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Aisha came out of her house doing flips until she got to the school.

Katrina woke up to the sound of her alarm, groaning as she rubbed her eyes.
She got out of bed, deciding to take a quick shower before school. She quickly washed up, blow drying her shoulder length black hair. She dressed in a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a red plaid shirt, finishing off the look with her black and white converse. She left her house and walked down the street to the school.

He yawned and sat up, pushing his blanket off of himself. He got ready and grabbed his bag, then walked out of the door.

Katrina arrived at the school after about a five minute walk. She didn’t live far from the school.
She walked through the front doors, and down the hall to look for her locker.

Aisha walked though the front doors and smiled as she walked around looking for locker 396.



Katrina eventually found her locker, #225. She stuck everything she figured she wouldn’t need in her locker, and closed it, deciding to go sit outside until the bell rang.

Odysseus found his locker and opened it, putting a few things in before closing it and walking off.

Katrina walked back out of the school doors, taking a right and walking around the back. She found the empty tree she normally sat at, and dropped her bag down beside her.
She slid a hair tie off her wrist and tied her shoulder length black hair into a small and loose ponytail.

She finally found it and put away her backpack as she grabbed her phone and headed to class as her skirt fluddered in the window. She finally got to class and sat down right in the middle as she put her feet on the desk and pulled out her phone.

*mateo walked into the school and placed his bag in his locker he then put up his hood and walked down the hall to his first class* hmm... i think i'll wait outside *he then sits on a bench and sees aisha and can't help but stare*

Aishi taps and scrolls on her phone but looks up and see the guy looking at her but quickly looked back at her phone.

He went to class, sitting down next to Mateo. He looked at Aisha, the girl Mateo was staring at. He flicked Mateo"Its creepy when you stare like that, she is obviously uncomfortable"

Katrina was one of the last to walk into the class, taking a seat just behind the bickering boys.

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