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((I don't have any significant ones at the moment. Maybe as we go along I'll come up with some. How soon do you want to start? Should I be the one to put up the first post, or do you want to?))

((we can start right now if you want. and ill let you post first))

--Computer: Online--
--Movement Systems: Online and Functioning--
--GPS Systems: Online and Functioning--
--Auditory Systems: Online and Functioning--
--Visual Systems: Online and functioning--

Small lights began to blink on inside the metal frame of the humanoid machine. Mechanical whirring accompanied these flashes, driving them faster until two larger arrangements of LED's blinked on in the head of the robot. They flickered for a moment, then held steady.

A brief gurgling sounded before the limbs of the construct began to move, the fingers extending and curling back again. More of it started moving, an arm reaching back to press a button to release itself from the clamps it was held by. Dropping a few inches to the ground, the systems ran through an internal check, making sure everything was working properly as the Exo stood, moving out of the cramped chamber.

Stepping into the bright, artificial light, the cameras adjusted, focusing until the systems deemed them sharp enough. The machine was ready. As it walked across the courtyard, the movements began to smooth as it reacquainted itself to the actions. It had been assigned a routine patrol of the Mothyards, searching for Fallen and Hive infestors that endangered the residents of Old Russia and the Tower.

Walking to the edge of the courtyard, a rumbling sounded as an aircraft rose to meet the machine, and the walking construct promptly faded out, its form dissolving into yellow flecks of light as the ship turned and rocketed off toward the abandoned lands.

--meanwhile within the old Russian satellite complex--

There is a small group of about 10 fallen each wandering around the complex in a gard post as two individuals, a vandal and what a appears to be a fallen captian rather short for his rank considering captians tend to tower everyone at 10 feet. Where as this one was essentially the same hieght as a tall human.

"Well Ikota, You think you can open this door? The captian said to the vandal as he appeared to be picking the lock of the door to avoid triggering any old world alarm systems as he responded to the captian. "Relax big brother. You taought me how to pick these Earth locks. You know Velkres your more concerned then normal." He said to the captian as he picked away. Velkres sighed shaking hs head as he stood up using his secondary arms to hold his rifle. "You and I know that Guardians are sighted here. Do you really want to be here when one of them appears?

Little did both of them know, one of the said Guardians were on their way. Echo expertly piloted his ship to the Mothyards, dropping in on the other side of the gully separating the two regions. Hopping on his sparrow, he sped toward the long since abandoned communications building, the hovering vehicle weaving between debris left over from the Golden Ages. Stopping in front of the door to the decrepit building, he jumped off, hitting the ground running and slowing so that he didn't lose his balance.

He knew that this was a popular place with the Fallen, trying to salvage old tech to try and further their own capabilities. Echo, or more importantly, the higher-ups at the Tower, couldn't let that happen. It was too much of a risk to leave the pieces of prior devices inside the buildings, so Echo had been sent to take out any enemy patrols and collect as much as he could from the complex.

Velkres looked down at his datapad for a moment before looking back at his brother. "Alright Ikota, let me know when you are done." He said as he walked up the stairs back to the ground floor to the rest of his team which is consisted of 3 other vandals and 5 dregs. "Alright. Team 1, I need a defensive position set up. Maintain cover and avoid being spotted. Team 2, I need you to get ready to move in to recover the package. " He said as 6 of the fallen underneath his command moved into defensive positions to monitor most of the entrances leaving 2 vandals equipped with tools. A moment passes as there is a audible *click!* followed by Ikota's cheers of success. Looking back at the other two Velkres gestured towards the entrance below as he and his team moved down into seeing various human technology in pristine condition. Smiling underneath his helmet Velkres looked at the rest of his team. "Alright, you all know what to do. Download as much data as we can get and recover he machines that we have be ordered to recover." He said to his team and with that the small group went to work in the subterranean level of the base unknown if what lurks in the shadows.

Arriving at the Mothyards, the guardian sped through them, being careful to avoid the hundreds of crates stacked in seemingly random piles in the fields among the aircraft. Whirring up the hill on the other side, he jumped off his sparrow, watching as it disintegrated before his robotic eyes. Turning toward the communications building, his tracker registered movement as it always did. There never seemed to be a moment when the Fallen weren't occupying this area, and they never went without a patrol stationed at the main entrance. Checking that his pulse rifle was loaded and ready to fire, he advanced, ready for the Captain and his unit to appear from the darkness.

He wasn't aware of how close the Fallen were to the data, the patrol he was searching for. As he made his way lower into the complex, a light was necessary, and he flicked on the one mounted to his helmet, the harsh white beam illuminating the path ahead.

The unit spreads out and begins to start extracting data. From historical events all the way to blueprints for machines and data. Nothing was off limits for the small task force. Velkres himself was busy working on a old terminal trying to get it online with the small portable generator the team brought. Yet unlike the rest of the team who was just merely downloading the data, the captian also had the data transferred over to his wrist mounted datapad and began to read some of their findings, specifically Earth history and some of the data in regards to the development of technology. This data always interested him since his first deployment. This interest helped Velkres learn several Earth languages which soon proved to be a massive help in regards of preventing data to be lost in translation.

Pulling up a chair in the room, the captian sat down as he resumed to review the data as more and more of it was being downloaded. All of this information was so fascinating that he began to wonder how did life on Earth went from such a massive empire to now only 1 city left standing.

Making his way down into the depths of the building, the Guardian's lighted eyes cut through the darkness as he searched for his quarry. He had dealt with a situation like this with another team of fallen before, but it had been different. There were more of them this time, but he didn't see that as a problem. He had firepower enough to take care of them.

Checking his ammo counts, he decided that the amount he had would be enough, and carried on down toward the location he had been transmitted to trace. Get in, dispatch the intruding species, and get out. Easier said than done, he knew quite well, but he was well-practiced in the art of combat.

The machine's steps echoed down the halls of the rusting facility, metal clanking against metal as he turned a corner, slowing as he neared the target. Stopping at a corner, he peered around it, seeing movement in a room not too far away. He aimed his rifle, mechanical precision pulling the trigger until a round burst out of the chamber of his rifle. The sound of the weapon surely alerted the team, so he squeezed off another couple rounds toward the aliens.

The captain's thoughts was cut short as suddenly bullets whizzed into the room striking one of the computers before another burst of gunfire took down one of the vandals. "Its a Guardian!" He yelled as he dove of from the chair he sat to a large console he began to use as cover. "I want suppressing fire down that corridor! Keep him pinned so we can finish the download!" He yelled as now two of the vandal's began to open fire down the hall where the gunshots came turning the entire hallway into a shooting gallery for anything that would dare to enter the crossfire. With that Velkres began to hurriedly increase the download speeds. He could read later, right now he needed to get the download completed and radio his younger brother for backup.

Using his helmet comms he frantically started to broadcast a message. "Ikota do you read me?! We have been engaged by a Guardian in the lower levels. We need backup right now before it breaks our defenses. Do you copy?! He said into the comms with static coming in. It isn't very suprising considering how much interfearence these ancient buildings can cause. Regardless it wasn't like he didn'thave any connection and considering moving right now could be the death, it was probably Velkres's best bet to keep trying the radio.

( can I join?)

Lorfea Torthalst wrote:
( can I join?)

(I'd be down with that)

A small dreg dug through some boxes, looking for anything good, throwing stuff onto the floor as he went, making way too much unnecessary noise in an area that was home to lots of other fallen, that may or may not be friendly, and worse, patrolling guardians. He sighed as he found nothing interesting and, peeking out of the room cautiously, he darted into another room to continue his search. Still finding nothing he continued through the compound. As he did so a noise started to piece his skull, it took him a moment to figure out since it was all jumbled but it soon came to him, a bunch of gun fire and fallen tongue. He approached slowly and spotted the source, a guardian pinning down and a captain and some vandals. He pulled out his gun and aimed it at the guardian, if nothing else he could just lure him away or distract him long enough for the captain to make a plan of attack. He pulled the trigger, knowing it would hit, but not expecting much damage, seeing as the guardian could just get himself healed.

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