began to pound. The headache wasn't very intense, however it was still horribly distracting. "What a poor time." She whined to herself. "Must have been all the noise."

Cynthiera's headache didn't stop her from trying to appreciate the view, even though it did somewhat defeat the purpose. Cynthiera continued to gaze for a couple minutes, only to be stopped by something large skurrying past in her peripheral vision.

Naturally, she snapped her head to see what it was- a big black shadow? It was a heartless! She was immediately schocked! If she wasn't already so pale, she would perhaps be much more so. Further to her dismay, she had been surrounded.

One... Four... Eight...

There were too many for Cynthiera to keep track of, even though time seemed to have slown down. "A-ah! G-go away!!" Cynthiera cried out as she backed herself into a corner, intelligently.

The heartless began to stand- could it be that they were about to attack?! Cynthiera watched in terror as she was ruthlessly trying to ponder what to do; not having unlocked any of her power she was quite helpless.
Hasegawa Aiko (played by Lone_Otaku)

Whipping her head around, Aiko stared at the wall intently calling out, "Hello?" The voice had pushed her out of her trance, her mind had been lying to her, making everything seem small and insignificant. Unfortunately, Ayuraime's small statement left Aiko's mind in a battle of dominance.

One part of her psyche wanted her to believe the illusion, move on and ignore everything else, while the other half wanted her to break through. While one would keep her from having an outburst and let her think rationally for the moment the emotional side tempted her more.

All the girl wanted was to vent, although she had only been trapped for a week or so, it felt like years. The isolation left her tense and ready to burst, so she did just that. Seemingly unprovoked, Aiko began to sob as she curled up on the bed, she wanted to break out of the isolation, and while this in and of itself was venting, she didn't feel like it. It only felt like the weight on her chest was getting heavier.

"Please, talk to me, let me hear you," She requested shakily. The girl had never been much of a social person, but everyone had their breaking point. She longed to hear the voice on the other side, the feeling growing more as she waited for a response each passing second.
Seemingly untouched by the sobs and the begging, the Nobody simply remained sitting there on her side of the wall, as if she hadn't heard a thing. Unfortunately, she had no memory of her previous life before she lost her heart, not even of her name. She felt no such emotional tug within her own chest, and the curious action--crying, some far-off part of her memory supplied for her--gained her a vague interest. But vague only.

"Why are you crying?" she asked simply. "You are alive, in health, and there is no apparent danger."
Ritsuka (played by Monkeycyborgninja) Topic Starter

The train eventually appeared on the train tracks as it pulled up to the station, stopping inside next to a few other tram cars that were also letting on passengers. Ritsuka and Moguri exited their train, shifting a bit under the strange looks the other residence gave them, but mostly their train car, and headed out of the station.

"So where should we start our search, kupo?" Moguri wondered out loud.

"Well, Master Yen Sid said to just follow the Heartless, right, and since we're in "constant danger" as Keyblade Wielders, I guess we just have to walk around town until we get attacked." Ritsuka suggested, receiving a sigh from Moguri.

"Guess that's all we can do huh, kupo?"

"Don't worry, I'm sure we'll run into some soon enough." Ritsuka assured as he pushed the station's front door open. Moguri straightened up from his dejected sigh and suddenly stood at attention.

"Sooner than you think, look, kupo!" Moguri exclaimed as he pointed. Ritsuka looked and his eyes widened in shock at the sight of a girl being surrounded by Shadows.

"Oh no, come on Moguri!" Ritsuka said as he summoned his Keyblade, Moguri complying by summoning his own personally crafted sword.

The most eager Shadow leaped at the girl, claws brandished to steal her heart, but Ritsuka met the Heartless in the air and landed a Quick Blitz that scattered the Shadow's form and released its captive heart.

"You ok?" Ritsuka asked the girl, landing between her and the swarm of Heartless, standing protectively in front of her. The presence of the Keyblade Wielder made the Shadows much more aggressive, as they all leaped together in order eliminate the new threat.

"Drift!" Moguri cried as he casted Zero Gravity, catching four Heartless in the dark purple field that suspended them helplessly in mid air.

"Run, we'll handle this!" Ritsuka said to the girl before throwing a Strike Raid at one of the Heartless that slipped passed the spell, defeating it. The Keyblade flashed back into Ritsuka's hand just in time to block the strikes from the other two Shadows, their claws bouncing off his Keyblade allowing Ritsuka to land a simple three hit combo to one of them, defeating it. Moguri casted a Blizzard spell on the other to keep it from double teaming Ritsuka, and the boy took the opportunity by unleashing a Sliding Dash that broke the ice incasing the creature and releasing the heart it held captive. By this time, the Zero Gravity spell had worn off, freeing the rest of the Heartless. The two apprentices returned to their fighting stances ready for battle.
Cynthiera (played by Cynthiera)

As the heartless began to lung at her, she roughly shut her eyes. She didn't feel anything; she thought to herself if she had died.

"You ok?" A voice echoed in her mind. Cynthiera peeked one of her eyes open in response, seeing a fairly attractive young man. She had been saved, or was in the process of being saved, for this her face lightened up with a faint smile. She hardly noticed the Moogle which accompanied the boy.

Cynthiera watched as the two fluidly defeated the heartless, yelling unknown terms as they fought. It seemed as if it were a well practiced act. Her interest was peaked, Cynthiera hated being so helpless.

The boy soon told her to run. "R-run?" Cynthiera stammered as she stood. She felt much more helpless for being demanded to flee, however she recognized the dangerous scenero and haphazardly dashed out of the conflict.

Though she left, Cynthiera could not find the effort to leave completely; rather she gazed at the battle from a distance. Her curiosity got the best of her. Besides, it would be rude to not later thank her savior.
Ritsuka (played by Monkeycyborgninja) Topic Starter

Once the girl had fled, Ritsuka and Moguri gave the Heartless their full attention, brandishing their blades as the Shadows leapt at them all at once.

"Defence!" Ritsuka cried as he cast Reflect, summoning a dome of transparent energy that bounced the force of their claw swipes right back at them.

"Wind!" Moguri exclaimed as he cast Aero, catching the Shadows in a vortex of wind.

As the Heartless fell to the ground Ritsuka and Moguri dashed forward, slashing in wide arcs in order to cut through all four Heartless, a quartet of freed Hearts rising to the sky and fading away from the Realm of Light. With the threat neutralized, the two apprentices dismissed their weapons.

"That was a close one, kupo." Moguri stated.

"No kidding, it's a good thing we got here in time." Ritsuka agreed. "I guess the Master was right about the Heartless acting up, we better give the town a sweep before heading off." He suggested. He turned to the archway that lead into town and was surprised to see the girl they had saved still present, apparently having watched the whole display. "Hey, are you ok?" Ritsuka asked as he and Moguri approached her. "You better go home, chances are there's more where those guys came from." He warned, his Moogle companion nodding in agreement.
Cynthiera (played by Cynthiera)

Cynthiera thought that she had seen the full extent of their power, until moments later when the two fighters became relentless. The heartless were slain in no time; it was extraordinary.

Moments after the foes had been dismissed, the duo approached her, seemingly supprised that she had still been in the viscinity. "Uh..." Cynthiera paused, previewing her body before responding jauntly "...Y-yes! I am quite alright, thanks to you two." She responded to his first comment.

"Go home?" Cynthiera frowned. "Well, that's hardly any good." She suggested, displeased. Quickly changing the subject Cynthiera said "How'd you do that? You guys are amazing- thank you."

"But really, you guys are quite amazing. I sure do wish that I could defend myself like that." Cynthiera grinned. "Was that magic?" She couldn't beleive the question she had asked herself, but still considered understanding the supreme level of the two.
Hasegawa Aiko (played by Lone_Otaku)

((Gawd, this part of the arc is going to move slowly. I'm soooo sorry Tora))

Sniffling and snuffling, Aiko began to beat at the wall weakly, creating barely a crack. She needed to see who this was, so she could restore her sanity and possibly get some answers. However in her mind it wasn't that, she was attempting to break through both the metaphorical wall of her emotions and the physical wall in front her, to confront Ayuraime and herself. Aiko felt a sudden leap of joy, along with a drop into deeper depression. So many things were going on at once, all emotions crowded into a whirlwind that eventually became anger.

A pulsing red rage pointed towards the nobody, towards her captors, but most of all towards herself. The girl felt weak, she wasn't enough to be a Keyblade Wielder, she didn't know it was called that though, only that the item had great power. What was she even going to do with it anyways? She had always been average across the board, never special until the item popped into her hands one morning. Aiko hadn't been able to go about her daily routine due to the Heartless that had been drawn to her. There hadn't been any explanation as to why the weapon showed up either, then by the second day that she had had the Keyblade she was thrown in here.

In this white landscape of isolation, no body in sight except her own. It slowly pulled her in, her questions had eventually stopped, she did the same thing everyday. The worst part was that Aiko hadn't had any sustenance since she arrived at the place, yet she never felt any weakness. It made her feel even more isolated, for a reason she couldn't explain, as if having nobody around wasn't enough.

Her stream of tears had stopped as Ayuraime's question went ignored. Screams erupted from her throat, leaving it sore as she beat on the wall with her fists. The girl was now breathing heavily, hands rested on the white expanse, the waterworks turned on again, she felt weaker than ever before.
Ritsuka (played by Monkeycyborgninja) Topic Starter

"Uh... well..." Ritsuka hesitated to answer, exchanging a worried look with Moguri. They were told never to reveal the existence of other worlds, and from what they understood, magic wasn't well known in Traverse Town, nor was the Keyblade, and revealing their existence may tip the girl off.

"Y-Yeah, I guess you could say it's a type of magic, some of it was anyway, kupo." Moguri replied, figuring just confirming it wouldn't be so bad, so long as they don't let the cat out of the bag.

"And besides, that wasn't that impressive, those Shadows were pretty weak to begin with." Ritsuka added, declining the earlier praise.

"Yeah, our Master could've defeated those guys with a single snap of his fingers, kupo!' Moguri bragged, gaining a playful eye roll from Ritsuka.

"Anyway, you should get home, it's not safe out here." Ritsuka insisted, getting back on track. "Do you live anywhere near here?"
((It's alright, as long as you don't mind my short answers in response, only due to the fact that my character doesn't speak much and doesn't really feel because she's a Nobody. XD))

The Nobody initially flinched at the sudden scream against the wall, glancing behind her, the black hood still shrouding any nuance of her face in shadow. There was no visible reaction as Aiko began pounding on the walls fruitlessly, and the Nobody had the strangest sensation that she was almost a spectator to this most curious breakdown that Aiko was having. But the longer it went on, the more that the barest shred of irritation, so faint at first that she didn't notice, began to manifest itself. But it was gone as soon as it had come, and the Nobody was only half-sure it had been there to begin with.

The cloaked figure stood to her feet, absently watching the barrier of a wall that separated her from Aiko. "Stop," she stated matter-of-factly, her voice curt and succinct. "There's no point in wasting your energy. I don't know what they want from you, but it must be for something important."
Hasegawa Aiko (played by Lone_Otaku)

"Let me out," Aiko uttered quietly, breath coming quickly. She stared at the wall as if she could see through it. Her throat felt dry, her eyes were sore, everything felt more intense, her anger had cooled down slightly, just the tiniest bit. Just enough for her mind to start working. The girl's goal was now just to get out, to escape.

However the feeling of weakness spoke out against it, instead of focusing on Ayuraime anymore she was just fighting with herself. With her mind, with her emotions, almost all criteria except for physical fighting. Aiko stopped and took a real breath, to clear her mind, it was all too cloudy, too much, it was overwhelming. Why did she have to go against herself all the time? The girl tried again with her demand, "Let. Me. Out," Aiko articulated her words, although that probably wouldn't change anything.
The hooded Nobody continued to watch the wall, unable to find any sort of rational conclusion of why the girl was so bullheaded. Of course, without Raixon's
consent or instruction, there was nothing she could do about the imprisonment. For now, as she had been for almost as long as she could remember, she simply followed orders. After all, was such not a just compensation for this group sheltering her and providing her with a modicum of purpose in this senseless and divided World? Of course, disobeying and steeping out of line would jeaopardoze her position, even if she was the favored of the group. She, like the others, would not cross their superior.

"I'm sorry, but that's not my decision to make," she mused, her voice sounding almost disinterested, but otherwise the voice lacked inflection. "I can come in, but I don't have the authority to let you out. And I don't believe I have the information you're looking for. Forgive me." The last sentence was something that just slipped out, mostly out of habit. If she really thought about it, there was nothing that Aiko had to forgive her for. The Nobody was following orders, and that was all.
Cynthiera (played by Cynthiera)

Cynthiera was astonished, taken back by their gloating. "Ah, well, I've never really beleived in such a thing." Cynthiera giggled. "Your weapon was quite strange as well?" She asked, clearly curious.

Cynthiera was deeply pondering the situation, she had began pacing, with her hands folded behind her back, as she asked numerous questions, not paying any mind to what the duo had asked her. "Ah, well what were those things- Shadows did you say? I haven't seen anything like them before." Cynthiera continued to insist on letting herself in on what seemed to be a big secret.

"Well, I do live nearby, it's nothing special however." She eventually responded to the boy's question. Following her statement, she stopped pacing and leaned forwards (towards Ritsuka) and jokingly said "Before I take y'home, it would be great if I knew your name first!"

Following her joke, her gaze veered off into the distance, before Cynthiera smiled jauntly and said "Well, I guess you don't know mine either: I'm Cynthiera."
Ritsuka (played by Monkeycyborgninja) Topic Starter

"Yeah, their called the Heartless." Ritsuka revealed. "They're creatures of darkness that go around stealing people's hearts, turning them into Heartless themselves. They're really dangerous, so we should really see to getting you back home." Ritsuka insisted, hoping the offer of escort would get her to comply. Ritsuka was a little flustered at the joke, but quickly calmed down once Cynthiera introduced herself.

"I'm Ritsuka, and this here is Moguri." Ritsuka replied.

"Pleased to meet you, kupo." Moguri added with a polite bow.

"So like I said, it's dangerous out here, so let's get you home." Ritsuka said, clearly not willing to budge on the issue.
Cynthiera (played by Cynthiera)

Cynthiera shuffled her feet, she was disappointed at the lack of information she had been given. Everything was peculiar.

Turning around, Cynthiera said "Well, I don't live too horribly far from here. Hopefully the journey is safe."

Cynthiera began to jauntily hop and hum along, heading towards her house in the most efficient route. She lived close to the unnatural exit which would lead one to the mansion.

Whilst heading back to her home, Ritsuka and Moguri were shot welcoming looks by the townspeople, some waved, glad to see new faces.

Once they had gotten to Cynthiera's home, she stopped and did an about-face to meet the view of her two companions. "This is it! I hope those Heartless thingies don't find me here." She said, with a bright smile. "Or any other people for that matter. I hope they don't only want me."

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