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They were beastly creatures, with scaled bodies that gleamed and glowing eyes. Their wings spread tens or even hundreds of feet; leathery, rippled with veins and tipped with ebony claws. And they could torch entire forests in seconds, with what Katja could only see as liquid fire. But facing down these beasts?

It was something she never imagined.

She had been informed it was only a small job; they said it was a baby dragon, no need to worry. It was supposed to be simple; a quick arrow straight through the throat would stop the fire, and they would cut the heart out and be done. What they hadn’t mentioned, was the mother who protected that child. It had happened in a flash, a warm blast of heat and the horses squealed as the trees went up in flames; men screamed and Katja looked up, only for a brief moment to see the beast fly overhead before she too felt the blast of the fire and ash.


Dusk fell, and Katja was there, galloping down the dark road of night, breathing harshly. Her helmet was gone, her cloak charred and her face smudged with ash. This was more than the Knight had bargained for. Thankfully she had not taken her full militia, only a small group, but when the dragon left them stunned. Some had escaped. Katja had barely managed, in fact she wasn’t entirely sure she could feel her left leg beneath the plate armor; it was charred and the leather trousers beneath that were blackened and stuck to her skin. Her blonde hair stuck to her face and the sweat that dropped down pulled spot and ash down with it.

“Help...!” She called out, though her voice was hoarse and her throat dry; her saliva stuck in strings as she called out, and the second moment she opened her mouth, she let out a raspy breath, and the woman slipped from the side of her horse, falling to the stone pathway as her horse kept galloping away, towards the town.

In the distance, plumes of smoke raised from the charred trees, and a guttural roar echoed through the air.

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During those event, there was a traveler who walks on the path as he heard the sound of destruction and smell burning ashes along the way. While he was walking he saw a woman begging for help. So he ran to her "Are you alright there young miss? Says in a worried tone.

Somehow, despite her injuries and the grave situation she appeared to be in, Katja let out a faint chuckle, dry and raspy. Young Miss, it was the first time in a while someone had called her that. As if she was some helpless damsel in distress. Truthfully, she was in distress at least, but young? Oh my, Katja didn't see that as fitting, being in her early thirties. Though she supposed the ashes on her face could hide the faint wrinkles that had settled there.

But this wasn't the time to dwell on such things. The Lady Knight pushed up on her arms slowly, her bracers creaking; the heavy armor on her body did the same and she winced when she began to lift her chest from the ground, breathing out in a coarse and gravelly tone, "D...Dragon....There's a dragon....a damn big one too..." She didn't know this man, or exactly why he was out at night-- more than just dragons and wild beasts came out at night, especially in these parts. But hell, someone had to warn that town ahead of what exactly they would be facing. And perhaps find her some assistance too.

"What? A dragon? What do you mean by that?" Allec was surprise by the beast just came out of nowhere. So he unsheathed his axe " What in the Bloody Ice is That?!"

“Y-You can’t fight the thing on your own!” She gasped, struggling to her feet and grabbing the man’s shoulder, “Don’t be a damn fool, she took out a fully in seconds. I barely escaped with my life...a-and I’ve been doing this for over ten years, stranger.” Katja narrowed her blue eyes at him, and though the exhaustion was clear on her face, so was the anger and desperation. It hurt to be standing on her leg as she was, “You need to go into town...warn the citizens there. If this dragon leaves...t-there’s the threat of this fire spreading. This could wipe out that...e-entire place.”

The beast was a faint silhouette in the sky, but she hadn’t been lying when she said it wasn’t something one man could take on alone. It let out a roar, circling above the plumes of smoke in the sky, before it seemed to come to rest in the ashes of the trees it had burned; it seemed finished with its fight for now, having forced the Knights from the area; but there was no doubt it would return for more.

Kino sheathed his axe and follow what the woman said. He run to the town and as he arrive, He warn the people about the Dragon. The citizen panic in fear that guards taking there position just in case the dragon appear.

All the towns people went to the chapel and some where in there house locking the door and start praying. From far distance, Kino saw the woman was ready to face the beast, So he cant let her fight it alone that he run to her.

((Please try to avoid controlling my characters actions))

Except, Katja wouldn't be facing the beast. She knew it would be foolish to go in alone; it was the same reason she told him not to try and battle the creature. It was like tying the noose around your own neck, and she certainly had no intentions of rushing foolishly to her own death in the name of Honor and Glory. No, not in her shape.

Instead, the woman sat on the side of the road tending to her own wounds, with a map spread across the cobblestone path; a large clearing in the forest was marked with a red circle, labelled simply as 'camp'. another circle, this time black, marked off where the dragon had come to rest among the trees; she had her own location marked, and looked anxiously at the glow of the blazing trees as she wrapped her leg up. Her horse had seemed to return, pacing around the pathway and chewing on the grass, snorting every few moments. It too seemed to acknowledge the growing light of the fire, and would only trot in a circle, obviously as anxious as she was.

Katja seemed to be mumbling, her voice clearer than it had been before; she had pulled her cloak up, wrapping it around her shoulders and over her mouth and nose to keep the dry air from burning her already dry lungs, "It's a mother....I need to get the rest of my militia here if I have any plans of taking this creature down...but they're in Aftbide right now, and I hardly imagine if I return Iskra would simply let me g--" The knight sputtered off into coughs and wheezes, eventually calming down and pressing her fingers to her temples, "So I suppose my militia isn't an option here..." Mostly thinking to herself, perhaps using this stranger as a backboard to bounce her ideas off of.

((SOrry About that.. Is this a good time to show what this starnger gonna do? Well he might be just a traverl....lets say he was a descendant of the great dragon slayer)

Kino was still in the town with the guards, waiting for that woman to return.

((Just gonna add this so I can slowly creep in... XD))

Staying right outside the town, Quickclaws would be like that one day... maybe. And if he would be... would that be a good thing...?

((Killing the dragon right now would pretty much kill the storyline as our characters have not had much time to interact otherwise. Plus I know we have a few more people interested in joining))

(( I is there only one dragon there? Or there are more of them? Anyway Ill think Ill let my character be still until you enter to this town you've sent me))

((There is the one dragon by me, Another one on the way and then Quickclaws is also a dragon. We have two people considering joining but I am unsure if they will be joining as friends or foes))

(( So the dragons that will go toward the village will be control by you?))

A massive white beast lived in the mountains not far off from where the events were happening. His home, a cave high up on the first mountain. He raised a head and a waft of smoke passed over his nostrils. The slanted pupils of his red eyes adjusted as the opened and focused on a blaze now racing through the far off forest. A low grumble resounded in his throat, the humans must have been causing problems again.

He stood, walking out of the mouth of the cave and looking down into the valley below. A rock crumbled under his immense weight. The mass of his wings unfurled, filling with the wind. Brilliant purple in the light. He gave a loud roar before taking to the skies.


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